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Chemtrails and their unlikely but significant contribution to my deeper centering, happiness, health and freedom – from outrage to allowing, hideousness to beauty, victim to victor, angst to art.

In 2005, almost 10 years ago, I wrote an entire book exposing the blatant skullduggery of all things pharmaceutical, allopathically medical, genetically modified, geo-engineered, food mafia, along with all associated political, bureaucratic and assorted other sleaze.

‘Twas a voluminous vomit.

It was titled “The Plot Sickens”, with the sub-title ‘Cure?? My Arse!!’

I say was titled, because that book has been almost totally expunged from my repertoire, for reasons that will become apparent here.

Other chapter titles from that book reveal the extent and rage of my externally focused disgust-cum-activism; “A History of the Politics of Health”, “Pharma Mafia”, “Dracula’s in Charge of the Bloodbank”, “Codex – the UN Food Police”, “Septicemia Democratica”, “Revenge of the Bureaucrats”, “Media Mongrels”, “A Republic is not a Democracy”, “The Illusion of Political Freedom”, “Shocking Ostriches”, “The Dumbed-down Pandemic”, “Silencing the Lambs”, “Illness Inc.” and so on.

In that book, I penned another chapter titled “Scumbags in the Skies”, a sarcastic, personally-experienced, well-researched, totally ballistic venting against the ubiquitous practise of sky-chemtrailing, but also against my then-judged, ‘ignorant’ fellow humans, bared in the sub-title ‘Dumb-bags on the Ground’.

“Scumbags” is the only chapter that I saved from the demise of “The Plot Sickens”, because I knew I would write this new chapter around it one day. I could see, even 5 years ago, that my indomitable focus upon chemtrails was leading me somewhere wonderful. And it has.

(Note: ‘The Inner Activist’ is a very recent addition to this book. Some parts of this text have already been discussed in the earlier “Environmental Wellbeing” chapter, and any repetition is purely because I had to write this chapter in its entirety, in full context.)

The quality of my life is not governed by chance, but rather entirely by where I focus, then by how I see it, by how I interpret what I am focused upon. If I focus upon, then judge, then discuss, then moan, get outraged or indignant about problems in the world, both in my own life and in the life of others, no matter what the perceived ‘reality’ might seem to be screaming out at me, I, by default, contribute to, and become a greater part of that problem.

It does NOT help!! At all.

By buying into the external dis-ease, I keep my vibrational being anchored, aligned to the identical vibe of any particular ‘problem’.

Moreover, in my reactions towards perceived corruption, offence, evil and sleaze, I quite naturally resort to employing the very same language, tactics and warfare as that of the ‘enemy’. I must come down to their level. Therefore I, and the world, lose; lose my valuable, positive, expansive creative focus and input.

I came to slowly but surely understand, that by fighting against anything at all, I was actually demonstrating, reinforcing, my own victim mentality. I had thought that protesting, in the form of angry, demonstrative, revelatory, fuck-you writing, was reclaiming my power.

But no! It was bleeding it, surrendering it!

In my failure to understand that all of existence is vibrational in nature, including the pathway to the freedom I sought, I actually became what I opposed; I became as ‘them’.

And more than this; as long as there remains a nebulous ‘they’ in our motivations and thoughts and projections, as in ‘they did this, they did that’, ‘they prevent me from doing x’, ‘they must be eliminated’, ‘why don’t they look after the poor’, ‘they must change’, ‘they are bastards’, and so on, we can not have true freedom, enjoy true power, nor create the new forms of life and beauty that we long for. Whatever our life preferences and desires, it is never up to THEM.

It is we who have that power!

I saw a Facebook post yesterday that simply, succinctly stated, “Stop bashing the things you hate, give energy to the things you love”.

This is spot-on!

If we truly desire change in the world, which can be achieved only on a vibrational level, it will be accomplished solely within ourselves.

As for wanting other humans to ‘change their ways’, well hello, what they do is actually none of our fucking business!! Just as what I do is none of theirs. Moreover, all people, situations, and the jangling button-pressings in our lives, are there because we attracted them, wanted them, indeed needed them, to show us something about ourselves, and not about them! People and situations that disturb us are essentially doing us a favour. To appreciate a tormentor is far wiser than to dump scorn.

Once we attend to our own lives exclusively enough to create an inner peace, the outer manifestations take care of themselves, and will alter accordingly.

