Some Thoughts on the Current Eclipses

[A word about the eclipses. I know. Attention is focused on the big fancy eclipse of 1/31/18 UT and the follow up eclipse on February 15, UT. And here I am writing about the Uranus Taurus Ingress. Why?

No matter how dramatic an aspect is (and this one is a real headline grabber), it can only be properly understood in terms of the overall astrological context. That is as true of the eclipse, as it is of the Uranus Taurus ingress that I am writing about. And the astrological context for both is pretty much the same. So much of what I would have to say about the eclipse, I would also have to say about the Uranus Taurus ingress.

In recent months, I have been speaking in terms of the long, slow breakdown of the oligarchic alignment. Between the early 1970s and 2010-11, when Uranus entered Aries, the three powerful outer planets were all in signs associated with the 1%.

The 1% used this astrological lineup to massively empower themselves. The outcome of almost 40 years of political and economic dominance by the 1% is global oligarchy. Since 2010-11 when Uranus moved out of the oligarchic alignment, into Aries, the astrological story has been about the agonizingly slow breakdown of the oligarchic alignment and the global oligarchy to which it gave rise. If you are interested you can find an account of this situation in this post.

The Uranus Taurus ingress is about reaching a major threshold in the break down of the oligarchic alignment and a shift in power. The Uranus Taurus ingress heralds the arrival of a major shift in social, political and economic values.

The astrological context is about breaking free of oligarchic control – of resetting the gross imbalance of political and economic power between the 1% and the 99%. The Uranus Taurus ingress is, I believe, about the critical political and economic turning point so many have been waiting for.

In my astrological opinion, both the eclipse of 1/31/18 and the Uranus Taurus ingress are about the same thing – a tipping point in the breakdown of the oligarchic alignment and its earthly reflection, entrenched global oligarchy. The big fancy eclipse on 01/31/18 will be a prelude to the transformational process triggered by the Uranus Taurus ingress.

Eclipses are change agents. Typically, they trigger long-awaited, long-delayed changes. Eclipses also trigger course corrections. I think this extra special eclipse (Blue Moon, Red Moon, Super Moon eclipse) will trigger some of the changes needed to finally undo the grip of oligarchy. The rarity of such eclipses reflects just how important those changes are and how difficult they would be to finally bring about without an assist from the eclipse.

This eclipse is a preview of things to come. This eclipse will be a powerful detonation at the foundations of the oligarchic status quo. The upcoming transit of Uranus in Taurus will finish the job of demolition.

When all is said and done, then, I believe the eclipse of 1/31 UT will kick start the change process to be continued by Uranus in Taurus. However, of the two, I think the Uranus Taurus ingress is the more important and more far reaching astrological event. If you want to know what I really think about this eclipse, read what I have to say about the Uranus Taurus ingress.]

The Matter at Hand

In my most recent astrology post I tried to lay out the surprisingly complex, powerfully and deeply changeful Saturn and Pluto energies now at work in Capricorn. I only touched on the pivotal Uranus Taurus ingress. I think it would now be helpful to look more closely at the Uranus Taurus ingress and its connection with the Saturn/Pluto energies at work in Capricorn.
In my opinion, the Uranus Taurus ingress will mark a major turning point, one we have all been waiting for. I will try to explain why in this post.

It is widely felt that we are passing out of an era marked by suffocating oligarchic control of global economic and political life, however slowly.

Currently, huge portions of global economic and political power remain in the hands of the wealthiest 1%. The rest of the world’s political and economic power, a much smaller portion, rests in the hands of the remaining 99% of the population.

The future of the world seems literally to hang in the balance, waiting on changes we seem unable to make. The oligarchic system seems frozen solidly in place. We are unable to make the changes needed to keep the world from coming apart, ecologically, politically, economically, socially and geographically.

World conditions continue to deteriorate. Positive change is elusive. Tension is running high. Anxiety is epidemic. Progress is too slow. We await a “tipping point.” I believe Uranus in Taurus will bring this tipping point.

