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Just as not seeing the Earth as suffering, but rather in perfect health, does eventually bring precisely that to one’s own experience of the Earth, the same focus and attitude of well-being is the most outstanding course for the welfare of our own physical bodies.

All illness has been generated by what we think and speak and project, whether we are conscious of that fact or not.

One favourite adage of the natural health mind goes: “We are what we eat”.

But this falls far short of the reality, for it is thought, supported by strong emotion, all delivered via our conditioning, which determines the eventual state. We eat how we think, how we are conditioned.

Hence we are how we think, how we are conditioned.

Our diets, the foods we go for, are determined by our mental/emotional situation. In a “chicken and egg” comparison, thought and conditioning always precede all else. What we think, and then put feeling into, is the great shaper of not only our diets, of our physical wellbeing or illness, but also of the wellbeing, or otherwise, of every facet of our lives, including the environment.

If we eat the best foods, yet in such a way as, with a mind to, avoid ill-health, our focus, hence our creativity, is still upon the fear of illness, upon the unwanted, thus still attracting what we are trying to avoid.

Even to give a name to a disease is to give more energy to it. If we go around saying “I have candida”, or “I have cancer”, or “I have a hyperactive thyroid”, we simply give, no matter what the apparent ‘reality’ may be, more and more energy to the ailment. The power of the word.

We indulge the victim mode.

I first found out I ‘had’ an illness known as sleep apnoea (where oxygen is cut off to the brain via breathing passage blockages), when I woke up at 3am obviously in some sort of coma, and with the mother of all headaches. This was new, unknown. I was extremely anxious; thoughts and fears of death and brain damage dominated the inner landscape. I wanted to scream out for help, desperately wanted to be a victim, but couldn’t move, and besides I was very alone, in a mountain cabin. Earlier that very night I had been reading what is written in the previous paragraph, about positive focus, but the experience I was having now was so intense that the idea to not consider the predicament I was in seemed impossible, even absurd.

But I had no choice. I had to go there, because I did trust that.

So I remembered a beautiful sunrise I had photographed 2 mornings before, and slowly, arduously at first, began to re-create that vision, and eventually made that beauty total in my mind.

To my amazement, though crucially I did expect success, within 15 minutes of seeing and feeling only beauty, I was back in the body, soon up and about, and with zero headache. The action I undertook created both a vibrational and cellular harmony/well-being that simply cancelled the symptom.

Phtttt! And that brilliant, forever-undeniable experience, in 2010, forged a brave new confidence in the ‘odd’ path I was now treading. Since that brilliant day, health and healing has never been about the body.

It has become about vibrational alignment with my source, my inner being, my inner alchemist, my inner physician.

Hypochondria is actually the norm.

All illness is a result of vibrational discord, over time, and created by our minds and our conditionings. And all illness can be transcended by the very same beautiful mind, albeit solely via equally focused, delightful direction, or re- direction, when we focus upon the desired rather than the unwanted state.

When we welcome and allow everything that comes to us as gifts that we need, that we have desired, that we have vibrationally attracted, we create ease. When we resist and struggle with what comes to us, as something foreign, in a ‘why me, poor me’ response, we create more dis-ease. But when we continue to release our resistance to living in ease and health, we start to get well, we get better and better.

Regarding diet, whilst it is better to have no rules about what we eat and drink, if we do eat and drink according to a certain regimen, and yet do that so that we do not get ill, we will still get ill, because the focus is upon illness and the avoidance of illness, but if we eat and drink according to those same rules, but with a focus upon, an attitude of, enjoying robust health and well-being because we want to enjoy life, we will attract precisely that.

The fine line of focus.

If we try to lose weight because we hate the way we look, we will never feel good about ourselves, and probably never lose weight, but if we try to lose weight because we have a consistent vision of us as being slender, alive and happy, it will eventually and gradually become apparent.

The difference in the two attitudes is profound.

In all situations in life, change the focus, the vision, from the unwanted to the desired state, to what we would love our life and situation to be.

This works precisely the same for our considerations about the health of the Earth.

If we eat and drink the foods we truly love, which is actually much easier when there are no rules, nor morality around food choices, the vibration of love and self-trust carries with it enormous vibrational/cellular influence towards well- being – much like the instilling of the mysteriously astonishing “X” factor that pervades foods cooked with love.

If we eat and drink the foods we truly love, with zero consideration for the possible negative impact of certain elements within those foods, and instead come from a viewpoint of positive health and well-being, we will become and remain truly healthy.

It’s just a trick of the mind, and of our focus.

Illness is all about the loss of vibrational alignment with our inner being, and only 100% ie.

When we are consciously and actively affirming, attuning with our source, a high-vibratory abode where there are illness does not exist, where judgements about what others choose to eat or partake of, where there is no gluten- intolerance, no lactose-intolerance, and where there is only abundant health (and many other wonderful things); when we are making that vibrational connection with what is a place of absolute health and joy, we are living each day the perfect individual diet for us. We will also rise above all self-inflicted (as all problems are) ‘negative’ influences, boring restrictive diets, forced fitness programs, to become healthy and happy.

We are not only able to have robust health and happiness, even in an ‘apparently’ heavily polluted world, but we are also entitled to it.

Pollution and illness, like all things physical, are comprised of specific vibrational sequences, and as such are absolutely transcendable – vibrationally, of course. To love and trust oneself, whatever is going down, is a vibrational key.

We may have the perfect diet, the perfect exercise, the perfect body, but if we are plagued by self-critical, resistant thought, or a suffering relationship, we will not enjoy well-being; we will still get ill.

We move out of the orbit of pollution and illness when we give zero energy to the existence of those conditions, not even naming them as pollution or illness or trouble. When we focus and insist upon the reverse realities – a clean world and wellbeing – and stay with that, and stay with that, and stay with that, with deep trust and knowing the certainty that it will come to us, this approach will create within us a vibrational presence that pollution and illness cannot disturb.

Pollution and illness are only real to those who think it, fear it, name it, blame it, fight against it, live to prevent it, and so, via such reinforcement, make it real.

At a certain vibratory level, pollution and illness do not exist, and life is entirely, beautifully, about vibrations.

We are intended to thrive!!
We are intended to be happy and healthy!!
But this takes a little inner artwork; a change of focus and an inner connection; we have to claim health and happiness, and crucially, to then also expect it.

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