XtinaThe following is a poem written by Christina Clark, daughter of Alex Clark, and one of the wonderful generation of ‘crystal’ children that have come to bring in the new paradigm with us.

What we see is that these young people are highly creative and wise (way beyond the years where it seemed like our own wisdom showed up, lol!).

We’re very pleased to have them sharing with us here some of this beautiful creativity and wisdom.  Thank you, Christina. 

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Here at Gaia Scenics’ View, we look forward to sharing more beautiful creations from the Millenial generation, as well as all other generations that comprise the vast diversity that is the human family on planet at this time.

Lost Children

Too blind to see you’re a slave,
Confined by the shackles of century old trades,
Work every day of your life,
Whittled ‘til you’re little and brittle on a carpenter’s lathe.

Every moment has a purpose; every action, a plan,
The permanence undetermined by an unseen man
Rather an age old pattern–the geometry of life,
It’s embedded in our genes, ingrained with light

We’ve got to know it’s in us,
In air,
Trust. Bacteria, we are all one,
Not only because we thrive off the light of the same sun,
We are all here in this moment, a perfect instant where we know we’re alive,
Why do galaxies and hurricane bodies coincide?

It must be for a purpose, for these events could not be random,
The beautiful complexities of nature:
The bronchial tree in our lungs mirror the branches and the roots in the earth,
Even river deltas echo this sacred design.
Hydrogen fuels stars just as it runs through the veins or xylem of every living creature on this planet.

Human, finch, blade of grass.
As you breathe,
So does She.
She is alive,
How can She not be?
Sentient and aware,
Allowing Her children to do as they please
And be the freedom-seeking beings they have always been.

However the children have lost sight
And wrongfully believe that in order for us to flourish, She must be silenced.
Covered up by layers of debris that we deem necessary.
Have we all lost sight? That everything necessary for any form of life; plant, animal, insect, She provides here.

Stop ripping us from the womb of creation-
Poking at our complexities and deeming them travesties.
Why must man always feel that they have the upper hand?
That they can play god?
That they are made in “God’s Image”,
Given this intellect to dominate the existing world.

We are all gods, yes,
However, that does not mean we should play god in determining the value of one’s life over another.
Rather, we should play god and be the caretakers,
The mediators that oversee.
Protect and defend when needed,
Yet allowing everything to happen divinely, as it should, and not forcefully imprinting our interpretations of right and wrong on the existing world and future generations.

Maybe that is why we were gifted this awareness,
And, as children,
We just got a little lost along the way.

Written for Gaia Scenics View

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