XtinaAgain, we are blessed to share a poem written by Christina Clark, daughter of Alex Clark, and one of the wonderful generation of ‘crystal’ children that have come to bring in the new paradigm with us.

What we see is that these young people are highly creative and wise (way beyond the years where it seemed like our own wisdom showed up, lol!).

We’re very pleased to have them sharing with us here some of this beautiful creativity and wisdom.  Thank you, Christina. 

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Here at Gaia Scenics’ View, we continue to offer a sacred space for sharing more beautiful creations from the Millenial generation, as well as all other generations that comprise the vast diversity that is the human family on planet at this time.


I represent the beginning of a divine end
A slipping into sleep
The age of senescence
The harvest before winter
The light before dark

I carry hope as I come and leave a sense of comfort as I pass
For The light will return once again
But all good things must grow
Have a time of dormancy before life is renewed

I am earth
I am she She who is learning through me

I am every season
I am the honey brown of crunchy autumn leaves
I am the warm look of a woody stem in the fallen snow

I am the warmth of the flame
I am the embers in the fire
I am the relief of a full belly
I am the recharge from a good nights sleep

I am the smell that comes with the spring
I am the purple mist of isoprene that rolls down from the mountains
I am the hum of a bumble bee
I am the sweetness of honey

I am the plush moss beneath your feet
I am the dirt under your fingernails
I am the knots in your hair
I am the patter from rain drops

I am the heat of the sun, as it appears from behind a cloud
I am the cooling relief of shade, on a hot summers day
I am the quench of your thirst
I am the flutter of a butterfly

I am the hope that comes with seeing a rainbow and shooting star
I am the joy of laughter
I am the release of tears

I am the hope that the sun will rise tomorrow and also that it will set
Because with day comes the night and you must have dark to see the light

I am life and death for life rises from death
In death we give our all to those who come after
A star sows promise for succeeding generations in it’s final blow, as do animals and plants in their natural decay

Why do we not do this for our future generations?
Or for the planet, our incubator, of all life as we know it?
There is a delicate ratio of give and take
If you take too much it will be the end of you, much like a binary super nova

I am life and death, for life rises from death
That very truth proves that we are all one
Not just we as people or animals, but one with stone, air and water
One with the wood from the White Oak
One with the blood swimming in the veins of a blue whale
One with the ice crystals disseminated in the rings of Saturn
One with the peoples of ancient civilizations that looked upon, and worshipped our familiar moon and stars
One with the wolves howling up, worshiping the same iridescent object in orbit

We are all here, right now in this moment for a reason, and how could we not be?
Have you ever marveled at the spurs on a fir tree?
The intricate designs of a variegated leaf or flower?

Connected the dots with stars
or marveled at the microscopic yet miraculous designs of snowflakes,
or grains of sand?
If it is beauty that you seek, there is much of this world that often lies unseen
Now that peeks my interest

An original poem by Christina Clark, for first publication on Gaia Scenics View

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