The context of the Uranus Taurus ingress

To fully appreciate the startling nature of the chart on which this post is based, and what it foretells, you need to understand both the astrological and real world context.

Until recently, the charts I’ve studied have supported closer examination of problems and balanced, in depth, debate. The present chart supports neither closer examination of issues nor balanced debate. In fact it supports the opposite.

Everything about this chart increases the likelihood of sudden dramatic change in favor of the higher spiritual, moral and ethical values represented by the Galactic Center. Objections based on inferior knowledge or values will tend to be overridden.

I have often discussed the breakdown of the so-called oligarchic alignment. I use that term to refer to the long-time concentration of astrological power in the last six signs of the Zodiac – Libra thru Pisces.

These signs govern major social and cultural institutions, like the courts (Libra), hospitals (Pisces), prisons (Pisces), universities (Sagittarius), corporations (Capricorn) and government itself (Capricorn), and so on. Typically, these institutions are administered by and aligned with the interests of the 1%.

The planets are constantly moving and such alignments do not last forever. However, the powerful outer planets move only slowly. There is still a lot of planetary power in the signs of the 1%.

So far, only Uranus has moved out of the oligarchic alignment. It will be 2025 before Neptune leaves the oligarchic alignment. The oligarchic alignment is still fairly robust. So is the global oligarchy that took shape during the roughly 40 years of the oligarchic alignment.

Also, the mutable T-Square I have discussed spurred a slow, painstaking re-examination of mental, emotional and behavioral patterns. Neither the sudden resetting of the astrological power balance nor the rebalancing of political and economic power seemed forthcoming anytime soon. The political economic imbalances and the pervasive abuses associated with the global oligarchy persist.

Upsetting established patterns and resetting the severe political and economic imbalance created during the oligarchic alignment was going to be a maddeningly slow business, apparently. Simply revising patterns in collective consciousness while the powerful outer planets slowly move out of the oligarchic alignment doesn’t seem to be doing it for us. But I believe Uranus in Taurus will speed this process dramatically.

The era of exasperatingly slow progress in dismantling the global oligarchy and reversing its excesses and abuses is coming to an end. This chart strongly and clearly suggests that the foundations of oligarchy will begin crumbling and be swept away.

I trust the optimistic things I said about the Uranus Taurus ingress in my last post. It looks to me like Uranus in Taurus will reinforce the good guys. In essence, when Uranus begins its work in Taurus, the good guys will start winning. After what we’ve all been through and are still going through, though, these conclusions might seem too optimistic.

So, in this post, I will take another look at the Uranus Taurus ingress. I think what I write here confirms and/or supplements my previous conclusions. I think it will also give us a more specific sense of where Uranus in Taurus will take us and how it will get us there.

I described the ingress of Uranus into Taurus in detail in my most recent post – its various advances and retreats, its forward and retrograde movements – over a year’s time. I described how, over the course of about a year, beginning this May, Uranus will move into Taurus, retrograde out of Taurus and then move back in.

This ingress process will be complete in March 2019, when Uranus crosses the Taurus cusp for the full transit. However, I will not base this reading on the moment Uranus enters Taurus for the third and final time. Instead, I chose to base it on the remarkable chart for the moment when Uranus ‘moves out of shadow’ in April of 2019.


Uranus will first cross into Taurus in May of 2018. It will advance to 2º 34’ Taurus. In early August, 2018, Uranus will make a station at 2º 34’ then retrograde from Taurus, back to 28º 36’ Aries.

In January 2019, Uranus will return to forward motion. It will re-enter Taurus in March 2019. This time, Uranus will stay in Taurus for the full transit.

It will reach 2º 34’ Taurus again in April of 2019. At that point, Uranus will ‘come out of shadow’.’ At that point, Uranus will begin breaking new ground in Taurus. I based this post on the chart for this moment.

