While the Moon’s Nodes transit the Virgo/Pisces axis planetary placements are drawing people away from preferred Virgo North Node solutions. They remain stuck in old patterns when they need to heal old patterns and move into new ones.

In April 2014, Nessus joined Chiron and Neptune in Pisces. These planets translate blocks into events that often forcefully removed blocks to our spiritual growth. Because of the grouping in Pisces, many of us felt the pain of these old patterns and the often serious discomfort of releasing them. Things started to get really uncomfortable; all the while trends were backwards, toward things that badly needed to be left behind.

Starting in the fall of 2015, the seductive South Node was in Pisces with seductive Neptune, doubling the seductive power of the South Node, opposing and effectively overpowering the North Node’s pull toward the preferred solutions.

When the Neptune, Nessus and Chiron influences came into play together, they revived the old traumas associated with these flawed patterns. Repeating and re-imposing rather than releasing these old patterns was a setup for new traumas to arise atop the old ones. Not at all a pretty situation or an easy time to live through.

To free ourselves from these patterns and associated traumas, we need to sever the heart’s attachments. But, truth to tell, both Virgo and Pisces are fairly cerebral, abstract energies. They are not conducive to the delicate deliberations and processes the heart must perform to complete detaching from and releasing these old patterns.

The heart’s attachments are tenacious, obscure and as deeply rooted as the soul and the Higher Self. They are unlikely to have been touched during the often fierce, but highly cerebral, intellectual turbulence of the Virgo/Pisces era.

We experienced failed effort after failed effort to detach from flawed patterns. The discomfort and turmoil associated with these failures came and went in rapid succession. They formed a long, homogeneous blur of mental and emotional turbulence.

The world was well and truly lost in these patterns and stuck in bad places. We seemed to be moving backwards with ever greater speed and momentum. Our hearts were just not into the release and healing of old patterns. It was simply not a very progressive era.

The energetic center of gravity will shift from the cerebral, abstract Virgo/Pisces axis on May 9 UT onto the vastly more down-to-earth heart-friendly, Leo/Aquarius axis, the heart axis.

The Leo/Aquarius axis is all about the heart. Leo governs the heart connections between friends and lovers. Aquarius governs the heart connections between members of a community. This axis is about seeking the proper balance between our personal love ties and love ties within the community.

This Leo/Aquarius axis is much more supportive of the kind of release and healing the heart must accomplish to achieve detachment from flawed patterns, and to escape the traumas and discomforts associated with these flawed patterns.

The Universe will be primarily focused on detachment and healing of, by and for, our hearts. Healing the heart and its attachments will become the chief center of activity in our individual and collective lives.

Let us now turn our attention to the nature and function of the 12th house, and how that applies to the North Node on the heart axis. The North Node’s derivative 12th house will play a key role in what is coming.

The 12th house often hides negative and/or difficult life energies – the residues of challenges we failed, or of errors we made and haven’t yet corrected.

They are often hidden or disguised, and yet, they have a very noticeable, and too often negative, effect on our lives. In fact, the secret factors hidden in our 12th house can dominate our lives quite conspicuously, and often, much to our individual and collective detriment.

The Moon’s Nodes travel backward through the Zodiac, from Pisces, to Aries, to Taurus, etc.. Or, as in this case, from Virgo to Leo (from the Virgo/Pisces axis to the Leo/Aquarius, or heart, axis).

So when the North Node gets into Leo, Virgo will function as the North Node’s 12th house. Or, put another way, when the North Node gets onto the Leo/Aquarius axis, much of went on when the Nodes were on the Virgo/Pisces axis will become strong 12th house influences.

What this means is that the stuff we experienced while the Moon’s Nodes were on the Virgo/Pisces axis will come up again while the Moon’s Nodes are on the Leo/Aquarius axis. But they will almost surely not look or behave exactly the way they did while the Nodes were on the Virgo/Pisces axis. And that’s a good thing.

Much that we experienced intensely and in concentrated form while the Nodes were on the Virgo/Pisces axis will revisit us in varied, more intelligible form while the Nodes are on the Leo/Aquarius axis.

