Chemtrails as art

Environmental Wellbeing

Pollution, evil and illness, like beauty and abundance, are in the eye of the beholder.

Whilst the previous paragraphs speak more about our inner focus, the same universal law applies to our external focus – to wit, the considerations of the Earth, the environment and our physical bodies.

Our minds, our thinking, our words, our visualisations, our actions are a significant part of, hence do affect, the environment!

If we constantly use our creative force and its sensory tools in seeing, thinking and speaking of the planet, the world, as polluted, dying, doomed by chemtrails and fracking, or by the bankers, Monsanto, Big Pharma, the Pentagon, Big Brother, Al Qaida, the Rockefellers, Dick Cheney, the CIA, etc., no matter what the ‘reality’ may ‘appear’ to be, we are also polluting the Earth, not helping the Earth in the slightest, nor are we contributing to the happiness of the human race.

Whilst an awareness of all forces seeking power in the world is smart, natural, what is not smart is the constant highlighting and harping upon the damage and suffering caused by same, unless, there is this proviso, that the protestor is coming from a space, not of frustration, indignation or any other form of tension, but rather from a source of absolute joy and inner connectedness.

A rare bird indeed.

Almost exclusively, protest is a ‘damaged’ focus, usually accompanied by associated tirades, emanating from an inner disturbance. If we knew ourselves well enough, we would recognize that our core is trying to convey to us that we are, in that moment, not acting from that calm centre. Hence, protest does not alleviate human suffering whatsoever. It only adds to the pain.

And it holds us, traps us, at the very same vibrational level of those whom we oppose.

Indeed, it gives more energy to the polluting and manipulating activities being despised, and specifically gives more power to whatever topic, person or organization our disapproving focus is upon, not to mention the trashpiling with which we are even further burdening ourselves.

When in criticizing, resisting mode:

1) We think we are standing up to oppression, making a point, being brave, ‘keeping the bastards honest’, etc, but in fact, we are acknowledging, screaming out, that we are helpless victims (which is untrue, as we victimise ourselves, entirely).

2) We are creating, emphasizing the illusion that we are controlled and oppressed (untrue, as it is us who permit such control).

3) We are also broadcasting that we can only change what is already here – again untrue, as we are creator beings, able to manifest whatever we desire, whatever we apply our positive focus to.

So we can change ‘reality’, in a non-resistant way.

We are all part of the environment.

And that includes our state of mind, and all that we put out there.

Via our stressful, reactionary projections and outpourings, which we justify by calling the scenario ‘reality’, we are adding even more damage; we are creating more stress within ourselves and within the people and friends to whom we are idly extrapolating the perceived alarm, if, that is, they choose to take our crap on board, like second-hand smokers.

What we fight against, we give energy to, and hence create precisely more of the same. And hey, those against whom we fight, would not wish us to react any other way. It plays right into their hands and plans. Politicians love and thrive upon any sort of response, be it positive or negative. It’s actually indifference that they abhor, that starves them.

If we want a world without fracking and the Monsantos and Cheneys and Big Pharma, which is totally understandable, and about which I have written so mockingly, passionately, even brutally, in the past, what we need to do, instead of fighting it, is to simply project, visualize, praise, create, with our senses and the accompanying engine of our emotions, the world as we desire it to be, and it will come to us, vibrationally, individually. There are millions of beautiful people who truly want a better world, but who are denying it, delaying its creation, by focusing their energy and emotion upon the negative, upon the unwanted.

Focus on the wanted, the dream, the idyll.

Rather than warring with the unwanted, on a vibrational level we can create parallel universes, of how we would like life to be.

However, this does not mean the perpetuation of sentiments such as “a world without Cheney, without Monsanto”, etc., as the energy is still being focused upon the unwanted, upon denial, upon a negative, still indulging our own victim, as well as unwittingly giving even more power to the undesirable aspects, bestowing even more sustenance to Cheney & co themselves. Yes, even that.

Yo Dick Cheney, George W Shrub, Tony Blair, John Howard, Tony Abbott, Barack Obama, etc, etc, ad infinitum! Whilst I choose to live differently to yaz, just as with Adolf, I thank yaz all for being yourselves, being catalysts, ‘preciate all the astounding contrast you have provided me. ‘Preciate y’all showing me my own deep retaliatory mocking, indignation, anger, even violence. True.

And thanks for mirroring my own severance from my own source, for now I can do something far better for the planet than fighting against you – by re- aligning with my inner being, by finding the true peace and justice that arises from within, and significantly, in allowing you, Dick and co., the freedom of expression of your own ways also. Allowing is key to happiness and change.