Saturn Begins a New Saturn/Capricorn Cycle.

Saturn in Capricorn, its home sign, is beginning an entirely new Saturn/Capricorn cycle. This Uranus Taurus ingress will take place at a fundamentally important moment in the so-called Saturn/Capricorn cycle. The change processes now occurring in Capricorn are soon to be dramatically affected by Uranus in Taurus.

After its transit of Capricorn, Saturn will continue its trip around the Zodiac. As it does so, it will make changes in each sign consistent with the changes now occurring in Capricorn.

Thus, over a period of roughly 30 years, during this new Saturn/Capricorn cycle, Saturn will trigger a re-examination of governmental, administrative, managerial and organizational matters of all kinds, in all areas, at all levels, across the whole Zodiac, and around the world. These changes will be compatible with changes currently taking place in Capricorn.

Let’s just say that the energies now at work in Capricorn are turning Capricorn into a superheated caldron. The laws – or patterns – that govern our world are being dropped into this caldron to be melted down and re-cast. From this caldron, new laws and patterns will be poured out around the Zodiac.

Commensurate changes will follow in every sign of the Zodiac as Saturn completes the Saturn/Capricorn cycle.

The Uranus Taurus ingress will be key to enabling, motivating and shaping fateful transformations now taking place in Capricorn. Under the influence of the Uranus in Taurus energies, deep change will come to every part of our life, in every area and level of society, everywhere on earth.

Beyond Stalemate

The Saturn and Pluto energies in Capricorn are already taking on a decidedly Uranian/Aquarian tint and it is growing stronger. Because Uranus has been squaring Capricorn from Aries, it is already influencing events in Capricorn. The Uranus Taurus ingress will turn this blocking, square relationship into a supportive, trine relationship.

We should not forget the prolonged square between Uranus and Pluto. This square was exact seven times between 2012-2015. The Uranus/Pluto square is still a significant background influence. (Notice, too, that both recent eclipses are on the Leo/Aquarius axis. The solar eclipse on February 15 is in Aquarius proper, accenting the Aquarius/Uranus influence.)

This Aries/Capricorn, square relationship, is ‘separating,’ making it progressively weaker. The Taurus/Capricorn, trine relationship, however, is ‘applying,’ making it progressively stronger.

And we can’t help but notice that everything going on in Capricorn is slowly moving toward Aquarius. It’s increasingly hard not to realize that events in Capricorn are precursors to events in Aquarius and that at some level, present events in Capricorn are directly related to future events in Aquarius. At some level, in one sense or another, Aquarian and Uranian influences are already at work in Capricorn.

This seems especially so since Capricorn and Aquarius have closely related functions in the Zodiac. Capricorn rules the governance of society. Aquarius rules efforts to idealize Society.

The kind of freedom characteristically sought in Aquarius represents the apotheosis – the highest possible expression – of Capricornian skills. That is, the kind of social ideals inspired by Aquarius and Uranus require Capricornian, or management and administrative, skills of the highest order for their fulfillment. The current astrological set up will improve standards of performance in realms governed by Capricorn.

The Convergence of Saturn and Uranus, Capricorn and Aquarius

Saturn and Uranus also have a close relationship at the archetypal level. Indeed, the nature and function of Saturn and Uranus seem to overlap at the archetypal level. Technically, Saturn and Uranus are co-rulers of Aquarius.
Saturn’s change-making insights originate in difficult experience. The insights of Uranus are inspired by the intuition, and/or the higher mind.

With luck, both kinds of insight – Saturnian and Uranian insight – work in tandem. Empirical, day to day – Saturnian – insights are complemented by transcendent – Uranian – insights, and vice versa.

The End of an Impasse

While in Aries, Uranus has a conflicted (square) relationship with the energetic blend in Capricorn. This square has been preventing dialogue, blocking resolution of the political and economic issues that are confronting people around the globe. When Uranus enters Taurus, Uranus will flip into a harmonious, facilitating (trine) relationship with the Saturn/Pluto dynamic in Capricorn.