Then we start to see the world and others differently, so much so that totally new and more positive scenarios enter our field of vision. Ultimately when we focus upon how we would love life and the world to be (hence creating that), rather than venting against what we don’t want (hence creating even more of the crap we hate), we begin to create our own parallel universes, vibrationally moving away from what once disturbed us.

The shit we once saw and reacted against, gradually, some might say magically, disappears. It ceases to enter our own field of vision and experience.

It is still there, for those who want, need and hence see it.

Aye, we recognize that there are perhaps millions of people who quite obviously invoke, by their vibrational attention, lives of great angst and disturbance and violence and greed, what-have-you. And they have every right to create that for themselves. It is not accidental. I do not interfere.

This form of allowing, accepting, and knowing is true freedom.

I do not create a better world by warring against that which I do not want! No, but I do achieve incredible change by addressing my focus (a crucial part of the creative force) upon my ideas of what a beautiful life would be, for me. And that inevitably requires my allowing the time and space to find a deep, silent peace within me. Connection.

In the case of politicians and bankers and corporations, reaction mode is precisely where such people would prefer us to be. Politicians love feedback, and it doesn’t matter whether the nature of the reaction is positive or negative, or even ironically humorous, for they will milk it all. Thus, paradoxically, reaction towards them is actually giving them more energy and power.

The thing that pollies despise most is indifference. That is the greatest threat to their power and importance. Even science is now proving that indifference is much more harmful to a child than anger.

I exercise my own lack of interest by not voting, nor, thankfully, by partaking in political slanging of any kind. This new, quiet unconcern of mine wasn’t always the case, which is the point to this story.

The more we expose, hold the spotlight upon, the affairs of unwanted activities, the more subversive the perpetrators of those activities become.

For example, activists think they are winning the war with Monsanto, with the warmongers, with government, Big Pharma, the bankers, and so on, but heightened publicity, internet exposure, etc, simply incite perceived ‘oppressors’ to move deeper under the radar, to where they lobby their political marionettes, to where they swiftly, stealthily create all sorts of new, more invisible, regulatory laws and subversive international trade treaties, like the TPP, which gives corporations even more destructive power. Stemming from such a scenario, Monsanto can now sue an entire fucking country for non-co-operation!!

You see what I’m getting at?

Be careful what you fight for. Understand that struggling against something is no different, energy-wise, to that of war; understand that it is your anger, arising as it must, from conditioning, and not from a centred core, and that the only good that can come of it is that you realize that fact, and move on to an inner peace and overall appreciation, celebration of all life.

Reactionary people, myself once included, are unwittingly leaking so much energy, power and influence to those ‘villains’ castigated and despised.

I came to understand this in a very roundabout way – via my long, mostly solo, incensed, tiresome involvement with the chemtrails scenario.

That saga began mid-2005, on one beautiful clear Sunday morning near my home in the hills out of Byron Bay, Australia. It was very early, like 5.30am. Sunrise was just peeking thru. I looked up into the lightening blue sky surprised to see fine white lines appearing, seemingly out of nowhere.

They were obviously coming from a plane, but it was flying so high that I could neither see it nor hear it. (5 years later, I would read reports that silencers are fitted to the engines of these military planes.)

Suddenly the dawning sunlight glinted off the metal of the aircraft, so I could then focus; lock onto it. It was indeed operating at a high altitude. I watched this spectacle for over one hour, white clouds pumping out in parallel east-west lines, each pass going more than 40 kilometres inland, like as far as Nimbin, and spreading out for the same distance north-south, the plumes ending each time the soundless, anonymous aircraft reached the coastline, then belching out again after the plane turned for yet another inland run.

These trails did not evaporate quickly, like in 20 seconds max, as vapour trails, or contrails, do. On the contrary, these trails slowly fanned out, and within 2/3 hours had co-mingled and formed an apparent cloud-cover blanketing the entire sky. An empty blue sky had become completely overcast (apt, dark word). I watched this entire show for hours. I was understandably amazed, flabbergasted, confused by the unnatural phenomena unfolding before my eyes, and acutely aware that the substance being spewed out must be a physical threat of some kind. The pilot was going to far too much trouble for it to be just harmless smoke! Later that day, as these clouds finally reached the Earth, I became aware of the birds going silent. My throat was complaining about some unfamiliar and nasty intrusion. Even the ubiquitous mosquitos were absent that evening.

That was my first conscious sighting of chemtrails, and when the same event happened again the next day, then the next day, and every day for the next week or so, I became more and more traumatized.

