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[A note to the reader: Fair warning. This is not the kind of astrology I usually do. It is unusually speculative. Also, although I hesitate to admit it openly, on Facebook, I have been conscious of Angelic guidance during my astrology writing for several years now.

I have long been of the belief and have often said that we have reached the limits of astrology to explain or predict what is happening. Of, necessity, to serve my audience, I have been pushing those limits for many months to squeeze one last insight out of standard astrological methods.

It’s time to move on, even if it means launching into speculative territory. With this post, I push right through the limits of astrology into highly speculative territory. I do this partly because I see no other option, except perhaps to keep pushing the limits of astrology, which is getting old. I’ve gone back and forth a great deal about the changes I am making now and it is highly unlikely that I will return to my old way of doing astrology posts.

Take what you find useful from this post and leave the rest. I always like it when authors say that. It somehow seems to me a legitimate thing to say. – Carl]

As I think this post will help us understand, the Moon’s Nodes are the most powerful, most revealing points in a chart. Their placement spells out the formula of which all the other placements and patterns in the chart are variations. Knowledge of what the Nodes do is of fundamental importance for understanding what is going on. The Nodes’ placements determine the direction of global Dharma and, thus, tell us about what is motivating every soul and directing every conscience on the planet.

To achieve the support of the universe in our lives at any given point, we need to take our cue from the sign the North Node is transiting. As the population of the world seeks the support of the universe in their lives moment to moment, they naturally respond to the pull of the North Node. By its very nature, the North Node is a potent uplifting and evolutionary force. The natural result of a North Node transit is that, over time, tremendous momentum builds behind the influence of the North Node in whatever sign it is transiting.

Tremendous tensions build up on the axis the Nodes are transiting. We witnessed an exception when the Nodes were on the Virgo/Pisces axis. The South Node possessed unusual power and powerfully countered the progressive, uplifting force of the North Node, because of its conjunction with Neptune in Pisces.

The normally strong attractive power of the South Node, was very powerfully strengthened by the conjunction of Neptune in Pisces. The South Node/Neptune opposition to the North Node in Virgo, clouded the North Node’s usually bright beacon of guidance and hope.

The Moon’s Nodes are changing signs on May 9th, moving from the Virgo/Pisces axis to the Leo/Aquarius axis. As of this writing, that is roughly 48 hours away. The North Node will be in Leo. The South Node will be in Aquarius but the South Node will no longer enjoy the support of mighty Neptune in Pisces.

The North Node’s beacon of guidance and hope will no longer be heavily clouded by a powerful opposition from Neptune in Pisces. On the contrary, the unhindered brilliance of the Leo North Node will shine a harsh, brash, revealing light on South Node follies.

There will be challenges to the Nodes power, but they will be considerably milder than the challenges we faced while the nodes were on the Virgo/Pisces axis. But we can talk about these challenges another time. For now, it is sufficient to know that these challenges abated.

Also, as I reported in my last post, there will be numerous strong conflicts while the Nodes are on the Leo/Aquarius axis. I discussed these at length in my last post. But these conflicts are the kind that will lead to aggressive protest and reform efforts.

The operative question, the question we must all ask now begin asking ourselves is “What would Leo do?”

What, exactly, might it mean to take our cue from Leo?

The archetypes of Leo – archetypes of romance, friendship and close affection – shape our close personal relationships. Aquarian archetypes, by contrast, shape the more abstract relationships between members of a community. Aquarian archetypes idealize social relationships.

Aquarian love is likely to be expressed through rules and regulations based on Utopian social theories – the kinds of ideas that inspire and sustain revolutions. The Nodes are telling us to avoid that. During this transit, we are not to be guided by Utopian revolutionary schemes. We are not to be caught up in the revolutionary ideas of Aquarius. Aquarius, a fixed air sign, is a heavily intellectual, cerebral influence. We are being guided to act from our hearts.

Utopian, Aquarian-style solutions are attractive. They can, of course, be successful. Just not while the South Node is in Aquarius. With the South Node in Aquarius, Aquarian solutions are likely to be badly out of balance and work out in harsh, dry, essentially loveless ways.

