Clear off the mantlepiece
on the horizon of the distant mind.
Competition and toil, fodder for the new soil.
Old trophies and awards,
morph into new forms.

Honor the good and true!
Just BEing you puts your face
front and center among the Exalted Ones!

acceptance keys to the heart.
Brilliance shining, igniting, activating
old triggers into new latches, hinges and knobs.
Doors of grand visage appear to our delight,
lifting us all up into blazing, golden bright light.

Unsteady foot falls upon resplendent trails.
Each step building landscapes, old ails now regales.
Courage is thy name, fearless thy game!

No thing could deny us, but try it has,
forming the bane of our transformation.
Body new, rainbow sinew,
shedding all not tried or true.

Lady Gaia and Her children spark
galactic harmonies & cosmic rhythms.
Shine on, precious souls,
spiraling waves of Majestic Design.

See you now emerged
from archaic caves that once contained
who you thought you should be!
Now you get to be We in all Our glory.

The Heavens sing!
Let the celebrations rise through the eye of the storms
fading on the horizon of a distant mind.
Ancestors and Angels dance,
triumphant winks and a knowing glance.

All can play in this beautifully dewy paradigm.
All we need is to BE.
The most honorable trophy…
I see you and you see me.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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