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Channeling From Within

It is not often I feel that I am channelling, and when it happens, it is very often around personal things or feelings.

For me channelling from within is when I, in my heart rather than in my brain, know that whatever feeling, thought, spoken word or written text that comes through originates from that part of me that holds the purest source energy I am able to reach.

If the words I am writing comes through that way, then I just write without thinking, and afterwards I can correct spelling mistakes, but seldom the words themselves because they most often flow perfectly with the energy they are written in.

When I write with my brain as the source, I write slowly and I often rearrange the words to be sure that they really reflect what I am trying to express. That is a totally different process of creativity. Not less sincere, but different.

When a channelling from within comes through as thoughts, it is very clear to me that the thoughts I get don’t originate from my brain. These kind of thoughts always come unexpectedly, most often as blocks of thoughts more than separate words, and they are carrying the footprint of divinity.

It is the same when spoken words are channelled this way. They just come out of my mouth without the pre-process of being a thought-form in my brain first. I am not aware of what I am going to say, and I experience the words first while I speak them.


I would not call intuition a part of what I label as channelling from within, but of course the source is the same. The tricky part for me when it comes to intuition is to trust it and to be aware of it.

Sometimes a thought just pops up when I am thinking of something. The thought often has a connection to what I am thinking about, but at the same time it carries a new idea within itself.

The difference I see between an intuitive thought and a channelled thought is simply that the latter is stronger and more obvious. I can’t really miss it because it carries a stronger energy.

In comparison, the intuitive thought is easy to miss because it is so ordinary and feels more like one thought among all the other thoughts, with the exception that the intuitive thought carries a strong knowingness within itself.

Answering Questions About Myself

Can I get an answer to a question I deliberately ask myself (regarding myself) from myself?

I would say this happens that I get channelled answers in thought form, but not very often. When I ask questions to myself, there seems to be a larger potential for other parts of me than the purest source energy to step in and answer.

There is a teasing part of me that sometimes come through and really has no clue whatsoever when it comes to answer my question, an energy that just likes to play a prank and get some attention.

Another part of me that comes through, once in a while, is very caring and wants my best, but does not have the full perspective, so the answers I get from that energy are not always reliable.

Sometimes my angelic energy comes through but not to give me an answer, more to invite me to ponder about the reason for my question. I can’t really say that I get clear thoughts in these cases. It is more feelings that comes through from that energy.

But once in a while, I do get a clear answer from the part of me that holds the purest source energy. These answers are often very short and quick answers which arrive as a thought before I even have finished asking my question. When this energy gives me an answer, I know in my heart that the answer is correct.

Readings by Others

For me, a personal reading done by another person very often gives me answers about myself. Sometimes I get a direct answer to what I actually asked about, and sometimes, instead, I get information that leads me forward. I usually also get information I didn’t ask for, but which some part of me apparently feels that I need.

I don’t feel that there is so much difference between a reading done by someone else or answers I get from myself, when it comes to how trustworthy the answers are. Every reading holds a different vibration and that vibration determines what part of me that co-creates in the reading.

In my point of view, a reading is always a co-creation between my energy and the energy of the person who makes the reading. The more trust and allowance I put into a reading, the clearer result I will get. The more authentic the other person is, the clearer result comes through. For me, it is as simple as this, and I see readings as complements to my own inner dialog.

Most often I am guided from within to ask for a reading, or someone offers me a free reading because that person has been guided to offer it to me. I have never had a reading done that has not given me some information that was useful for me in that now.

Answering Questions About Others or the Future

Sometimes I ask about the future or about someone else. I would say that experience has taught me that these questions are seldom answered by the purest source energy. Very often these answers come from what I believe is my energy represented in the higher realms of the 4D. The questions are answered with love, but not always with the full knowledge and overview.

In those occasions, when I have got an answer about the future or about someone else, from the part of me that holds the purest source energy, I can feel that what I get is the highest possible probability, because there is always free will too.

And this is actually a lesson I have learned over the past years. Nothing is ever decided with 100% of assurance. Every thought and feeling I hold has an impact on what to come.

I don’t mean that I can decide what is happening in the future, but I can decide what is happening now, and then I can see what impact it has in the next now, and from that now I can make a new decision.

When it comes to others I can’t decide anything for them. That lesson has been bitter to learn because I so wanted good things (seen from my perspective) to happen to others, and it took me a long, long time to understand that I have no clue what another person needs.

Therefore, when I ask about someone else and get an answer I have learned that what I get is a high probability of an outcome, but it is not up to me if it will turn out that way. All I can do is decide how I will perceive the things that will unfold for that person.

The Now – the Past – the Future

There is only the now, as I see it. Of course, I remember yesterday’s dinner and ponder about what to do next weekend. That is how I and the collective has set up this reality. But above that, there is only the now.

The past as well as the future are variables in my opinion, Like the X you used in school making equations.

Is 1 + X = 4 or is 2 + X = 4 or is 2 + X = 6 ?

My answer would be: Yes!

For me, X hold all these values and every other value I am able to think of.

In my opinion, we only know the value of the X in this now, and when it comes to both the past and the future perspective, it depends on which now we are looking from.

Most people understand and agree around the concept that the now affects the future. Also seen within a linear timeline, this feels correct.

But how many hold the opinion that the now also influences the past? That is not applicable on a linear timeline, but I personally don’t believe in linear timelines as the truth anymore. They are only linear in the same way as a blue sheet hanging on a stage represents the sky. It is a collective agreement to perceive it that way.

Every time I choose to honour the past and make a new standpoint in any matter at all, this will be like ripples on the water and effect not only the now and the future, but also the past. This is the way I can alter the past. This is also the way I can close a timeline that no longer serves the highest purpose of the all.

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