To get some idea of what a valid Leo solution would look like, let’s draw on the wonderful work of Jan Spiller, from her book, Astrology for the Soul.

With North Node in Leo, Spiller advises us to cultivate:

– Individuality.- A willingness to take “center stage”. – Following one’s heart’s desires.

– Strengthening one’s willpower.

– Enthusiasm.

– Self-confidence.

– Taking risks.

– Relating to the childlike quality in others.

– Enjoying life. Having fun.

– Looking at life as a game.

– Developing an “it’s up to me” attitude.

The teachings of esoteric astrology offer a valuable perspective on Leo’s archetypes and help us understand what is going on. According to Alice Bailey [see esoteric astrology or Alice Bailey’s books online], under the influence of Cancer archetypes, the soul develops into “a part of the mass with mass consciousness,” a generic, morally anonymous member of the often morally inert masses. Not always, but often enough, Cancer can be an exceedingly conservative, politically retrograde force.

Later, under the influence of Leo archetypes, the soul develops as a distinct, independent personality, ready willing and eager to take the initiative.

Under the influence of Leo’s archetypes, we move out of the chorus line into the starring role, out of the rank and file into command levels. Leo archetypes motivate and enable the developing soul to step up into the spotlight on the center stage of life.

The point is that, all things considered, when all is said and done, a life lived under Leo archetypes is an important stage in the evolution into an influential, activist life identity.

While the North Node is in Leo, then, countless ordinary citizens will step into leadership roles and seek the means to promote their preferences. The Leo archetypes will breathe new life into the social activist spirit that has either been absent or dormant. This effect will be global.

The Venus squares I discussed in my last post strongly indicate that this activism will be highly progressive. The next year and a half will be activist and progressive. If they don’t start out that way, they will end that way.

I would now like to add some ideas I was guided to include in this post. They add a dimension to the phenomena of the Moon’s Nodes that might help us understand why things have been so challenging for so many of us and why they will continue to be challenging into the future.

What I offer just below is drawn in broad strokes. It is also somewhat ‘speculative’ in nature. I accept the truth of them, but that’s because I have been studying and working with these ideas most of my life. I recognize that others might not find them compelling.

We learn from esoteric teachings that every level of cosmic organization, from planet to solar system to galaxy, to the cosmos itself, is, in an important sense, a living being with its own spiritual destiny. Each is guided by its own Dharma. [Editor – definition of Dharma: a: the basic principles of cosmic or individual existence: divine law,  b: conformity to one’s duty and nature.]

Esoteric teaching presents the vision of universal purpose, or universal Dharma, originating in the mind of God. It differentiates as it cascades downward through the levels and layers of the universe, from the cosmic, to the individual level.

To avoid cosmic chaos, ultimately, all levels of Dharma would have to be coordinated at least to within certain tolerances. We know this is true on the individual level. To avoid chaos, individuals must ultimately coordinate their Dharmic goals under the guidance of the transiting North Node.

Given the well known and widely accepted principle ‘as above, so below’, we can assume the same kind of thing is true on cosmic levels.

Individual Dharmas must coordinate with each other and ultimately sync up with global Dharma. Just so, our global Dharma must ultimately coordinate with the Dharma of the other planets and the solar system as a whole. The same kind of thing would be true on a galactic level, and throughout the universe.

The solar system’s Dharma must coordinate with that of other solar systems and with the Dharma of the Galaxies. The Dharma of the Galaxies themselves must coordinate with each other and with cosmic Dharma. And so on and so forth.

[What I have just said is quite consistent with esoteric teachings. What I’m about to say is somewhat more speculative. Bear with me.]

This grand Dharmic coordination process, like the universe itself, is most likely not rigidly mechanistic. The Dharmic coordination is at least partly dependent on free will decisions and subject to random, accidental events.

The Dharma of the various cosmic levels might not mesh smoothly in the first place. The Dharma of the planets within a given solar system, might not harmonize smoothly with the Dharma of other planets in the same solar system. Things might get out of phase Dharmically.

The Dharma of our solar system might not harmonize easily with the Dharma of other Solar Systems in the cosmic neighborhood. Some systems might fail to meet their Dharmic bench marks or, alternatively, they might do better than suspected. Any number of easily imagined, plausible eventualities might lead to a Dharmic misalignment or disconnect.