Consequent online investigations gave me the full picture of at least the what- the-fuck part, indeed. It did not help, though, with the emotional schisming rampant in my gut and head, so it was easier and more convenient at the time to blame the chemtrailers, HAARP, and my obviously conspiring government for everything that hurt or befuddled.

So I guess you could say that first day was chemtrails’ first gift to my psyche, inasmuch as it triggered many powerful emotional reactions – anger, confusion, helplessness, victimization, illness, fear of death, and what-the-fuckness!! My god, contrast was happening, bigtime.

Nothing like a good catalyst to dislodge one from one’s comfort zone.

It was not until a few years later that I would, out of this unfolding chaos, gain deeper insight into myself and my responses to life, viz a viz recognizing that the chemtrails did not actually cause the myriad depressing emotions spinning in me. No, they were already there!! This experience was bringing them to the surface, and that’s a wonderful gift to someone seeking to know themselves deeper. However, it took a few more years for me to realize this and to accept such exquisite irony.

So those early chemtrail days were full of outrage, hideousness, angst, illness and ugliness. Such was my focus.

It was tunnel vision, and I saw no light.

If I spoke about it with friends, or strangers, they would ridicule me, adding further misery to my plight. When I visited my daughters in Sydney and Kiama, the chemtrails were there too, and in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Port Macquarie, Newcastle, Grafton, Melbourne, Toowoomba, everywhere I went, it was there, and always with the same intensity and frequency.

I saw them in the skies of TV news, sports events, movies, advertisements.

And I became aware that this was the case over most of the world!

I was alone with this monstrous geo-engineered transgression upon humanity,and no-one wanted to know. Most people still don’t, up to 15 years of free rein chemtrailing later. The next spiritual contribution chemtrails indirectly bestowed upon me came as I was sitting on a Byron Bay beach one morning, refereeing a giant wrestling match taking place in my mind.

To believe or not to believe?

Hell, this whole scenario was physically sickening me, ostracizing me, separating me from normal life and friendship. What the fuck indeed!?

But as I sat there, very still, for I had by now learned well how to meditate, as I reached for understanding and clarity, it was if a large, yet very soft truck ran over a totally surrendered me, and as it did, I experienced an astounding epiphany. Woohoo!

Words accompanying the deep beauty and space flooding me in that moment encouraged, assuaged me to the effect of “trust yourself deeply, trust what you see and believe, trust your ability to be alone, trust your weirdness”.

I was suddenly and totally over the hurdle of acceptance, of the reality of chemtrails, and that very day I walked home, stepping sprightly, and wrote the entire “Scumbags” chapter for my book in one sitting.

I was on fire, yet still very angry, 2006.

It wasn’t until 2007 that I began to photograph chemtrails, and later, with the advent of smart phones, the photo passion became much easier. In the past 7 years or so, I have taken many thousands of photos of chemtrailed skies.

I still do, but with a crucial change of perspective. From angst to art.

Now do understand, me hearties, that chemtrailing was/is not some occasional, isolated event, over some isolated area, of say, the USA. On the contrary, it is carried out carte blanche (blanche being a very appropriate word, as chemtrails white out the sky and landscape).

Oh yes, its happening over much of Australia and all of its main cities and towns, endemic over Europe (ditto the world over, except India, who have banned it); it’s happening minimum 3, up to 6 days a week, every week, for the past 12 years all over the planet, for even longer in the USA!!

Ironically, it is so common that people think these skies are normal and natural, especially the children born since 2000. And those trails are not confined to skies. They are not only UP THERE. They slowly, almost imperceptibly, fall to the Earth.

It is a massive operation, the complete details of which you can easily glean from websites like,, if you are so inclined.

However, what I will mention here, is this.

Scientific analyses of chemtrails consistently reveal highly concentrated streams of ultra-light, heavy metal aerosol polymer filament particles – constructed predominantly of aluminium, barium and strontium. Chemtrails contain many other physically injurious materials as well, including ethylene dibromide. So, to be clear, it’s a toxic cocktail extraordinaire.

I have developed, over the years, my own understanding of why this is being done, and whilst it was quite a terrifying, daunting conclusion to concede within myself, it nevertheless remains my private opinion, and I do not share it here, because that is not the direction either I, or this yarn, is going.

I’m no longer afraid, confused or reactionary, and it is better that people find their own way through such things.

