stationary plutoCarl Boudreau gives a small update on the effects of Pluto’s stationary and retrograde position.  May you enjoy the read – Devapriya

I felt the urge to post a little something about recent vibes.

We are dealing with lots of retrograde stuff, and rather than risk confusion and error in my account, I’ll just say ‘check your astrology calendar for the gory details’, lots of retrograde stuff going on: Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, very recently Venus and now Pluto.

The retrograde I’d like to comment on though is Pluto, stationary/retrograde on Thursday, April 20, 8:46AM New York Time.

I think the overall combination of retrograde motions will add to the complexity, intensity and urgency of the vibes many of us are sensing. The reason I will focus on stationary Pluto is that I think it brings the best and most clear cut of the various astrological events.

Stationary / Retrograde Pluto

Let me cut to the chase. In my experience with stationary Pluto, Pluto always seems to retrograde at precisely the right time to prevent a catastrophe.

It could be, for example, that enemy forces are massing on a contested international border. War is in the air. Also, there are numerous other astrological aspects around that don’t help the situation. They seem to suggest or support war. It seems like open conflict is inevitable.

Or similar, analogous, things could be going on in one’s personal or professional life.

Then, ‘all of a sudden’ Pluto goes stationary/retrograde and the situation suddenly and quickly cools off. By the time Pluto returns to where it was when it stationed, the whole situation has unwound and, instead of being on the brink of open war, the involved parties are in the midst of successful negotiations and it’s hard to remember why everybody got so excited in the first place.

So, in the present context, stationary Pluto was contributing to an intense, high-pressure situation/atmosphere this week – involving urgent and fateful decisions and growing concern. Then today it went stationary/retrograde.

The vibes prior to and leading up to the Pluto station were serious, no doubt, and might help account for the difficulties I have been seeing and hearing about for more than a week. Blessings and best wishes to all those involved.

Scary Bringer of Good News

But, my take would be that, as Pluto’s station retreats into the past and the Pluto pressure itself eases up, people will find that things are not as bad as they feared they might get and that there are options – or options will soon develop – that make the situation less dire than it was certainly beginning to look.

Stationary Pluto is no joke, and it is associated with some really high pressure, high risk situations. But in difficult times, the Universe rarely seems to want to hit us full on with a stationary Pluto at the worst possible moment. In my experience, stationary Plutos always seem to have serious mitigating effects.

In my younger days, when Pluto stationed in the middle of a hot situation, I always felt like somebody had just canceled a fireworks display. Nowadays, I am very grateful for the compassion of the Universe. A stationary/retrograde Pluto, in my view, is like the opposite of Murphy’s law.

Repost from Carl Boudreau’s Facebook Page, with friendly permission.

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