earthThe Greatest Relief Ever Known

After millennia of largely unconscious lives, the experience of eventually re- connecting with the inner being(s) from which we have emerged, re-aligning totally with our own non-physical source(s) whilst we are still alive, whilst we are still in the physical body, just has to be the peak experience for we volunteers in life on Earth.

Indeed, such a re-alignment must be the greatest relief ever known!


As Abraham/Hicks so playfully and profoundly put it, ‘we don’t have to croak to get there’.

With re-alignment arranged, created by intelligent application of ‘positive’ thought (and not simply hoping it will happen one day, although that’s ok too), it must then be extraordinarily exciting to see just what level of creativity we can muster in human form, in this dimension.

That is in our hands, or, more pertinently, in our thoughts, and within the scope of our various creative tools, along with the feeling and self-trust and passion we put into it. With access, and a basic entitlement to those very normal, universal powers, we can transform this world enormously – according, no less, to each individual’s vision of one’s ideal life on Earth.

We can make this world, this life, whatever we desire.
We do anyway.

The point is, are we happy with what we are creating for ourselves?

If one is constantly moaning about, or even just pointing out the damaged state of things, one will never create a beautiful world for oneself, or for others.

It is indeed natural, intended, inherent, for human beings to thrive, thrill, thrive, thrill, and thrive some more.

Trust the thrive and the thrill. Go for joy!

Joy and abundance in life are irresistible once we trust, once we know ourselves to be the source of not only all we desire, but also all we receive.

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