In a single stroke, the Uranus Taurus ingress will:

(1) end the stalemate between the changeful energies of Uranus in Aries and the changeful energies of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

(2) Uranus in Taurus will establish a harmonious, synergistic relationship between its own changeful energies and the changeful energies of Saturn and Pluto now roiling Capricorn.

3) The Uranus Taurus ingress takes place amidst a series of broad sextiles and semi-sextiles: Jupiter is direct in Scorpio. Saturn and Pluto are retrograde in Capricorn. Mars is retrograde in Aquarius. Neptune is retrograde in Pisces. Uranus is direct in Taurus. These planets form what we might call a ‘bracelet’ of harmonious, facilitating minor aspects.

The square Uranus in Aries made to Capricorn lessened the supportive power of this bracelet. The broad, sustained trine relationship the Uranus Taurus ingress will form with Capricorn will strengthen the power of this bracelet.

Also, the forward motion of the planets involved will also intensify the power of this bracelet; the retrograde motion of these planets will dilute the intensity of this bracelet.

Deciding What Kind of World We Will Have in the Future

With respect to the possibility of progress and reform, the Uranus Taurus ingress will make a dramatic, positive difference for which we have all been eager. This trine does not guarantee what so many want to see: a decisive swing of political and economic power in favor of the 99%. I think, rather, that it foretells a vigorous and productive dialog about the many challenges we are now facing globally. The Uranus Capricorn trine will lead us beyond the deadening stalemate that besets global discourse on so many crucial issues today. I believe the change energies Uranus in Taurus will unleash will be deep, pervasive, intense, volatile and ultimately impossible to resist.

Essentially, Pluto will compel us to investigate and expose the negative consequences of current, mostly oligarchic policies; Saturn will compel us to scrutinize the evidence rigorously. Uranus will generate protest and the demand for reform. Uranus, Saturn and Pluto energy, facilitated by the ‘bracelet,’ will bring flux to an extreme, perhaps chaotic pitch. What I have called ‘the bracelet’ will facilitate productive, occasionally chaotic change.

Chaos, Discovery and Reform

As I said, I think it is impossible to predict outcomes at this point. However, I think certain seemingly optimistic conclusions are realistic. We will finally find ourselves able to rethink and renegotiate those unjust oligarchic patterns that still dominate our political and economic thinking, locally and globally, and which seem to stubbornly resist change.

Under these influences, we will be able – we will have to – debate more freely, openly and fairly. It looks to me like the planets have gone out of their way to insure a fair, free and open dialogue, or debate.

What Changes Might Come

The planets appear to me to have achieved this new dialogue by bringing us to the brink of chaos. At the same time, however, I see in all this the possibility of profound and lasting change.

By all accounts, the 1% has enjoyed an outsized economic and political advantage for many years. By all accounts, too, they have exploited that advantage to gain and hold the upper hand, economic and politically. It seems reasonable to suppose that a planetary set up that favors free and open debate would lead to a resetting of the imbalance between the 1% and the 99%. In many ways, the effects of these energies will be unpredictable and perhaps even impossible to explain. Expect unlikely outcomes.

The level of disorder will be so great, it will be nearly impossible for any one group to ensure the outcome they prefer. Theoretically, it might be possible for one faction to successfully steer the events caused by these energies into unfair advantage. But in my opinion, neither the 1% nor the 99% will be able to work their will with these energies.

I think these chaotic energies will favor the discovery of the truth, if only because they will cause so much confusion that no one can successfully conceal facts, control the flow of information or organize their thoughts clearly enough to sell a convincing lie.

So I think the virtually chaotic elements in these energies will give rise to an open, free public dialogue on the issues before us. Given the gross inequality of current economic and political relationships, it seems likely that a productive public dialogue will almost inevitably lead to a better deal for the 99%.