Uranus Comes Out of Shadow

Thus during its 2018 retrograde, beginning in August, Uranus will move from 2º 34’ Taurus backward to 28º 36’ Aries. In all, counting forward and retrograde motion, Uranus will cover this ground three times before it fully settles into Taurus.

Uranus won’t reach entirely new ground in Taurus, though, until April of 2019, when it moves beyond 2º 34’ Taurus, the furthest point it had previously reached. At this point, as I said, its transition into Taurus complete, Uranus ‘moves out of shadow’ onto new ground in Taurus and, in my view, clearly announces its energetic intentions. I will look at what the chart for this moment might says about Uranus’s roughly seven year transit of Taurus.

As just noted, I described the ingress of Uranus into Taurus in detail in my most recent post – its advances and retreats, its forward and retrograde movements – over a year’s time. But none of these routine astrological events prepared me for what I found in the chart for Uranus’s emergence from shadow in early Taurus.

The chart for the moment Uranus comes out of shadow is surprisingly complicated and powerful. It bespeaks a prolonged era of dramatic, disruptive and unavoidable – Uranian – change. This chart very clearly seems to mark a dramatic point of departure.

It suggests nothing like the era of frustratingly, discouragingly gradual, incremental change we have had to get used to. And when I first saw this remarkable chart, it seemed to me to be striking the keynote for the remainder of Uranus’s time in Taurus – roughly seven years.

A Remarkable T-Square

There is a remarkable T-Square at the heart of this chart for the moment when Uranus emerges from shadow in April 2019. This T-Square ìs putting out the most unusual energy I have seen in a chart. It is a strikingly unfamiliar kind of energy. The kind of change this chart predicts differs dramatically from the kind of halting change we’ve experienced in recent years.

In many recent posts, I have talked about the release, repair and/or replacement of old patterns of thought, feeling and behavior. The reader might recall my discussion of the mutable T-Square that dominated the skies several years ago. It supported a process of change that is so agonizingly slow, it seems to negate the very possibility of real change. The bad guys continue to make progress despite growing dialogue and increasingly robust but sporadic resistance.

The chart for Uranus’s emergence from shadow is reminiscent of the mutable T-Square in some ways. The planets are all in mutable signs, for example. But, as you will soon see, it represents a dramatic and, I think, welcome point of departure from the old mutable T-Square and the dynamic it supported.

The Galactic Center makes the chief difference in this chart. The chart suggests that it will no longer be a matter of careful thought, detailed, fact-based dialogue and reforming or rectifying patterns. It will no longer be about agonizingly slow and ineffective change processes. Instead it will be about defective patterns and slow change processes swept away, as if in a fit of Divine impatience, by overwhelming spiritual energy pouring directly into the chart from the Galactic Center.

An Unusual and Powerful New Energy from an Unusually Powerful T-Square

The focal point of this chart, therefore, is a T-Square with a surprising, and surprisingly active, blend of change energies. This change energy is subtle, complex, powerful and unusual. And it is certain to affect collective consciousness profoundly.

From the structure of this chart, it seems clear to me that the spiritual energies pouring from the Galactic Center will have deeply transformative and regenerative effects on global collective consciousness on all levels. They will work primarily on a spiritual level – a very deep psychological level – at the foundations of our identity – the foundations of who we are and why we behave the way we do. But their effects will be pervasive.

Uranus in Taurus: Disrupting the Undisruptable

[I think of what I am about to discuss in terms of “Christ energy.” Others might prefer a different term. Let’s acknowledge that we differ and get on with the discussion.]

The base of this T-Square, like the base of all T-Squares, is formed by an opposition. At one pole of this opposition is a potent grouping of three bodies. I believe this grouping is the heart, or core, of this T-Square, the chart, and, in fact, the energy of Uranus in Taurus.

Mars in Gemini opposes a close grouping of retrograde Jupiter, the Moon and the Galactic Center. The conjunction of retrograde Jupiter and the Moon is nearly precise. This very tight, nearly precise, Jupiter/Moon conjunction is within a little more than 2º of the Galactic center at 27º07’ Sagittarius.

