In my last post, as part of my efforts to understand the likely direction of events after the Great Solar Eclipse of August 21, I discussed the ongoing breakdown and replacement of the defective structures and patterns that determine global attitudes and actions.

That post was built around an image that arose in my mind whenever I thought about the astrological conditions of the last several years. I have been trying to fathom their long-term implications, especially since the total solar eclipse of August 21.

The basis for my previous post was a persistent, recurring mental image. I have chosen a somewhat more conventional, less arbitrary basis for the present post.

This present post is based on a multi-composite chart for the 8 remaining Moons of 2017 – the New and Full Moons of September, October, November and December of 2017. Interestingly, the multi-composite chart tends to confirm and build upon the more conclusions of my previous post.

The salient feature of this chart is a T-Square:

(1) The Moon is at the apex of this T-square. The Moon governs memories, unconscious patterns and subconscious psychological structures that help determine attitudes and personality. The moon governs many of the factors that determine what we do and why we do it.

(2) The base of the T-square is formed by an opposition between two conjunctions. Both of these conjunctions square the Moon. They act as disruptive and/or transformative influences on behavioral and attitudinal factors governed by the Moon. It is worth recalling that conjunctions are by nature unstable – prone to disruption and transformation.

(2a) One of these conjunctions is formed by Mercury, Sun and Jupiter. The Moon’s square to this Mercury/Sun/Jupiter conjunction is fairly tight so its effects will tend to be quite noticeable.

The Sun’s involvement tells us that the T-Square will affect conscious, intentional personality patterns and structures. The Mercury and Jupiter involvement tells us that our higher thinking, especially our worldview, or philosophy of life, and important facets of our spiritual and religious beliefs, will be affected. They will be subjected to disruption and transformation.

(2b) Vesta governs our commitment to our highest principles. It is not far from the Mercury/Sun/Jupiter grouping. Indeed it is close enough to the Mercury/Sun/Jupiter conjunction to matter a great deal.

Essentially, the square between the Moon and the Mercury/Sun/Jupiter/Vesta influence will affect our thinking and our attitudes at the highest (and/or deepest) levels. It leaves no facet of our conscious mind and personality, or our worldview, untouched.

The Moon, the apex and the Mercury/Sun/Jupiter/Vesta grouping tells us that, for the duration of 2017, everything that makes us what we are and do what we do, are at imminent risk of serious disruption and transformation. For better and/or for worse.

(3) The opposite pole of the opposition – squaring the Moon and opposing the Mercury/Sun/Jupiter/Vesta grouping – is a highly disruptive and transformative Eris/Uranus conjunction. Uranus, of course, will bring rebellion, resistance, demonstrations and demands for reform. Eris will add combativeness and hostility to the disruptive and transformative effects of Uranus.

Pallas placement near this conjunction, like Vesta’s placement near the previous conjunction, is close enough to matter a lot. Pallas governs how our worldview manifests around us as art, architecture, landscape, public ceremonies, etc. There is a close relationship between our worldview, our ideals and Pallas.

So we are probably talking about a shared environment that triggers resistance, incites protest, and that even sparks calls for revolutionary change.

Perception will trigger the Eris/Uranus conjunction. That will release a jolt of Eris/Uranus energy and the T-square will channel this highly disruptive and transformative Eris/Uranus energy into every part of everyone’s conscious and unconscious mind.

The T-square, in general, is a disharmonious aspect. It blocks and challenges us to create solutions to blocking issues. But this one is also highly charged and volatile. It will produce feelings that penetrate very deeply into hearts and minds.

The Eris/Uranus conjunction will generate disruptive and transformative jolts, or upsets. Virtually everything we see around us could send a disruptive, transformative jolt through all the layers of our mind and body. Top to bottom.

Jupiter’s involvement will tend to soften the effects despite its adverse placement. Neptune’s trine to the Mercury/Sun/Jupiter/Vesta grouping will also tend to facilitate what might otherwise be an uncomfortable level of disruption or transformation.

This T-Square channels unstable, irresistible, disruptive and transformative energies through the conscious and unconscious minds – through the personality and the unconscious patterns that shape the personality – and through our ideas about the world and our place in it – our worldview. In essence, this T-Square will, as my last reading would lead us to expect, contribute to the breakdown of existing patterns and structures.

Speaking broadly, this T-Square will tend to disrupt the patterns and structures in our minds. It will bring rebellion, resistance, and demands for change and reform. It will also bring combative and hostile feelings. These disruptions will affect our higher thinking, especially our worldview, or philosophy of life. It will also produce anxiety and emotional volatility and probably cause anxious and erratic behavior. Our ideas are likely to get a good shaking up.

This chart is a multi-composite chart, covering the final months of 2017. We cannot necessarily point to a particular event or time in which these energies will express. We’re talking about a persistent, ecompassing background influence. Everything that goes on during these months will share this disruptive and transformative quality and tend to affect us all very deeply.

Most of us believe the that we need to change and are discouraged by the lack of change. I know many if not most of us are hoping that the very difficult events of recent weeks will bring change – will overcome our resistance to change.

This multi-composite chart, applicable to September, October, November and December of 2017, suggests that our resistance to change will be overcome once and for all.

In my view, neither the world, nor our present understanding of the world is likely to survive the rest of 2017 unchanged. In many cases, that change is likely to be drastic. Few if any of us are likely to be able to withstand the steady onslaught of the Eris/Uranus/Pallas energies on our view of the world.


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