So, all things considered, cosmic Dharmic relations are likely to get out of alignment. Especially considering the vast expanses of time, space, matter and beings involved. Any reading of the best known esoteric sources certainly suggest that such disconnects and misalignments are likely.

Thus, in all likelihood – or, given what we know about the way the world works, it is reasonable to suppose that – the Dharmic processes of the various levels of cosmic organization must be synced up again from time to time for the sake of maintaining, or reestablishing order within the cosmos.

We also know that our own Global Dharma evolves as the Moon’s Nodes move through the Zodiac. Following the principle ‘as above, so below,’ again, the Dharmas of the various planes, cosmic structures, like galaxies and solar systems, and bodies, like planets, must be thought to evolve just as Earth’s Dharma does. This evolution is just one more factor that could lead to ‘Dharmic misalignments’ on the cosmic level.

The picture emerging gets increasingly complex. We are all caught up in a sometimes turbulent sea of cosmic Dharmic processes. We must express our own Dharma amidst this dense tangle interlocking, interactive systems of Dharma – operating on a cosmic level.

Astronomers now think there are between 1 and 2 trillion galaxies “around 700 sextillion (that’s a 7 with 23 zeros behind it, or 700 thousand billion billion). And that’s just within the observable universe.” So we’re talking really big numbers. And we’re not even mentioning the number of planets and moons. We’re talking about a lot of moving parts here.

The North and South Nodes indicate the Divinely intended direction of global evolution by the signs they are in. But they do so only approximately. Consider, for example, how unlikely it is that the placement of a single point, the North Node, could be sufficient to indicate our specific Dharmic conditions and mandates in such a large, complex and changeable cosmic context.

According to esoteric teaching, the heart and the Higher Self cooperate to coordinate our personal Dharma with the totality of Dharma working itself out in the surrounding universe. This implies a functional, operative connection between the Higher Self and some point in the being of God, in which, presumably, our Divine personal data are stored.

Being an individual, in my view, is being able to accept the answer that emerges from the heart and to act on it. Under the influence of Leo archetypes, we cultivate our ability to make that connection work for us, in real time. Perhaps this is what we mean by the term ‘conscience.’

The implication here is that while the North Node is on the Leo/Aquarius axis, countless human beings will awaken as individuals and their connection with the being of God, with the Divine, will become active – their conscience will develop to the next level.

So, from an astrological perspective, at any given moment, the Moon’s Nodes, in a general, broad way, are our best indication of where we stand in this vast and unutterably complex cosmic Dharmic process that encompasses the individual.

But, given the immensity and the complexity of Dharmic realities, we are, I think, justified in supposing that we need more than knowledge of the North Node’s placement in Leo to determine the proper course of action.

The outcome of the interaction between the Higher Self and the heart should be to identify that single action that will successfully fulfill Divine and human purposes.

Now for a final, wildly speculative, but not totally unreasonable thought. We must assume that the cosmic dharmic processes we just described involve inestimably, unspeakably vast forces. That would certainly be true on a physical level.

But since we are talking about Dharma here, we are also talking about the kind of spiritual and moral forces to which we can probably safely assume the higher self and the heart are sensitive.

Let us also remain mindful that all of these force are focused in, on and through the Leo/Aquarius or heart axis.

The number, scale and intensity of these forces would be even greater if we assume that we are also currently experiencing a grand cosmic realignment of Dharmic forces of the kind I spoke of above.

Those who, like the world’s many sensitive and intuitive people – among which I would include the world’s light workers – are already dealing with these forces on some level – these folks are already coping with the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical stresses to which their sensitivity would make them vulnerable. In the course of the next couple of years, under the influence of the Leo archetypes, many more people would enter their ranks and develop these sensitivities.

These ideas might or might not have any relation to our reality, but, as speculative as they are, we should consider them ‘justifiably speculations’ based on what is already either widely known or widely believed.

I am going to stop writing here to let these ideas sink in, so as not to become hopelessly lost in the wavy gravy or plunge helplessly into an abyss of speculation and to not completely trash my credibility.

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