lifeEven a Bellyflop is Cool

I gasp, grasp, appreciate that we have volunteered for this Earth experience, that there is truly no tragedy, nor catastrophe, that there never will be, and that there is so much more than mere light outside of the ‘apparent’, human-made Earth tunnel.

Yes there is, simply by our choosing, and expecting it – a gorgeous abounding life, of flourishing wellbeing and great joy and humour, tremendous cutting-edge creativity, the deepest love and co-operation, and vast expansiveness.

I love the knowing that there is nothing unjust in the universe, including life on Earth.

I always suspected that – didn’t you?

If we think life is unfair, life will be unfair for us, and if we put lots of emotion behind the perception of unfairness, life will become even more unfair for us. This is a choosing.

This is the magnificent lawless law we live by.

However, if we think life is fair and is just, not only for ourselves but also for all others, it will not only become more fair and just for us, but also it will be the best possible action to promote the fairness we wish for others, and if we put great emotion, passion and belief into that reality, life will become even more fair for all.

Contrary to what people like Russel Brand spruik, there is no “collective responsibility”. That is often used as a way of avoiding the true calling – that of loving oneself, first and fully. When the individual finds beautiful, burgeoning self- love, which can only come via greater and greater alignment with one’s own source, this is the most impeccable gift one can contribute to the collective consciousness. It simply takes care of all that without one having to consider it.

If suddenly the law of attraction was removed from existence, if suddenly there was not this absolute fairness, the universe would no longer exist.

It would simply crash and burn and self-destruct, just as humans do when they are out of sync with the law, out of alignment with their ever-loyal and loving source(s).

All good cooks know “the secret is in the source”. All’s fine in the universe. All’s fair in life on Earth. Resist nothing. Make a splash.

Even a bellyflop is cool.

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