We Are All Volunteers
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Unintended – Death and Reincarnation
Unfairness is in the Eye of the Beholder
We Thrive on Contrast
What we See is a Reflection of What we Are
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The Beauty of Desirefulness and Selfulness
The Greatest Relief Ever Known
Even a Bellyflop is Cool
I am my own Prime Minister
The Inner Activist
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We Are All Volunteers

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, when there was no time, nor space, hence no distance, a call from the creators of Earth went out across the universe, a call for volunteers.

Conditions on the Earth were now ripe for human beings to begin their life on the blue planet, to expand the overall evolutionary process by simply and happily living and applying our creative skills in a much denser vibrational habitat.

The evolving human body was now ready for a new dimension of life to enter it, ready for the human race to begin, and volunteers were needed to enliven, to incarnate into, the particular bodies that would now be birthing.

The peopling of the Earth had begun.

And all of the people who have lived on this Earth since that day, you and me, are, and always have been, those very volunteers who enthusiastically answered that call.

Yes, si, oui, acha, all of us.

And we have continued to live and die, to return and depart, many hundreds of times, participating in this amazing experiment called human life.

We did not begin here.

We are not kindergarten konsciousness kiddies. Oh no.

We did not come here as brand new entities; we didn’t come here to school, to learn, to polish our souls, to outwork karma, to become enlightened so that we may then ‘graduate’ to higher levels of consciousness and abodes. Oh no.

We were already high-vibration creator beings, already so-called ‘enlightened’. Si.

There was nothing to become or to prove. No.

We came here to enjoy, to be involved, and to expand both our own and the whole, the totality of, consciousness. Si si.

We were already in complete harmony with both our own unique, individual source(s), with our own inner being(s), and also with the universal source.

Individuals within the whole. Oh yes.

And we exist, forever.fair

We have emerged from different frequency zones, we simply came forth from invisible (to our human sight), higher vibratory abodes within and around the Earth and the Universe.

The frequent usage of the word source(s) in the plural form is intended to emphasise that we, each and every human being, do indeed have our own, unique, individual source(s), and that they are, quite logically, all very different from one another. And whilst it is true that each individual source has emerged from the one, shall we say, Mother source, it is necessary here to lavishly applaud that we will always have our splendid, precious individuality, which grows and expands with experience, and especially so during our countless incarnations, of life upon this Earth.

Human scientists send probes out deeper and deeper into space looking for signs of other life, when it may be, and probably is, teeming all around us, yet simply at various higher frequencies not identifiable by normal human sight or senses, nor detectable by frequency-limited, human-made scientific ‘machinery’.

The famous Jesus quote – ‘In my father’s house are many mansions’ – refers, in the far simpler language and understandings of life 2,000 years ago, to the multi- various dimensions of life existing on myriad frequencies all around us.

This is not a story about a ‘heaven’.

This is ‘heaven’. All is heaven. There is no separation.

We came into human life because we knew that merely the participation in the Earth mission would not only expand our individual consciousnesses but also the consciousness of the whole. It was an act simply called for by universal dynamics– an evolutionary necessity.

Earth was ripe. The next act in this astounding theatre was due.

Volunteers were required. We joyously put our hands up.

fairHuman life on Earth was, and still is, a grand experiment of monumental proportions, and we are both the eager participants, and the appreciative recipients.

We the volunteers, along with the creators of Earth and its life-forms (which may indeed be one and the same beings), knew, before we came here, that life on Earth would be a complete unknown, that it would be an unfolding mystery, that there would be great contrasts and surprises that may bring inconceivable outcomes. An endless play without a script.

There was no imaginable end.

Nevertheless, we were thrilled to volunteer.

From where we emanated, fear does not exist, hence there was no fear of incarnating into this mystery.

Moreover, we knew intrinsically, before we came here, no matter what transpired during our life on Earth, that our link with our own unique, individual source(s) would always be with us, inseparable, and that we would always return immeasurably enriched to that source, and to our places in the correspondingly enhanced universe upon completion of each and every exhilarating incarnation into humanity.

There was no anxiety prior to coming, only the creative promise of partaking.

Nor was there anything to prove, achieve, attain; only the surety of expansion on all levels of existence.

Nor was there to be any glory. Or it was all glory.

We were to be equal, experiential, creative actors in the largest mystery reality show ever conceived. Just to volunteer was enough, to play our part in this grand Earth stage. We are one big family.

We are the god we seek.

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