Another example, given the damage currently being inflicted on our environment and the mishandling of the world’s natural resources, I think a genuinely open dialogue will lead to an improvement in environmental conditions and the better management of the world’s resources.

And so on.

Personally, I am optimistic.

As Uranus begins its year-long transition into Taurus this May, the global stalemate between the 1% and the 99% will begin to end. How quickly and how drastically things change will ultimately depend on how we all respond to these energies.

A Resurgence of Organized Labor Activity

Another conclusion seems reasonable to me. Taurus is in the sixth house of the US chart. The sixth house is the house of organized labor in the US chart. Historically, organized labor has been a powerful progressive force, fighting vigorously for the interests of the 99%.

Uranus in Taurus will kick off a new 84-year Taurus/Uranus cycle. This suggests a long term resurgence of organized labor and progressive politics in the US.

Organized labor is inherently international in its orientation. To the extent that the American labor movement flexes its new Uranian muscle internationally, Uranus in Taurus could give rise to a surge in progressive politics globally.

Along similar lines, in 2020, we are expecting a Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the third decan, the Virgo decan, of Capricorn. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction will produce a surge of impatience for change and reform globally that looks like it will translate into a revival of union activity.

So, you might be wondering, when can we expect the influence of Uranus in Taurus to make itself felt?

In Again, Out Again Ingresses, Etc.

I would like to be able to report that as soon as Uranus hits the cusp of Taurus this May, we will immediately begin to experience all the benefits. I can’t do that.

Astrological events do not always happen all at once. For example, planets, like Uranus, often move into a sign, stay awhile, then retrograde back out.

They inevitably resume forward motion later on and re-enter the sign for the full transit. It is not uncommon for this process to take the better part of a year. Uranus’s move into Taurus will follow this pattern.

It often seems like the planet involved is rushing, or pushing, us into a risky and uncertain situation. Alternatively, the planets could be creating a situation that seems too good to be true. But when the planet or planets in question begin to retrograde, the danger recedes and we go back to the drawing board. Grave risks are often averted.

Retrograde motion often reshuffles the cards. It sends people back to the drawing board.

In my experience, this long, seemingly drawn out back and forth process can be anticlimactic in a good way. It produces a far less dramatic and more desirable outcome than we might at first expect. In my experience, it usually seems to work out for the best.

A look at the details will help us set our expectations.

The Dates in Question

1. On May 15, 2018, Uranus, in forward motion, will reach the cusp of Taurus (0º Taurus) for the first time. Uranus in forward motion will establish a broad trine relationship with the change forces now in Capricorn.

Mars will be direct in Aquarius. Neptune will be direct in Pisces. However, Saturn and Pluto, the change forces in Capricorn, will be retrograde. Also, Jupiter will be retrograde in Scorpio.

As I said above, Uranus in Taurus will bring the turning point many await, and have been awaiting, for several years. People will feel that. I don’t think the retrograde motion of so many planets will mask the arrival of this turning point. Nor do I think it will completely suppress the thrill of anticipation the Uranus Taurus ingress will bring.

We will most likely sense the sudden meshing of the gears of progress, but the expectation of immediate progress will be damped by the retrograde motion of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. People will sense a surge of forward motion, a decisive movement in the direction of progressive economic and political change. It will be as hard to miss as the sudden jolt a railroad engine sends through a line of railway cars when it starts.

But people will surely also sense the delay caused by the retrograde motion of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. These delays will most likely be of a bureaucratic, legislative nature, spurred by legislative second thoughts and second-guessing. The delays will most likely not all be caused by the successful obstruction of pro-oligarchic, pro-1% forces, though surely some will.

Uranus in Taurus will generate grassroots resistance. Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn will keep pressure on the oligarchic elements at the top. These things will remain as strong undercurrents, despite the retrograde motion.

