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We Downloaded from Our Source

The actual substance, or form, of our unique individual, non-physical source(s), from which we came forth, are much larger, more nebulous, and operating on much higher frequencies.

Hence, with our lower vibration human sight, most humans cannot see our higher selves. Nonetheless we are forever coupled.

In order to be able to inhabit this human form, to enter this physical body, we, and no doubt with some excellent assistance, had to lower the frequency of a tiny part of our individual non-physical essence(s) to the level that was compatible with the far denser human bodies we would be entering.

Sorta like a cosmic downloading.

And that smaller, reduced part of our beautiful origin enters the human body at the quickening phase of the gestation process.


Hence we volunteers infuse the human body with life, on a far denser-vibrating plane of activity. And crucially, once we are in the physical body, we are always be connected to the brilliant source(s) from which we emerged.

That’s a given. That’s the thread.

Yes indeed, we had that assurance, before we took the happy plunge into Earth life that, no matter what eventuated here, our source(s) would always communicate with us, and that the pathway for such vital interaction would be via our feelings.

We knew that when the feelings were revealing any sort of disturbance, revulsion, frustration, agitation, fear, loss or pain, however slight or monstrous that may be, it was the one crucial sign that we were straying from alignment with our source, from our inherent, intended happiness.

Sadness, anger, stress, indignation, etc, whilst common, are not normal, balanced traits. They are in fact sure signs of our having strayed from our centre; signs, clues actually, about our thinking patterns, about ourselves, and never about any other person or thing, no matter how much those ‘others’ appear to be involved.

Furthermore, to then heed that disconnection-alarm bell, to honour one’s own unique truth, to move the focus from that which appears to be causing the fear or suffering to that which is our heart’s desire, to that which would be the cherished outcome (on the particular topic causing the angst); to desire the best for ourselves and expect it to be so, is to re-align with our wholeness, with our integrity, with our entirety.

We also knew before we came here that when, in our new physical bodies, we were experiencing happiness, joy, abundance, thrill, creativity, sexual harmony, self-esteem, stillness, silliness, side-splitting laughter, love, bliss and the all- embracing art of allowing both others and self to simply be what we, and others, are, that these too were signals from our source, signals that we were indeed in that moment living in resonance with our source – such as the goo-goo, gah- gah space that most newborn babes naturally enjoy.

Our source(s) are only beauty, only fun, only high frequency, and they tell us, via the feelings, when we’re getting pretty, or when we’re getting ugly. Our feelings are the infallible link with who we really are.

So it was the feeling realm that would be the Earth volunteers’ perfect indicator and guide if we ever got lost, or, that would be our perfect supporter when we felt joy and all the good things in life.

Our feelings are the infallible link between the human experience and our own personal god.

We are our own greatest fans. Yo.

The higher frequency zones from which we have emigrated are inhabited by highly advanced, intelligent beings, creator entities such as we intrinsically are, such as are our individual source entities from which we have emerged; beings who may, and probably do, move about the universe in non-metallic, high- frequency ‘space’ ships (in parenthesis, because there is no space, time, nor actual distance), crafts which are propelled, not by fossil/nuclear polluting fuels as such, but rather by the more sophisticated free energy that is created within vortexes.

These are crafts we cannot normally see because of frequency differentials, even though they may, and probably do, often share this ‘space’ with us, and even though they may, and repeatedly do, lower the frequency of their crafts so as to be visible to human sight, visions to which countless people throughout history have testified. There is absolutely no threat to humanity from ‘alien’ creatures in spacecrafts. They are all very cool, intelligent, loving, high-creator beings.

And we, in essence, are also precisely that.

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They are us.

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