While the Nodes were on the Virgo/Pisces axis, seemingly countless, densely interrelated issues all but overwhelmed us with their number, complexity, intensity and their urgency. Unresolved issues related to flawed and unhealed patterns might be stored as ‘complexes’ in the structures of the unconscious.

They are store in the sediments of this axis, along with the psychological remnants of the traumas associated with them They would, in effect, exist as unrecognizable patterns of various kinds in the various strata of the unconscious.

They would manifest as tell-tale patterns in perception, in speech, behavior and dreams, and so on and so forth. The manifestation of these patterns vary from instance to instance, but since they are generated by the same hidden complex, they possess a subtle, tell-tale pattern. These 12th house patterns would manifest in our collective lives like complexes buried in the 12th houses of individuals manifest in individual lives.

When the underlying complexes in individual 12th houses express in language, in action, in life scenarios, life episodes, etc, they don’t necessarily reproduce the patterns inherent in the complex or the events that gave rise to the complex – not literally or conspicuously. In fact, they usually don’t. It takes a fair amount of expert interpretation to get from what manifests to its origin in the complex, and then to get from the complex to the event that gave rise to the complex.

When the complexes manifest in life, their basic elements are usually more drawn out, more easily observed and interpreted. Not unlike stories or plays.

Repeated and varied expressions give us new chances and new ways to observe the events and issues behind the complex and new ways to look at them. So, the constant repetition and variation of the complexes eventually yields new and deeper understanding. It will also contribute to the healing of the complex and the defective patterns it represents.The long and the short of it is, we’ll get a chance to go over the issues in slow motion, from different perspectives and in much greater detail.

Truth to tell, both Virgo and Pisces are fairly cerebral, abstract energies, and they were not well-suited to processing the innumerable intense issues that surged into awareness during the Node’s Virgo/Pisces transit. In viewing them from the perspective of the Leo/Aquarius axis, it allows us to bring new and different, heart-based resources and heart-centered methods to the healing of ancient and defective patterns. The heart can complete the work of detachment, release, and healing that stalled out badly while the Nodes were on the Virgo/Pisces axis.

But, there’s more. People with Pluto in Leo, i.e., people born in the roughly twenty years between the late 1930s and the late 1950s, including and especially the greater portion of the so-called Baby Boomers, born 1946 – 1964 will naturally fall into leadership roles.

And for all that, Virgo is highly cerebral and Pisces is otherworldly. The activity on this axis yielded hard-edged, highly emotional and counterproductive clashes. All the activity on the Virgo/Pisces axis left a lot of mentally and emotionally exhausted people, uncertain of what to do or how to do it, and largely without effective leadership. It produced a lot of sound and fury, drawing us backward toward doomed south Node Solutions, toward nothing of any real value.

The archetypal energies at work along Leo/Aquarius axis is more playful and experimental. In general, it is much lighter and more loving in nature. It is conducive to love-based activity. It will strongly support the heart in its work of final release and healing of flawed patterns.

But, it is also very important to realize that the North Node in Leo will also conjoin the natal Pluto of the many thousands born between the late 1930s and the late 1950s. All of us will be subjected to powerful motivation from the Pluto/North Node conjunction. This conjunction will very powerfully motivate everyone to choose Leo North Node, i.e., loving, heart-based solutions.

But those born with Pluto in Leo – everyone between the late 1930s and late 1950s – will be especially powerfully motivated. They will be focused with special, Plutonian intensity to do the right thing – the North Node, Leo, heart-based, heart-centered thing. They will form a large, broad-based natural leadership cadre. They will be especially powerfully motivated to seek change.

Also, the people born in these years are currently in their prime. They are at the peaks of their careers, and the height of their political and economic power. Or, they are about to be so.

So, on May 9th UT, when the North Node enters Leo, we will enter a time when it is much easier to see and understand our issues and flawed patterns. We will also be highly motivated to resolve these issues, generally. The energies will support the heart in its vital work of finally releasing and healing ancient patterns. And because of Pluto’s involvement, a large portion of the population will be naturally inclined to take a leadership role in accomplishing these changes.


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