Inspired by this post, Solaris Modalis Video – Telepathy: How to Set Up Permissions for Your Energy Field, and different other conversations that has been going on the past weeks, both in Gaia Scene and privately, I was thinking of sharing my thoughts around the subject of claiming our own private space.

It is my understanding that we all do these things differently, and there are no right or wrong ways to do it. Just effective or less effective ways. In the video (that is linked to above), Alex shares one good way of claiming her space. The reason why I think her declaration is so good is that it reminds those who are not aware of it on a daily basis how vast and complex our being-ness and our energy fields are.

I have a different approach. I tried a similar version to Alex and found it to complex for me to take in. Because that is the key. You have to mean it and take it in . It’s not the words themselves only, it is the intention that are important. What ever strengthen your ability to take it in is a good way to do it. If you feel that making a ceremony or chanting stuff loudly, or sing it in the shower, or writing it down on paper makes it ‘more real’ to you, then by all means, do it.

My personal approach is that I am all that I am. So, when I talk about me in the context of claiming my space, I mean all different versions of me, in all dimensions, timelines, etc, that in one way or another are connected to this version of me.

When I talk about my body, I mean all versions and different types of bodies that one way or another are connected to this version of me. When I talk about my soul, I mean that fragment/flame of All There Is that is my sovereign soul, in all its aspects.

Thus, my declaration is very short and goes like this: “For the highest good of all, the highest good of my soul and the highest good of my body.” This is my main mantra that I use in many different situations.

It can be like: I allow this interaction “For the highest good of….”, or: “I only take in what is of ‘the highest good of….’ from this video”, or: “I only allow those energies that work ‘for the highest good of…’ to be in my energy field”.

If I ask for help, like in a healing session, I am always adding a for the highest good of the other person too. This I do to be sure that nothing that comes forth from me is harmful for them.

When I talk about energy field in this context, I mean my personal space, not the vast space that is me in a more open way where visitors can come and go. Think about it like an open forest or a park  (the vast energy field) with a castle (my personal space) and around the castle is a moat with a bridge and a big portal that is a clear mark for visitors that they have to announce their visit if they want to enter the castle.

But, if they just want to take a walk in the open forest/park they are welcome to do so. This is my set up, and others may have none or a very thin circle of open space, and prefer all, or the majority of, their space to be private/personal, and yet others have no need for any or a very small amount of personal space.

Many people talk about cleaning out their energy and throw out everything that is not them. I have done that a couple of times, but it is nothing I do regularly. For me, to throw out everything that is not me, is not my normal status, and I only do it for very specific purposes. For others like me, that prefer to share their energy field regularly with one or several other sovereign beings, it can, in some cases, be a good idea to also involved these beings in the concept of highest good.

I would strongly advice practicing feeling what is you and not you, especially if you regularly share your personal energy field with one or several other beings. It is also good to practice feeling what is the other being/beings.

Because, if you know that, you will immediately feel if another energy that is not the normal set up for you is entering your field. Do not assume that something new that is entering your field has to be bad for you, but claim your space anyway. If it is something beneficial, then that is good, but it nevertheless has to knock on the front door rather than sneaking in through the back door.

It is my personal experience that one being’s energy can reach you not only directly, but also through someone else. This means that if you share your energy field with someone you also share it with all the beings that are in that being’s energy field, unless you are specific in your intentions and declarations of whom you share with.

Sometimes those you share with are not aware of that energy from other beings can pass through them, and thus they believe that they are energetically clean. So, using an energetic ‘condom’ is never wrong when you share your energy field.

It is also my personal experience that as long as you have not cut off the heart cord bindings with a being, that being’s energy will come into your private space when you think about him/her/it, even if you have put up a protection against that being’s energy. This can be something to consider.

It is not your protection that fails, it is your thoughts that offers an entry. Thus, if you really want to cut off the energy stream from another being that you have had some kind of relationship with you, you will either have to cut off also the heart cord, or be sure to send loving thoughts outwards when you choose to think of this being. Loving, because what you send out will be reflected back to you. This is, at least, my experience.

If you accidentally end up with unwanted energy, you can just ask it to leave, or throw it out from your space by filling yourself with source energy until there is no space for unwanted energy to hang around.


Hi, Gold.

I think you bring up a very valid point that I usually speak about, but when riffing in the video we were kind of off the cuff. Every time I speak about claiming space at any level, I try and share that the way to do it IS what is right for the person and not to follow my words exactly. LOL, the affirmations and intentions that others make generally do not resonate with ME, so why would I expect anyone to do anything ‘my way’?

I am also noting that my energy set up is very different than a lot of folks and every field is unique. I came in already in the ‘ascension tube’, with a lot of pre-created protection, because I went off plan so many times in past lives–“Look! Squirrel!” LOL  So, it is a lot easier for me to see what is ‘me’ and what is ‘not me’, and tend to it accordingly.

I am also finding that almost everyone’s intuitive powers are getting stronger, and even when one does not ‘dive into the field of another’, they can get the taste of the energy simply by ‘touching the bubble’ or, lol, (this irritates some) but it is the way I think of it -‘licking the bubble’.

As for your last comment about heart chords and incoming energy, there are ways to work with that as well. A few years ago, I got dinged on upgrading all my heart connections to run, not through my body and field and outward to others, but to be routed UP through my higher self, and then connections made at the higher self level to other beings in alignment with my soul path and highest good and theirs.

In this fashion, there is no backsplash of energy at all, no permissions given to enter the field, because the higher self has been tasked specifically (at least in my case) with only allowing in energy that is in alignment with my highest good/soul path and transmuted to the highest possible energy.

Again, this is my way, offered not as a road map, but as a model of what is possible.

At the end of the day, I think we each figure it out on our own – and that is the plan of it from the get go.

Huge love, sweetheart, and thanks for sharing yourself with us!

Taken with permission from Gaia Scene Community Forum

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