Saturn Conjoins Pluto, Jupiter Conjoins Vega, etc.

Many of us are aware and some of us are concerned because we know the next several years will bring major shifts of astrological energy causing increasing turmoil in an already troubled world.

Among the most prominent of coming astrological changes are these:

a. Uranus will soon begin exploring Taurus. The Uranus Taurus ingress begins in May 2018 and will be complete in March of 2019.

b. Jupiter will conjoin the Galactic Center in its home sign of Sagittarius in November 1919.

c. Saturn, already in Capricorn, its home sign, will conjoin Pluto in Capricorn in January of 2020.

d. Jupiter in Capricorn will conjoin the fixed star Vega in February of 2020.

e. Saturn and Pluto are moving toward their Aquarius ingresses. Saturn will enter Aquarius in 2020; Pluto will do so in 2023-24.

f. Neptune is edging toward its transition into Aries (2025).

g. The North Node will enter Cancer for the full transit this November. The Moon’s Nodes, too, will straddle the highly charged, highly sensitive Cancer/Capricorn axis.

Taken separately, all of the above astrological events are changeful. Combined, they are overwhelmingly changeful. So we are looking at a continuing stream of new change energies. And they will all be coming within a relatively brief period of time.

Some of these, especially the Neptune Aries ingress, do seem a little far off.

They are closer than we think, though. Some of these energies, especially the Saturn, Pluto and Uranus energies, seem to be swirling about us already. Conditions are extremely fluid, volatile. Indeed, present turmoil is easier to understand when we assume that some of these new change energies are already affecting us.

Nowadays, astrological process seems to have sped up. No sooner does a planetary event show up on the Astrological horizon than one senses its effects. It seems to me, in short, at least some of the astrological events listed – above, the Uranus events in particular – are already telegraphing highly changeful, transformative energies.

So, we are effectively awash with change energies. Some are the continuing effects of past change aspects. Some are previews and foreshadowings of aspects yet to come. They make up a kind of stew. As a practical matter, it is difficult to distinguish between the various change energies we are encountering.

Economic and Political Change and Emerging Leadership

This post will focus on two of the energetic shifts I listed above – the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 2020 and the Jupiter/Vega conjunction of February 2020. These conjunctions will occur less than a month apart and they should be considered together.

Saturn/Pluto, A One-Two Punch

The first of the change energies I want to discuss is the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 2020. It will contribute further to the dissolution of Economic and Political patterns we have been trying unsuccessfully to release since Pluto first entered Capricorn.

Pluto entered Capricorn with a bang in 2008. I believe the Saturn/Pluto conjunction will mark a climax of political and economic change. Many alert observers have been anticipating this Saturn/Pluto conjunction since then.

There has never been much doubt that the Saturn/Pluto conjunction will be a high energy contact. Each planet is powerful. Each in its own way, taken by itself, is an all but irresistible driver of change.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction will bring irresistible transformative, corrective force to bear on flawed patterns of thought and behavior in high places. Conjunct in Capricorn, Saturn and Pluto will reduce the possibility of resisting change to zero.

Saturn powerfully motivates change. It brings relentless pressure, flawless logic and hard evidence to bear on problematic situations. It reveals the existence and the cost of error in unmistakable and compelling ways. It makes errors and their cost obvious, and burdensome.

Basically, Saturn compels change by heightening awareness of the fatigue, inconvenience, discomfort and outright pain of flawed patterns of thought and behavior.

Pluto shines a bright, penetrating light. It exposes hidden defects, often dramatically. Under Pluto’s energy, flawed, improper patterns are highlighted in unfortunate ways and blown apart.

Pluto brings irresistible force to bear. It shines a penetrating, transformative light. It exposes concealed errors, thrusting them urgently to the fore. Pluto also drives us urgently to correct these defects.

Between them, Saturn and Pluto make it impossible to conceal, ignore, disguise or conceal defective patterns. This Saturn/Pluto conjunction, then, will finally expose and at least partially blow up bad patterns that have so far successfully resisted the forces of change.

The upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction will take place in Capricorn. Thus, it will expose and force the transformation of flawed governmental, administrative and managerial practices that have lasted despite the near constant flow of change energies.