Voilà, we are able to create mini vibrational existences, parallel universes as such, even side by side with all manner of ‘perceived’ gross activity, and they can co-exist; they do anyway, because Cheney and co. have as much right to manifest their ideas of reality as anyone else, hard as that may be to primarily stomach. However, as our focus upon what we do want strengthens and clarifies, Cheney @ co. actually disappear from our perspective, from our world, just as we do fade away, to them. Vibrational worlds apart.

Most rebellious ‘causes’ require resistance, some interference in another’s life to varying degrees. Resistance to, interference in anything – whether it be to war, to violence of any kind, to a neighbour’s behaviour, perceived political sleaze, paedophilia, global warming, fraccing, whatever – merely serves to attract more of the same to ourselves, and to the Earth, and endows, by default, increased energy to that or those being judged and resisted.

Resistance of any form is telling us we are not acting from our centre, but rather reacting from our conditioning, and so any words or emotion or action stemming from that inner separateness will not deliver ‘the goods’.

Resistance is not only futile, but also masochistic, a form of self-bondage tying oneself to the very vibration of that or those one is resisting, hence thwarting any unfoldment of the freedom and the beauty that bring true and beneficent change.

Resistance seriously short-changes us, and makes us and the Earth one so passionately defends even more ill.

Leave the Monsantos, the bankers, the governments, negatively minded people to their own devices, to their own vibratory state. Respect another’s freedom, and we will find our own.

Change comes on a vibratory level, on an inner level, and not through starting intransigent environmental/social demonstrations, causes and wars.

To be in a state of reaction, revulsion, victim, injustice, anger, frustration, and so on, to be focused upon the unwanted in life, is precisely where the forces that one is railing against would want one to be, for only from our calm, allowing centres can one create a life truly new.

Oh yes, rebellion is glamorous, especially when thousands of people gather in the streets to protest something, savouring the emotional charge of the ‘us vs. them’ syndrome, but in reality, it’s one giant victim confessional, and any apparent ‘changes’ one claims and cheers and attributes to the rebellion, will simply be a contorted version of what went before.

Ask yourself, given all the rebellions of the past and present, why the world is in its worst-ever state, and still worsening, why wars and illness still rage, why economies collapse, why madness and oligarchy and poisoning of humanity are on the steepest rise ever?

Why have all the sincere protestations of yore not delivered?

Why not? Because we approach physical life from a material, unconscious, combative, and not, a calm, centred, vibrational point of view.

All resistance takes us further away from the joy we seek.

There is no resistance within our inner being, only allowing.

Our inner being knows, exudes, that all’s fair in life on Earth.
Allowing is one of the greatest, yet misunderstood, spiritual arts.
And significantly, as we exclusively play at creating our new worlds, we attract

less and less of that which we once despised. It no longer comes to us, till we eventually stop seeing it at all, even though it still rumbles on somewhere around us.

Parallel vibrations, moving apart, yet still one.

The master Osho was once asked “how then do I best protect myself as I become more open and vulnerable”. Came the surprising, astonishing answer “become even more open, even more vulnerable”. Yes.

The greatest contribution we can make to effect the desired changes we want for the planet is to see the planet not as a suffering entity, but rather as we want to see it, as we would love it to be, and that will mean a different picture for every concerned individual – no rules.

Learn to release all resistance to perceived negative scenarios.

It’s an artform, it’s all do-able.

Celebrate the Earth with our own clean, whole, sustained, balanced thoughts, visualisations, words, movies, paintings, songs and dances. These are amazing creative vehicles for change. Stay with that always.

At present, there are millions of people daily expressing that the ‘Earth is fucked’, the ocean, the bees, the forests, life itself are all dying.

Most of these people have a limited view of life, their thinking revolving only around their perceived 75 years on the planet. They probably have a heightened fear of death also. This is not helping the Earth, or themselves, at all!!

Rather, see the best in the Earth, and its inhabitants, see them as whole. Speak of Earth, and we volunteers upon her, in beauteous tones of delight, abundance, wellbeing and appreciation, and to see that whenever the ‘negative’ pictures begin to dominate us, those disturbing visions are not in fact about the Earth, but rather about our own fears, conditioning and belief systems; and about our own loss of harmony with our own source, with our own inner being, where only wellbeing resides.

The Earth is also a living entity, yet with a vast consciousness that exceeds the sum total of all the beings who inhabit her. On a vibrational level, she is absolutely in charge of affairs upon her surface, via natural law – Nature.

She is in no danger whatsoever. All’s well in life on Earth.

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