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At first, very few volunteers were required for life on Earth, but as the population expanded, more and more hands-up enthusiasts came forward. In the ‘early days’, there was no knowing what would happen, what would evolve here, but the creators, the participants and the wider audience, the theatre fans observing, watching over this unfoldment on Earth, have certainly enjoyed a magnificent show over millennia.

The mother of all plays, the zenith of all performances, the sublime soap.

The original physical human body was designed for a very long, timeless life, in comparison to the reality occurring today.

It was intended that each volunteer would live one long, happy, creative life on Earth. Indeed the body was designed for the possibility of facilitating a human life of many hundreds, perhaps thousands of years in the one body. Also, as I keep emphasizing here, it was intended that we would always be conscious of the link with our source(s).

It was intended that when our one long tour of human life was over, we would simply return to our unique source(s), and as before incarnation, simply get on with our infinite life and creativity in other dimensions, yet with the bonus of brilliant expansion and enhancement via the human experience. That was the ‘plan’.

Also, whilst on Earth, we would have access to previously unknown, matchless opportunities to appreciate how the elevated creative powers we had already been accustomed to elsewhere would function through a human body, on the Earth plane, at far lower, denser frequencies.

The creators of Earth and its evolving life-forms could not be certain just how such an amazingly complex social experiment, on such a grand scale, would pan out. It would certainly be unfamiliar, extraordinary, and a surprise to all involved.

It was not at all pre-determined, pre-known.

Hence it was not anticipated that the enormous contrasts, intense experiences, and consequent extreme developments within life on Earth, coupled with a human’s free-will choice, would slowly create unconsciousness, disconnection from source; would slowly create conditionings and belief systems so complex, so severe and ingrained that they would eventually blot out (yet never sever, mind you) our links with our individual source(s).

We would actually become as thick as bricks.

What a surprise!

It was not anticipated that stress, hatred, fear, anger, envy, lack, violence, greed and all manner of ‘negative’ thoughts, cravings and reactions would evolve, albeit become so dominant as to give rise to, within virtually all humans, a complete unawareness of our brilliant universal origins; nor was it anticipated that such a wild variance of emotional response would lead to all manner of bodily illnesses – to disease, to insanity, and ultimately, to —— death itself.

The onset of the (unintended), previously unheard of experience of physical death triggered the advent of the illusion of time and space on this planet, because now there were apparent beginnings and endings to life, shrouding the inner knowing of eternal life.

But yo, not to worry, because these new limitations of time and space added immense dimensional and highly complex contrasts to the experience of life on Earth, providing even more extremes, more plots and sub-plots to the grand soap opera, thus even greater scope for expansion of consciousness and elevation of vibration. It’s all cool.

Outside of here, from where we came, there is no death, time or space – only eternity – as well as the awareness that all life consists of multi-various vibrating frequencies, and that even this apparently solid physical human body, and these Earth mountains and seas, even the planets and the galaxies themselves are not solid, but merely projections of resonating frequencies upon a holographic presence.

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(For the finest understanding of holograms and holography, read Michael Talbot’s superb online essay, “The Holographic Universe”.)

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