In this context, Jupiter is an uplifting, intellectual and philosophical influence. It governs our worldview, especially religious and spiritual aspects of our worldview. Its retrograde motion, in particular, would support a deep re-examination, reconsideration and renewal of the patterns of our ideals, and religious and spiritual ideas – including the moral and ethical principles that govern our individual and collective lives.

The Moon governs the patterns that shape our day to day, moment to moment thoughts, beliefs, words and actions. There would be a reciprocal tension and mutual interaction between the long term patterns governed by Jupiter and the short term patterns maintained by the Moon.

As retrograde Jupiter broods over our worldview, it will exert a tension on the patterns nurtured by the Moon. Our worldview (Jupiter) and our day-to-day, moment-to-moment life (Moon) feed into each other.

Retrograde Jupiter and the Moon affect each other reciprocally. As retrograde Jupiter and the Moon do their work together, our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behavior will change.

The close conjunction of retrograde Jupiter and the Moon will produce a thoughtful, brooding state of mind. It will increase our awareness of processes that tend to be unconscious. We will tend to change our worldview and our basic living patterns as a result of this increased awareness.

The conjunction of retrograde Jupiter and the Moon is a textbook astrological phenomenon, producing textbook astrological effects. Jupiter/Moon energies, are typically associated with idealism, social, economic and political turmoil and change, generally.

Retrograde Jupiter, and the Moon very closely conjunct in Sagittarius, are operating where philosophical, theological, ideological, spiritual impulses, psychological patterns, and so on, meet and blend. The effects of this conjunction are somewhat reminiscent of the effects of what I called the Mutable T-Square that dominated our skies for a couple of years.

This duration of this mutable T-Square correlated roughly with the North Node’s transit of Virgo. (The North Node and Jupiter were in mutable Virgo; Saturn was in mutable Sagittarius and Neptune was in mutable Pisces.)

That mutable T-Square led to a prolonged, in depth reconsideration and release of defective patterns embedded deep in individual and collective consciousness. As I think will be clear, there is at least a hint of this sort of thing going on with the present T-Square.

Things change dramatically when you add the Galactic Center to the mix. The Galactic Center renders this small, textbook grouping unusually powerful. It also constitutes an inordinately large, irresolvable imbalance of astrological power. The imbalance is potentially explosive.

What a Difference The Galactic Center Makes

I think of the Galactic Center is the point through which an unspeakably vast stream of purest Divine Love – or redemptive, Christ energy – pours into our entire Milky Way galaxy. Jupiter and the Moon act primarily within our solar system. The Galactic Center pours cosmic love, Christ energy, into and through our entire Galaxy. The center of the Milky Way Galaxy is the source of deep, powerful spiritual aspiration throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.

In this grouping, an energy source specific to the earth (the Moon), an energy source specific to the solar system (Jupiter), interact closely with a vastly more powerful energy source that affects the entire Galaxy. The energy of the Galactic Center is disproportionately great as compared to the energy of the Jupiter/Moon conjunction.

Retrograde Jupiter conjunct the Moon is a contemplative planetary combination. It can lead to mental uncertainty and significant levels of deep, transformative re-thinking and conscious intentional change. It can be part of a long term process of exploration, questioning and change. It can also cause attitudes, or patterns, that we might consider permanent to shift.

Thus, this part of the grouping points to a deep reconsideration of long held ideas that we regard as indisputably true. To this point, then, the energies involved are familiar and so are the phenomena associated with them.

Things get a lot more intense if we consider the participation of the Galactic Center because of the nature and sheer power of the Galactic Center. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to conceive of all three energies – Moon/Jupiter/Galactic Center – in a single, integral, smoothly functioning energetic dynamic.

