From Where We Are


From where we are

from this personal space

from this very center

of existence

from this core

of transcendence


For where else do we

anchor – connect with

our Essence

conceiving the Isness

and in fitting with

Divinity and Grace?


Concepts of service

dissolve in the light

of the re-integration

and transform

from the Universal to the Personal

and back around again


In the Sacred Circle/Spiral

of the wholeness of our Self

within this is the challenge

to be all we truly are

all of it, all of it


When the phantoms of self

dissolve into the solvent

of the whole package

no excuses

no denials

no attempts to escape

such wild and prickly wisdoms


Transcending the ugly

and the rowdy

and the abandoned

we may do this


We may do this

under the conditions

that we are willing

this willingness is either present

and clear

or it fails us utterly


Within this Crucible

the Holy Grail

yes, it’s nothing less

nothing less than this


In this Crucible we are

in this Holy space

in the wildness and fire

of spiritual desires

is the face of the waters

the face which reflects

both the looking glass

of calm, of peace

and the ripples and chops

of the waves

of ceaseless motion

our spirit creates

with Holy Desire


The shoulds and coulds

the spiritual correctness

the hacks of service

the hacks of devotion

these dissolve in this Holy Solvent


This solvent is relentless

and remorseless

and transcendent

This power of Divinity

with its fiery face

burns away the dross

and the falseness

of thin veils of phantoms

personal and collective too


Reasons and feelings

these serve the purpose

the purpose we create

that which springs from spiritual desire

to serve a purpose

to create meaning


Sacred abilities to know –

these serve the purpose

The purpose is not

meant to serve the abilities to know


Within this personal and Sacred Circle/Spiral

here is the center

the center of the maelstrom

In this center is the meaning

is the purpose in each moment


Carefully placed dominoes fall

under the auspices of such a storm

swept away are the pieces

not anchored in the center

within the truth of our Wholeness


From the personal

into the universal

and back again

and back again


The purpose

the meaning

the solvent

the crucible


What we are

fragments reassembled

abandonments mended

owning our wholeness

without excuses

without crucifixion

with all conviction

with all devotion


This is the Alpha and Omega

the point of power

or creation

We will find this

because we are this


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