The combination of Saturn and Pluto energy in Capricorn will change seemingly unchangeable patterns. In fact, so far, very little in the way of patterns, habits or tradition seem to be surviving Pluto’s transit of Capricorn.

The powerful transformative influence of the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn will bring potentially dramatic change. This Saturn/Pluto conjunction will occur only once, in January of 2020.

Flawed, but stubborn, permanent-seeming patterns will either be further weakened, finally rectified or eliminated. Long-standing, permanent-seeming practices could be ended.

Pluto, Saturn and the Cancer/Capricorn Axis

Pluto governs the expression of power. Saturn governs legislation and legislative process. More generally, it governs the exercise of authority on the governmental, administrative and managerial level. Saturn also governs the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is also about the exercise of power and authority.

Thus, Saturn, Pluto and the sign of Capricorn are all central to the exercise of power on all levels. We should expect a Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn to dramatically affect governmental, administrative, managerial and legislative process and the full range of existing political and economic patterns.

To help us more fully appreciate the power and the importance of this conjunction, however, we should take a brief look at the history of Pluto with respect to the Cancer/Capricorn axis. History suggests that Pluto and the Cancer/Capricorn axis enjoy a very special relationship: in the modern era, at least, when Pluto affects the Cancer/Capricorn axis, tremendous transformative power has been released.

It looks to me that the economically and politically transformative power of the upcoming conjunction might not derive so much from the fact that Pluto and Saturn are conjoining as from the fact that Pluto is on the Capricorn/Cancer axis.

Pluto’s last transit of Capricorn was a fateful time in global history. Pluto last transited Capricorn between 1762 and 1777, then it went into Aquarius. Oddly, as it left Capricorn, Pluto actually went over the cusp of Aquarius five times before it settled in for the full transit in 1778. Interestingly, this time around, Pluto will also go over the cusp of Aquarius five times before it settles in for the full transit in 2024.

Pluto’s late 18th century transit of Aquarius ushered in at least a century of political and economic revolution. First were the US and French revolutions of 1776 and 1789, respectively. More revolutions followed in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Institutions that had been in place for centuries, some rooted in the most ancient past, disappeared, or faded into the background of our collective lives. For example, in most cases, monarchy and all the customs and institutions associated with it were rendered quaint relics of bygone times.

More recently, Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, directly affecting the Cancer/Capricorn axis. Pluto will remain in Capricorn until 2023-24.

This Pluto Capricorn transit brought global political and economic crisis and transformation with it, also. For example, the Pluto Capricorn ingress of 2008 correlated closely with the onset of a severe global financial crisis. Political transformations followed.

My theory relates to the placement of Sirius. I think the power of Pluto and/or Saturn on the Cancer/Capricorn axis is related to the placement of Sirius in Cancer. Sirius is a powerful and powerfully spiritual fixed star, probably the most powerful and spiritual of the fixed stars located in Cancer.

Pluto is associated strongly with worldly power. Saturn is strongly associated with worldly order and authority. Sirius is strongly associated with divine power. Sirius is at about 13º 21’ Cancer.

Whenever Saturn and/or Pluto connected with the Cancer/Capricorn axis they would also connect with the pure spiritual values represented by Sirius. These great Spiritual powers would collide with the imperfect worldly power and authority represented by Saturn and Pluto. Or we could think of it in terms of colliding, conflicting patterns. However we think of it, when any of these great powers connect there would inevitably be a correspondingly strong release of transformative worldly and transformative spiritual energy.

Saturn on the Cancer/Capricorn Axis

But, as I indicated above, it isn’t necessary for Saturn and Pluto to conjoin in Capricorn to produce dramatic results. Saturn can also correlate with dramatic events when it touches the Cancer Capricorn axis. Let’s consider a couple of the more dramatic examples.

Saturn transitioned into in Capricorn during 1929 and transition out in 1932. This corresponded with the stock market crash of 1929 and the early years of the Great Depression.

Saturn entered Cancer in 1944 and remained in Cancer until 1946. This corresponded with the first use of the atomic bomb, the end of World War II and the beginning of the highly transformative, post war era.

Saturn/Pluto Conjunctions in Capricorn: The Triple Whammy

As for Saturn/Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn as such, there has not been a Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn since the early 1500s. Before that, there was a Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn in the late 1200s.