The Moon/Jupiter conjunction will produce a contemplative, perhaps deeply contemplative, questioning and an openness to change, most likely a gradual, incremental change. But there is not likely to be anything contemplative, gradual or incremental with the Galactic Center involved.

The likely effects of the Galactic Center are in sharp contrast with the likely effects of the Jupiter/Moon conjunction and is likely to overwhelm them. The direct involvement of the Galactic Center, with its immense power, bespeaks a sudden, definitive, radical shift in favor of decidedly higher spiritual, moral and ethical values, on the one hand, and the quality of cosmic love pouring into our galaxy through the Galactic Center.

It is quite difficult to bring the Jupiter/Moon energies together in the mind with the Galactic Center’s energies. The Jupiter/Moon influence suggests that people might be considering slow, gradual, incremental – measured – change.

But the tendency of the Galactic Center will be to forcefully sweep aside all such gradual efforts – and the ideas and values represented by those efforts – in favor of sudden, radical, even explosive, revolutionary change. With the Galactic Center involved, the tendency will be for the old change process, and the solutions being proposed, to be summarily swept away in favor of the complex and powerful energies of the Galactic Center.

The rest of the T-Square only seems to further ensure that the Galactic Center will overcome all the other energies and processes in the chart. Mars in Gemini is broadly opposed to the Jupiter/Moon/Galactic Center grouping.

This *relatively* mild opposition from Mars in Gemini will function as an irritant. It will sabotage efforts at measured debate and reasoned compromise.
Mars is an essentially destabilizing influence. It characteristically causes dissension. It typically introduces the kinds of tension, hostility and undisciplined passion that disrupts communication. That is, the influence of the Mars opposition will tend to irritate, aggravate and provoke. It would work against the kind of subdued negotiation, mediation that leads to quiet reconciliation.

Mars is, thus, likely to increase the already great difficulty of managing the overwhelming power of the Galactic Center. In fact, Mars seems highly likely to produce the kind of disruption that guarantees that a powerful flow of energy from the Galactic Center will derail and overwhelm the Jupiter/Moon dynamic.

By thus contributing to instability, then, Mars would significantly increase the already high probability of a the kind of sudden, radical shift to which the chart already leans because of the disproportionately powerful spiritual energies of the Galactic Center. It increases the likelihood that the energy of the Galactic Center will overflow its bounds, overwhelm the other energies in the chart to produce a shift in favor of the higher spiritual, moral and ethical values represented by the Galactic Center.

Neptune, Too

Neptune in Pisces forms the apex of this T-Square and, of course, squares both poles of the opposition that forms its base. That is, Neptune in Pisces squares Mars in Gemini at one pole of the opposition, and retrograde Jupiter, the Moon and the Galactic Center in Sagittarius at the opposite pole.

The square from Neptune to Mars would add an element of zealotry, or fanaticism to any discussions. Squaring Jupiter, Neptune can bring intoxication, dependence, reckless self-indulgence, over-indulgence, addiction and so on. Squaring the Galactic Center, Neptune can bring overpowering feelings of ecstacy, transcendence and profound visionary experiences.

In other words, the square from Neptune dramatically increases the difficulty and complexity of working with the energies of the T-Square, making them much harder to understand, predict or control and more likely to get out of control.

This Neptune square is yet another destabilizing influence. It further increases the rather high likelihood that the Galactic Center will overflow its bounds and, again, trigger a radical, perhaps revolutionary shift in favor of the higher values represented by the Galactic Center.

Revolution Becomes a Possibility

So I see the transit of Taurus by Uranus as an end to the aggravatingly slow pace of change and the beginning of much more forceful and radical change. Things we never thought would change will suddenly change. Things we thought would go on forever will suddenly stop, or alter course.

The change process we are now used to is so slow as to be tedious. It proceeds without the promise that goodness will triumph. Uranus in Taurus will usher in highly eventful time of of sudden, radical, even chaotic change in which higher values are likely to sweep aside lesser values and block the efforts of those fighting on behalf of lesser values.

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