Suffice to say that by end 2007, I was confronted with something more shocking than anything in my life, and which was getting zero publicity or recognition. And I was mostly alone with it.

Even the local hippies, who were venting against everything from fraccing to council Roundup spraying were contemptuous of the chemtrail ‘conspiracy’, and, as I constantly observe, deeply afraid of peer ridicule – and yet they remain, ironically, unaware, in their beautiful secluded valleys. Because of the years of severe incessant contamination by heavy metals and bromides from outa the sky, their organic gardens and orchards are no longer organic; their precious rainwater tanks are now slow-death traps, and their clear hilltop streams are watercourses for the worst kind of poisons. Nor could these folk explain the random, escalating respiratory, sinus, immune system, chronic fatigue, mental and sleep disorders arising in themselves or their kids, their animals and the birds.

There’s one very simple way of proving the reality of what I’m asserting here. Go get your tank rainwater lab-tested for aluminium, barium and strontium levels. It’s not expensive. You will find the readings will be off the scale, way off.

After several forays into the attempted exposure of chemtrails, I had learned to shut up. But I was still outraged, still ruled by it. And because chemtrails are virtually a daily event, I was confronted with all of my demons daily, for years.

Fear of death bigtime, yo!
Frustration of ‘wtf can be done?’ bigtime, yo!

However, in my searching for answers, it did lead me to discover some wonderful natural remedies, antidotes such as MMS and Nascent Iodine, an various other nostrums, substances about which I eventually also wrote book chapters.

There were positives appearing.

Even my first clumsy photos of chemtrails, particularly at sunsets, revealed a dark beauty that I could not deny.

Here was an entirely novel art-form, wildly differing black theatre virtually daily overhead, for, to be sure, there had never been skies and cloud formations like this before in the history of the Earth, unless of course, the Atlanteans got into chemtrailing themselves also.

People were wowing at my photos, but when I would remark that they were chemtrails, they would waffle and wander off, giving me the weird eye. So I ceased all spruiking, and began to appreciate the pics as simply unique art, and so the viewers could also more comfortably enjoy. Occasionally I would throw in a veiled, humorous caption, like “more chaff for the herd” or “chemystery”, but nothing too transparent or confronting.

By 2009, Facebook was very mobile, and my photos began to embellish my pages, and still do, yet most of my ‘friends’ are unaware, in 2015, that a high percentage of my pics are in fact of chemtrailed skies.

But hey, art is art, beauty is beauty, appreciation is appreciation, and I have slowly learnt to value such things above all else.

In order to illustrate my frustrations of the early chemtrail years, I include here one paragraph from the original “Scumbags in the Skies” chapter:

“Conspiracy theorist is a label many people fear to attract to themselves, especially from friends and associates, so they desist from conspiratorial thought altogether, unless everyone’s doing it.

“The herd mentality is alive and well.

“In an attempt to isolate, put down, or embarrass radical thinkers, dishing out this dirty categorization, ‘conspiracy’, has also become a favourite government/corporate/press ploy, so successfully that one might rightly say, “how convenient!” George Orwell might say that too.

“The mass mind now unconsciously equates the word conspiracy with delusional thinking, fantasy, sedition, lying and even madness, when in fact it means this: A plan or agreement between two or more people to commit an illegal or subversive action.

“Like plot, it’s an excellent descriptive word!

“Chemtrails are actually happening.

Look upwards and enquire. If following such as course is conspiratorial, then so be it. Secretive violating agendas do happen.

“And how best to describe such subversive sleaze?

“Well, conspiracy! Of course!

“And how better to describe those who have schemed such blatant acts of violence?

“Well, of course – scumbags!

“And how best to describe we fucking wallies on the ground who permit, who are blinded to, afraid of, or who couldn’t care less about, such outrageously grave deeds committed against us by our so-called leaders (meaning, btw, no matter which of the puppet parties are in power)?

“Yes, what to call these lemmings?

“You got it – dumb-bags!

“Naïve we are? Ignorant, unaware? Sure, but there are no excuses in these awesome times, when ‘informed’ and not ignorance, is bliss. The unsullied innocent days of ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you’ are long gone. But then again, the aluminium being sprayed upon us is precisely designed to dumb us down!”

One fine day, I met an old friend in the streets of Mullumbimby. He soon asked, rather cynically, “Are you still into the chemtrails thing?” I said nothing, but directed his attention to the sky, where a massively wide, long chemtrail was starting to break up and spread out, directly overhead. It was one of the best, most intense examples of chemtrails one could ever see, so blatantly not a cloud, so inexplicable, his eyes agog, that he could do nothing but shake his head in agreement and concede.

