I am my own president, my own benevolent dictator.

In any election, I am the only candidate who can govern me.

I am my own ruler, my own royalty, my own emperor, my own esteem.

I am my own ministry of law, as there is no law higher than being true to myself. Hence I am my own source of fairness and justice.

The only judgements I can make are those of total acceptance of myself and of others, and the allowing of however both I, and others, behave.

I am a work, nay, a play, in progress.

I am my own jurisdiction, as all others are also, their own.

I have no need for a ministry of defence, since it is apparent that the nearer I come to my own source, resistance to all things, to anything, fades away.

I release all resistance, because resistance stems from conditioning, not from source, and so prevents joy from arising.

I am irresistingly irresistible.

I have chosen this life and attracted everything that comes, or has not come, to me.

I visualise how I want my life and the world to be, and so it is.

I do not fight or struggle or protest for a good life, for a good life is my birthright, of my own creation.

I am my own weapon of mass integration, my own homeland security.

I do not need a world movement for peace. I am my own peaceful co-­existence and complete acceptance.

I am my own art and creativity, my own health and wellbeing, my own science and sense, my own beauty, love and happiness.

I am my own abundance, my own economy, my own Wall Street.

I occupy myself.

I owe nothing, and everything is coming to me.

My greatest, clearest and easiest giving comes when I fill up and overflow, when it pours out of a bursting breast.

Despite appearances, there is no threat to the environment.

The task of Earthcare sits within the enormously adequate and capable consciousness of the Earth herself, via her natural law, which is always maintaining an exquisite balance.

I am my own Jesus, my own Buddha, my own Osho, mine own Abraham.

I am my own religion, my own trust.

I am my own saint, my own sinner, my own saviour, mine own lover.

I am my own Pope Klob the Last, of Couchpotatohood.

I am my own disciple, my own god.

I set the vibrations of my own parallel universe, as we all do.

There are 7.7 billion realities on Earth, and all are valid.

And we are, all of us, including both the dark and the light, playing out essential rôles in a theatre of volunteers, absolutely faultless, co­‐creative partners in this astonishing human experience.


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