Neither of these two dates seem to me to offer an opportunity for useful historical comparison. They are too distant in time. Their context is no longer familiar or meaningful to us. (I think the most useful analogy we have is a Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Cancer at the outset of World War I.

This most recent Saturn/Pluto conjunction occurred on the Cancer/Capricorn axis near the beginning of the first world war, (1914-1915). This Saturn/Pluto conjunction affected the Cancer/Capricorn axis and it did so with dramatic consequences.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Cancer of 1914-15 was exact three times, the first time in the summer of 1914. As noted, it correlated very closely with the outbreak of World War I, which ignited in the summer of 1914.

The Pluto Capricorn ingress of 2008 speaks again to the power of Pluto on the Cancer/Capricorn axis.

The 2008 Pluto Capricorn ingress correlated strongly with the near global economic collapse triggered by the so-called subprime mortgage crisis. It badly rattled global political and economic structures.

Given the above, I think we can reasonably expect the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn to produce significant political and economic change. All three elements will be involved: Saturn, Pluto and the Cancer/Capricorn axis.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is a powerful astrological detonation in a place crucial to the exercise of power at all levels. It is not just about the exercise of power, either, but about the evolution of the manner in which power is exercised going forward.

Mitigating the Destructive Power of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction of 2020

We need to think carefully about the relative power of this conjunction and its likely effects, however. I think there is reason to believe that this Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn will not be as destructive as the text books and some historical comparisons might suggest.

There is certainly no denying the power of the Cancer/Capricorn axis or the disruptions that Pluto and Saturn can cause when they touch it. However, there are also important, relevant reasons to discount the potentially destructive or oppressive potential of the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

The power of Pluto is actually impaired and will remain so into the indefinite future. Pluto will face continuing challenges to the expression of its energies.

Those in positions of power will have continuing difficulties in exercising power. Indeed, the planetary patterns seem to be disempowering the powerful.

In fact, it seems to me that Pluto and Saturn energies are combining in ways that make it difficult to express either energy effectively. Those in power will find it difficult to exercise their authority (Saturn) or impose their will (Pluto).

Instability and the Impairment of Pluto’s Power

Those who currently exercise power have a lot on their plates, then. And, many of the issues they face, much of the instability they face, was triggered by Pluto itself.

This continuing instability complicates events. These complications make it harder for those in power to exercise power – to control events or to move toward their goals in a straightforward way.

A lot of things pretty much blew up as a result of the Pluto Capricorn ingress of 2008, most notably, perhaps the global economy. Whatever else it might have done, this global economic crisis and its knock on effects presented those trying to exercise power with serious challenges. The exact Uranus/Pluto squares of 2012-2015 had similar effects. I have in mind the so-called “Arab Spring.” It contributed greatly to political instability and, in so doing, made it hard for those in power to exercise power.

The upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction and its runup are likely to do the same kind of thing. They will push stubborn political and economic conflicts to a head. That will cause even more instability. This increased instability will make it harder for those in power to impose their will.

Weaker Pluto, Stronger Saturn and Dominant Uranus

But Pluto’s power is also being weakened on a strictly energetic level. With the exercise of Pluto’s power being impaired, Saturn’s power to dampen and suppress will come to the fore.

With a weakened Pluto and a strengthened Saturn, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020 could be something of a dud in comparison to previous, comparable aspects. But this conjunction might still be strong enough to help us overcome defective patterns that have so far resisted change. It might be more helpful to depend on Saturn’s careful scrutiny than Pluto’s explosive power to achieve stable, long-term change.

After the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, Pluto will move toward its 2023-24 Aquarius ingress. Pluto falls in Aquarius. It’s energies don’t express well there. This will weaken Pluto’s influence generally and weaken, but especially in relation to Uranus.

Uranus in Taurus, will be in broad, square relationship to Pluto in Aquarius. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius. So, this broad square, too, will likely weaken Pluto and strengthen Uranus. It continues to appear that we are headed into a highly Uranian era, strongly supportive of resistance, protest and reform, unfriendly to the exercise of power.

It is, in fact, getting increasingly difficult to exercise power. Protest, reform, resistance and revolt are on the rise, demonstrably.