Even he, however, some time later, would send me an email, citing some authority, some scientific friend of his pooh-poohing the whole idea, leaving him once again relatively comfortable in his denial.

By 2009, though, there were many people acknowledging the existence of chemtrails, and the internet had all the visual evidence one needed to confirm the activity. And by now, understanding who owns the press and TV, we know why it hasn’t made the mainstream media, nuh?

At this time also, 2009, I heard an amazing talk by Esther Hicks/Abraham, which altered my life enormously. Like 180 degrees. A godsend is a godsend, but I had ached for such understanding, clarity and resolution to my angst.

And so I received a splendid gift, such was my dominant intent, yo.

Even in my original “Scumbags” chapter, I had, from all my chemtrail experiences, eventually concluded and written this:

“The greatest personal rebellion, contribution, I can now make is not outer. It is inner. So I get to know the intricate beauty within the word “selfishness”, I stop trying to save others and the planet when I am myself not whole, when I myself am angry, hence out of touch with my inner being, when my own love and lightness hungers so deeply; so I relax, delight in ease, get the body healthy, learn to decipher news differently, with a different eye – more intuitively, use intelligent information to free myself from the norm, do only work that I love, be around people who enjoy and enhance. If I get angry, I don’t blame, or focus upon, the other, take it as my own anger, which it is. This is real maturity. We are gonna need a finer attunement with natural forces in the coming decade – a cut above anything we’ve ever known.”

So I came to understand that all life is vibrational, and that like attracts like, via vibrational response. I came to understand that when I am absolutely in tune with my own source, my own inner being, there is no anger, frustration, lack, judgement of others, no negative pictures whatsoever, and that, in fact, all is easy and perfect as it is. To be in tune with one’s inner peace is to see the world at peace also, is to allow everything to be as it is, that all is well and fair, and that my positive, creative dreamspace is the domain in which I can, however, imagine the world as I would like it to be, and, crucially, know that will manifest.

Just one person living this way, even in a cave, is effecting incredible, immeasurable positive change in the external world.

As a consequence to my turning things around (as the remarkable Byron Katie extols), I had come to understand that when I was angry, reactionary, frustrated, hurting, critical, helpless, confused, by others, by the actions of others, by the actions of governments, chemtrailers, Monsanto and so on, that these types of emotional responses were simply indicators, not that something outside of me was wrong or unjust, but rather damn sure signs of disconnection with my source, sure signs that I still housed deeply conditioned, unconscious responses to life.

I choose to respond to life as much as possible from my inner being, and to turn around the unhelpful reactionary space that reveals to me where I am conditioned, hurt, unresolved.

Now I do accept that there may be outer activists out there who operate completely from joy and love, from no trace of anger or pain – bravo and all power to them, but I have yet to meet such a rarefied being.

Chemtrails are simply phenomena for me now, albeit a unique opportunity for the expression of art. I love photography, a craft I would not have ventured into so deeply had it not been for chemtrail skyscapes. In fact, most of the photographs in this book are of chemtrails.

I am no longer angry, despite chemtrailing happening overhead almost every day for the past week, as I write this, February, 2014.

Nor, as I update this, February 2015.

In fact, I often laugh as they appear, because I’m happy most of the time anyway. A true blessing!

And whereas once I would often have severe physical reactions to the heavy substances being released, it is now a rarity. I’m on top of that also.

Why? Because by honouring my inner alignment first and foremost, hence developing an acute sense of where my emotional reactions are coming from, I have made the necessary vibrational changes to move apart from it all. There is not just the one reality! We can create new realities, parallel universes.

Chemtrails are simply vibrations too, as are illnesses, all low on the vibratory scale, and as such, we can transcend them, transcend anything vibrationally, that is, with our wonderful imagination and focus and emotional strength.

To stay with angry reaction, cynical response, or retributive action is to keep oneself vibrationally bound to whatever one is protesting against.

I now love both myself and humanity too much to follow such an upstream, against-the-flow path.

I also appreciate that such a deep knowledge of chemtrails enables me to communicate extremely intelligent data to my body and its healing/defence systems, fortifying the cells as they deal with the incoming crap, a la Bruce Lipton. Salut, Bruce!