Vega routinely grants a special charismatic power to those in positions of authority. But Saturn in Capricorn will suppress Vega’s influence. This will deny figures in power the protective camouflage and persuasive edge often granted by Vega. This, in turn, will increase the exposure of power figures to the scrutiny of Saturn and the pressures of Pluto.

In any case, despite the retrograde motion, people will still sense the possibility of change increasing. True, many will feel frustration. Others will feel impatience. But still others will immerse themselves in the issues, seeking deeper understanding, better solutions and more effective means of resistance and protest.

2. August 07, 2018, Uranus goes stationary/retrograde in Taurus. Mars in Aquarius, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces will also be retrograde.

When Uranus joins the other planets in backward motion, we will probably still maintain the sense of promise imparted by the Uranus Taurus ingress.

However, we will probably also be more acutely aware of the cumulative delays brought on by the retrograde motion of five planets. This could be a spur to resistance and protest as much as a cause for discouragement. It could also help force those in power to re-think and retreat from the oligarchic agenda.

3. November 06, 2018, Uranus will cross back into Aries. Neptune in Pisces will also be retrograde.

When Uranus re-enters Aries, it will resume its square relationship with the planetary energies in Capricorn. A sense of conflict and obstruction will be added by pervasive delays.

The fear that we are slipping back into stalemate, stagnation and obstruction – that we are slipping back into the grip of oligarchy – will reawaken in some. However, I do not think this will completely quash the sense of anticipation created by the Uranus Taurus ingress of May, 2018.

I think the hope of real progress, the spirit of protest and reform and the expectation of real change will remain as strong at some level. The resumption of conflict, stalemate and obstruction will not kill the spirit of protest and reform or completely suppress the expectation of progress. People will remember the thrill of Uranus in Taurus even after it returns to Aries.

4. January 06, 2019, Uranus stationary/direct in Aries. All planets will be direct. Uranus will still be squaring Capricorn.

While Uranus is still in Aries, we will feel the sense of frustration over prolonged delays. Some will experience dread as they fear the return of stalemate, conflict and oligarchic dominance. But the forward movement of Uranus will raise the spirits of the 99% and worry the 1% as the specter of resistance, protest and reform returns.

The 99% will not soon forget the thrill of optimism instilled by Uranus in Taurus. When Uranus returns to forward motion and heads back into Taurus, those good feelings will come back strong. Nor will the 1% forget the strength shown by the 99%, or the enthusiasm for reform that Uranus inspired while it was moving direct in Taurus, however briefly.

5. March 6, 2019, Uranus re-enters Taurus for the full transit. All planets are in direct motion.

Uranus will resume its trine relationship with Capricorn. The planets are now all in forward motion. After the re-thinking that retrograde motion brings, we will be in a better position to implement concrete change.

Until we know how people are going to react to these energies, it will be impossible to make reliable predictions. But I think we can say that the power struggle between the 1% and the 99% will now be fought on more equal terms.

For their part, the 99% will, at very least, gain the power to ‘edit’ the oligarchic agenda. Resistance and protest efforts will become progressively more entrenched, robust and effective. The 99% will go forward with greater conviction and confidence. The oligarchs will feel compelled, increasingly, to take the preferences and the demands of the 99% more seriously.

6. April 23, 2019, Uranus will move out of “shadow.” That is, it will return to the point in Taurus at which it went stationary/retrograde in early August, 2018. All the planets but Jupiter, now at 5º Sagittarius, will be in direct motion.

There will still be a bracelet of semi-sextiles and sextiles that includes Mars in Gemini, Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and, Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius. This bracelet formation will help smooth over and work around any negative influences, like the broad T-Square between Mars, Neptune and Jupiter.

So by April 2019, Uranus will return to the farthest point it reached in Taurus before its retrograde. The second guessing and second thoughts will be over for awhile. We will step into a time of Uranian/Aquarian resistance, protest and reform. The foundations of the global oligarchic order will be ready for demolition. The iron grip of the global oligarchy will be effectively broken.


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