Uranus will be in Taurus until 2025-26, at which point it moves into Gemini, creating a whole new energetic reality. But, with the energetic shifts we are now looking at, it’s hard to imagine what the world will look like by the time Uranus moves into Gemini.

I tried to clarify the long term, relative increase in Uranian influence in a recent post: Uranus Comes out of Shadow. Uranian forces of protest, reform and resistance will steadily gain in influence. The ability of existing powers to suppress increasingly frequent manifestations of Uranian energy will decrease.

The 2020 Saturn/Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn, in Perspective

I have talked about the intense power of Saturn/Pluto conjunctions and the Cancer/Capricorn axis. We can safely assume that the 2020 conjunction will be especially intense because it is taking place on the Cancer/Capricorn axis.

The energy of the Cancer/Capricorn axis and its significance will both be greater because the Moon’s Nodes will be on the Cancer/Capricorn axis when it occurs. Spiritual forces, as represented by Sirius in Cancer, will possess the compelling power of moral force. This moral force will oppose any temptations to the abuse of power that arise from the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

Thus, in principle, the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction could produce catastrophic effects. It could, in principle, blast any defective patterns that linger in collective consciousness to smithereens.

It is clear, though, that Pluto’s power will be lessened by the factors mentioned above. We cannot guarantee that the Saturn/Pluto conjunction will reform or eliminate these patterns.

But, in my estimation, the power of this conjunction, though muted, is likely to significantly affect these patterns. It will doubtless further soften these defective and stubborn patterns. That will make it easier for the increasingly prominent change energies of Uranus to affect them.

However, more change energy, specifically Uranian change energy, is definitely on the way. Much that has remained stubbornly part of our lives will be shaken. It might even finally disappear. Its hold on our collective minds and hearts will be significantly weakened.

Jupiter and the Question of Political and Economic Leadership:

Jupiter Conjoins Vega

Finally, I said this post was about the emergence of political and economic leadership adequate to the challenges of coming years.

The fixed star, Vega, is in the middle of tropical Capricorn. It is associated with the charisma possessed by people in positions of power. The Jupiter/Vega conjunction bespeaks the emergence of inspired, enlightening and uplifting leadership.

(Interestingly, Vega at 15º 35 minutes Capricorn is closely opposed to Sirius at 14º21’ Cancer. Also interesting, Jupiter will conjoin the Galactic Center in November 1919, before it enters Capricorn. There are powerful energies at play in all of this.)

Jupiter will conjoin Vega for the first and only time on February 10, 2020 UT. Saturn will conjoin Pluto for the first and only time one month earlier, on January 12, 2020 UT. New leadership will emerge as the Saturn/Pluto change energies are peaking. Both conjunctions will be exact only once.

For all practical purposes, then, that makes the two events simultaneous. Also, I believe their effects will dovetail. As change energies continue to build and turbulence grows, new leadership will emerge. New leadership will emerge definitively during a peak in political and economic turbulence.

I discussed the effects of the fixed star, Vega in recent posts (1), (2), I wrote, for example, about Pluto’s conjunction with Vega over the course of 2016. Pluto basically hovered over Vega in the course of 2016. It accentuated the charisma of those already in power introducing an imbalance, or bias, in the 2016 US election, impeding political change.

Pluto conjunct Vega gave pro-oligarchic forces an advantage by intensifying and exaggerating the charisma of pro-oligarchic figures already in power. This compensated for (neutralized) growing anti-oligarchic sentiment in the electorate.

I also wrote about how Saturn’s pending conjunction with Vega (over the course of 2019) will mark a turning point in politics. In contrast with Pluto’s effect on Vega, Saturn’s conjunction with Vega will suppress the charisma of existing governing figures. This will support a more objective, critical attitude toward political leaders. How this plays out will depend on who’s in power in 2019.

In Closing . . .

We are living in the wake of numerous changeful aspects. We have already seen a great deal of change. It has been inwardly and outwardly turbulent. More changeful aspects are appearing on the horizon, telegraphing their energies. Events are already foreshadowing these energetic shifts.

As the wake of previous change energies blend with waves of oncoming change energies, we are likely to see an even faster rate of even more turbulent change.


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