Because of the intensity of my focus upon chemtrails, as well as the new understanding, since 2009, that my reactions were actually about myself, plus the fact that I now had the inner tools to deal with it all, the entire experience has served me splendidly. Ditto with other reactionary situations in life – like stuff with lovers, stuff with other drivers in traffic, stuff with workmates, family, stuff with Tony Abbott and the like, stuff with bankers and pharmaceutical cartels, stuff with popes or paedophiles, stuff with Facebook posts by friends, or their comments upon my posts, or simply about how someone looks at you down at the mall.

That I now appreciate they are all mirrors has been enormously contributive to the happiness I now feel. That I can no longer blame anyone or anything else for my disturbances has brought amazing freedom, power and self-love. That there is no good or evil bad is a great relief. That I can now swiftly switch my focus from what I don’t want, to what I truly prefer has meant that not only do I now see those who once disturbed me in a much higher light, but also my world is turning around, to ease and peace and creativity and minding my own fucking business, which is truly quite enough as it is.

Woohoo to that!

There are millions of people on the planet focused upon negative scenarios, doomsday outcomes, and discussing it, showing videos of it, full on. Such a massive force of misdirected energy is unwittingly creating so much more of what they don’t want, and as well, they try to influence those around them to go down the same tube.

I can imagine that same force turned around, facing a different and very joyful prospect, something btw that is our birthright, and I see how much then the world alters to honour that altered vision. It’s purely a vibrational matter, and that starts at home, within.

Just a few inner activists, who are the true radicals, the real rebels, will effect far greater beneficial change in the world than all of the outer activists combined, if not only because the latter are in fact simply contributing more of the same ugliness they detest and rail against.

Many people vainly hope and labour under the misconception that the changes they desire for themselves and the world are gonna come via some group movement or general consciousness shift that will suddenly and magically benefit all. Once again, the herd head.

Many believe that if we all sign petitions protesting various activities that the sheer force of that group testimony will effect the desired change.

But change has never been, and, despite the fact that we are all in this together, never will be, about the group. The issues that triggered the particular individual to protest – anger, frustration, helplessness, whatever – did not cause those emotional responses, but rather actually exposed them, revealed what was already there, inside.

And despite the occasional apparent victory in the protest stakes, those emotions are still dwelling, post-victory, within the activist. And so, like an objection junkie, one moves to the next protest, and the next remonstration, disputing, disapproving – from fraccing, to Monsanto, to bankers, to immunizations, to logging, to Fukushima radiation, Tony Abbott, Obama, Cameron and co, war in Syria, Pussy Riot, save the Barrier Reef, and so on and so on. What’s next? The serial griper believes that if we speak and Facebook/Twitter-post angrily and negatively enough, often enough, one is helping humanity and the Earth.

How absurd! It’s not helping. It is exacerbating. It’s compounding the ‘mess’ one sees.

Sure, one means well, yet overlooks the reality that the problems within the world are simply a result of where each individual focuses, especially when super- charged with the emotions of self-righteousness.

Trying to achieve outcomes via group involvements and protests is an evasion of oneself. It is a dodging of what is the optimum, truly effective forerunner of beneficent change for all. Fronting one’s perceived external enemies is an opportunity lost; a surefire way of avoiding one’s conditioned and very personal inner scars that those same enemies trigger and reveal.

I still maintain an awareness of world and local events, but I don’t take sides, nor do I find myself making judgements, such as determining right or wrong behaviour. I laugh a lot. It is amazing theatre and brilliant unintended comedy. It’s all perfectly ok as it is.

The more people who take the time and space to identify and drop the inner reactions that cause them to complain about anything at all in the world, the more this world and life upon it moves towards peace, love and beauty.

I’m not sure who said it; I think it was Osho, but this small sentence, “The world problem is the individual problem” is accurate.

Except that it’s not even a problem, because everything is absolutely fair, deliciously fine, liberatingly individual.

There is no positive future to be found in blame or censure, neither of the world, of others, nor, and especially, of oneself.

I choose happiness, ease, allowing.

That choice is fundamental to all levels of freedom.

To know that all is well, that all people are indeed doing their best, sans judgement, is where true compassion, true activism, lies.

We are all in this together, creating it as we go.

We are each and all unique volunteers, yet emerging from the same place of origin.

There is no fault, only the privilege of experience and expansion, of and within human life.

Floating, downstream, easy, appreciative, beauty, art, allowing, love, all is well, abundance, victory, all is fair, smoooerve sailing.

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