Heart Connection, Within Our Self

When we have made the commitment to align with heart-based actions and intentions, these began to feel really good… in our hearts.

The quality of energy and self love has its own particular nature and character. It can be exquisite to experience our own love emanating from our heart, for us. For me, this is the Soul connection. This is Soul and me, living and loving together, in this physical body, through my heart connection with the Soul that I am.

I have been working on this process for so many years now, that I have gotten to the point that actively choosing against what my centered heart tells me causes me pain – the pain of separating from my own inner Source of my own love.

Ultimately, I view this heart connection as being the same thing as our own Soul connection. Aligning with heart, is the same activity for me as aligning with my Soul’s path for me.

De-Magnetizing Our Relationships is a Process of Re-aligning with Heart and Soul

I recently wrote about magnetic relationships and how to recognize them. In my view, the first step in de-magnetizing our relationships is to make the choice to act and intend out of our own heart. For more on how to do this see How to De-Magnetize Co-Dependent Relationships and De-Magnetizing Your Relationships: How to Speak and Act from Your Heart.

When we consciously and with love, decline to allow magnetic interactions, when we thoughtfully and with awareness, choose from that heart-centered place within, we are changing the nature of our relationships. And we are changing the very nature of our own relationship with ourself.

Making a Choice to Align Within

When we are willing to yield the repeating addictive arguments or the addictive repetitive behaviors in relationships in this manner, we are not “giving up” or “giving in”. We are making a choice to not do a magnetizing behavior, because in the end it doesn’t give us the heart-centered life we are looking for and desire to create.

We are making a choice to support our inner heart connection. We are renewing and reaffirming our primary relationship is with our own self.

What we are also doing is removing ourselves from polarity, from the dualism of ‘I win, you lose’, from the cycles of anger generating fear, and fear generated from anger, from the polarized position of ‘I need you’ instead of ‘I have all I need, within me’, from ‘fill me up’ instead of knowing we fulfill ourselves.

And, you know what? … what I’ve found is that approach is challenging at first.  But keeping my stance firmly on the ground of the heart, frees up incredible energy!  And then… I notice that I feel happier.

I have experienced miracles in relationships from the willingness to stay devoted to a heart-centered process – one that begins and ends within myself. This approach leaves blame of others and criticism of others crumbled to dust at our feet while we stand in heart-centered alignment and in our personal sovereignty.

Making the Inner Commitment to Lead a Heart-Centered Life

What about those who choose activities and intentions that lead them to unhappiness, day after day? Now I forget, at times, that this is what my life was actually like every day.

We can love these people in our lives with whom we are in relationship from afar, or we can interact if we can stay heart-centered in the interaction. This is what I have experienced so far. Sometimes these relationships change and sometimes they do not. It really depends on what the other person also wants for their life. They have their own Soul path, and their own inner compass.

When I first became aware that my relationships were magnetized, I made a committment to myself to change. My strongest desire was to experience pure love, within my heart.

Living a Heart-Centered Life

Now the first place I start when I meet someone is to assess and to recognize whether a relationship with this person is or is not in alignment with my inner nature, by understanding whether I am actually in heart alignment with the other person, or not.

This is a knowing beyond mental capability. It is a feeling within my heart, that indicates heart resonance.

If there is heart alignment, then in my view there is a chance to have a relationship that is not magnetized. I accept the other person as they are in their personal sovereignty and go from there.

If there is not heart alignment, I now choose to accept the other person as they are, without making any attempts to change them and without agreeing to provide magnetism for the other person.

Ultimately, ‘letting go’ is not about another person. It is about letting go of behaviors inside myself that are unhealthy and would that draw relationships based on magnetism to me.

My inner relationship with myself is now primary. It is based in self love, self acceptance, and self compassion. Because it is from here that all my other relationships flow.

This is living a heart-centered life.

~Susan V Lacerra

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