fair-2Unintended – Death and Reincarnation

Due to the inception of, shall we call it (without prejudice), the human darker side, human life-spans began to shorten from the original intention of many hundreds of years, to the 70 or so years we experience today, and since the human Earth experiment was still a ‘work in progress’ (and possibly always will be), we ourselves created the necessity of re-birth, of the phenomenon called reincarnation.

However, even when we ‘die’, each and every time we die, when we leave the current physical body, we simply return to, reunite with, our own source ‘bodies’ in higher frequency zones. That reunion is sort of like a splendid homecoming, a lunch break in familiar territory.

We don’t go to heaven or hell or purgatory; nor are we judged in any way whatsoever as to what we did or did not do in each life on Earth. There are no examiners, no pearly gate guards, no satans to negotiate, nor any virgins.

We simply go home for a while, which is, yes, quite heavenly.

There is absolutely no blame, no shame, no wrong, nor right.

No indeed! Such judgmental habits are all unconsciously derived, human peculiarities.

We volunteers, that’s each and every one of us, are willing, enthusiastic volunteers giving our all to a very special experiment, with no strings attached. And we do return to Earth yet again and again, and we do enter life here each time as a clean slate, and we have done so hundreds, maybe thousands of times, yet coming each and every time in the mood of joyous undertaking.

And it was clear to us that each time we returned to a new life we would have no recollections of our myriad previous lives, as it would be too much information for the human mind and spirit to bear.

And crucially, we would always be accompanied by our constant cohort – our larger, greater, connected part – our inner being, our brilliant source – where the memory of all of our Earth lives are known.

A volunteer himself, Adolf Hitler would have returned to his own beautiful source when he died, so did Stalin, so did Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Herod, Michelangelo and Buddha, Cleopatra, Richard Nixon and John Lennon, all the Popes, all the Caesars, all the killers, all the pedophiles, all the maestros, all the saints, and they are all probably back here again, if, that is, they chose to.

And we were them!!

I might be have even been that volunteer Adolf, or you may have been. It doesn’t matter.

I remember, in the 70’s, a friend telling me that a psychic had told her that Adolf was indeed back in a new body, that she’d seen him, and that he was a quirky yet mild-mannered clerk in the Brisbane City Council. Upon hearing this, I cracked up, in fits of laughter. And despite the truth or otherwise of the story, I recognized the reality that we all do, indeed, move on. We do all have that undeniable, underlying volunteer spirit and the longing to re-connect with source while still in the human body.

I could have used any number of characters throughout history, but I chose to exemplify Adolf here, because as one of humanity’s most catalysing, reviled characters, he is possibly in the top ten of ‘those most difficult to love’. He has pressed more buttons than most, and yet in this roundabout way, he has done so much to reveal our victim-consciousness to ourselves – a very, very valuable experience when welcomed and grasped in the right way.

Adolf himself was also a victim.

And he could only rise to power because the collective unconsciousness of humanity, through their beliefs in externalised political rulers, gods and saviours, asked for it, made it all possible.

Adolf simply gave what we, humanity, wanted.

And yet still we vote for the very same type of political characters! We, nevertheless to this day, continue to encourage, or rail against, believe in, megalomaniacal leaders and institutions and democratic systems, who or which are forever taking us to the cleaners, exposing our blind trust in political, scientific, social, health and financial systems long outdated, corrupted and subverted.

Why? Because we focus there, upon the unwanted, instead of trusting and holding onto our visions and dreams of the beauty we desire, of those ideal systems of human relations that we yearn for, that we are decidedly capable of creating.

Democracy has become plutocracy, owned by the corporate world. Michael Moore calls it a kleptocracy, because the powers that be steal everything they can.

However, I am my own president.

Moreover, I have come to understand that we don’t change things by fighting against things. That simply gives more energy to the unwanted. We are not victims unless we ask for, and so attract, precisely that.

We change things by focusing our attention, our thoughts upon, hence creating, new worlds, new social systems, as we would like them to be in alignment with our inner beings. And this is a very individual matter; hence there are millions of diverse utopias within the collective dreams of humanity – all valid.

Every single human being, in any one of their myriad lives on Earth, is doing the absolute best they can in that moment, in that lifetime – with no exceptions. There is no idea of blame, or failure, or karma within the beings that are 1) overseeing, and 2) participating in, this remarkable live theatre. The word karma is grossly misused. Its origins were pure, when its meaning was that all we get in life is what we have ourselves arranged, asked for, and for which the best response is always to be appreciative of what we have attracted.

Gratitiude, even for shit. Therein lies our expanding freedom.

Many people now associate and use the word karma as some form of divine punishment. It has mistakenly become a synonym for retribution. Such judgements are purely human inventions, as is guilt, all born out of the same unconsciousness that created separation, death, and which, significantly, created organized religion.

However, I am also my own pope, my own dalai lama, my own karma kop.

There is only love, appreciation and total allowing outside of this human experience, but the awesome thing is that those qualities are also here, in this physical life, and found exclusively, and deliciously, within our own personal connection with our own personal source(s).

That link is something we can simply claim, and crucially, expect.

It never strays.

Yes, we do stray, yet always, strangely enough, in the pursuit of excellence, experience, contrast and expansion, and that sweet, all-embracing re-connection with source.

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