fairUnfairness is in the Eye of the Beholder

As the population of the Earth began to grow, even more and more volunteers were needed to inhabit the bodies. With the current Earth population soaring to around 7 billion, it has become necessary for the arrival of, and for this there has never been a shortage of, absolutely eager first-time volunteers (as are the majority of the children being born in more recent decades, sprinkled amongst those of us who continue to die and return); new souls to be ushered into this noble experience of life on Earth.

Come on down!

All, each and every one of these 7 billion humans, have an open line to their own unique, individual higher selves, inner beings, to their source(s).


And never is or was there, in any of us, we the volunteers, either before first- time incarnating or before reincarnating, any fear whatsoever of the often ‘hellish’ lives that millions of Earth volunteers ‘apparently’ undergo.

No, because for all involved it is actually a privilege to come here.

And it is more true to say ‘the hellish lives we end up creating for ourselves’, rather than what we ‘undergo’, as we sift through myriad influences from firstly, parents, then family, friends, schooling and life.

The ultimate quest is to remain true to oneself.

Just where and to which type of parents and community we will be born is not an issue. We all come into human life each and every incarnation as clean and pure as the exalted space from which we have emerged. No karma.

There’s simply the volunteering to be done. All volunteers have no preconceived dread of life or death on Earth, nor any need to, despite the fact that where we actually land here is a pot-luck scenario, yet always perfect vibrationally.

Increasing millions of new souls are required each year, many born into the killing fields of Afghanistan, the Middle East, Africa or the ‘burbs of many dangerous cities. Hence, millions of our fellow volunteers are needed to animate those bodies. Seven billion and counting.

The tyros, the newcomers, as we all once were, also totally accept and welcome the potluck aspect!

Hell, somebody’s gotta do it!

Hello, that’s us, all of us!

We have no fear when we volunteer.

We just go, come, go, come and go because we’re needed, and because we’re thrilled to come.

The crucial understanding is that as life has evolved on Earth, all volunteers could now come to know, before they come on down, the wide range of possibilities they could be in for, and despite the increasing glut of apparent ‘horror’ lives (from the limited human point of view) on Earth, and the pot- luckness of most of it, not one volunteer shirks in the slightest. Hey, it’s exciting!!

There is no idea of horror in the volunteers’ consciousnesses, only delight and appreciation. We are in it for the whole, and for our own expansion.

This is also precisely the scenario for all the various species of bacteria, insects, birds, fishes and animals on the Earth.

They also knew (not individually as humans do, because the various Earth fauna have a group consciousness for each of the species); yes, they, the consciousnesses governing each species knew what they were coming to, what was to be expected, in their lives on Earth.

That some species would be vegetarian; that many species would hunt and eat other species; that some birds would eat other birds and insects and animals; that animals would eat other animals and birds and fish; that some species would be hunted, reared and eaten by the human species was not a ‘horror’ for them.

This was all perfectly understood, welcomed and appreciated.

Any idea of morality about what another human decides to eat comes from the conditioned mind, and never from the non-judging inner being.

And in the end, the insects and bacteria eat, get to feast upon, us all. Hilarious.

There is no death.

Within the elevated levels of awareness of those creating and directing life on Earth, there is, despite appearances, absolutely no problem on Earth.

Zero inequity, zero imbalance!!!

It’s only the human unconscious that creates problems, that feels and protests injustice.

We get what we ask for. That is the overriding law.

And this is it!!

The conditions, the lives we have on Earth are precisely what we as a collective unit of willing volunteers have desired, have focused upon, have created.

If we blame anyone or anything for the ailing state of the Earth, we must also include ourselves in that blame, but hey, there is no place for blame at all within conscious living. It doesn’t help at all!

If we see evil in other human beings (our fellow volunteers, ie), or in some activity, by a corporation, a religion or a government, whatever, it is a reflection of ourselves, of a conditioning of the concept of evil within ourselves not yet faced, realised, or understood.

If we take judgement a step further, and then go out to fight and rail against evil, we simply create even more of the very thing we despise.

There is no evil. Turn it around = live.

Live, and let live.

When we are truly responding to life from our inner being, the concept of blame or problem does not exist, and we no longer attract the ‘perception’ of evil into our experience.

Parallel universes. All is well.

Here is an attempt to summarise just why it is so, that we would happily enter life knowing we might lob into extremely difficult circumstances, where there is bound to be disaster, war, misery, hunger, childhood abuse, poverty, severe stress and illness, early death, etc.

Why would anyone joyously volunteer for that?

1) Well, for one, there are so many apparently hazardous, disastrous lives upon Earth, somebody’s gotta do it!

Those who play the ‘dark’ roles in life are also ‘family’, brothers and sisters, playing out those life assignments that supply the stark contrasts still asked for by others, hence needed for life to continue expanding its understanding.

2) There is no death, hence, in our source being, zero fear of any shape or form when coming into this life – well, at least not until the quickening, when we adopt the input, the psychic influences, of a new mother, father and family, plus a new environment.

3) From the perspective of our source, from that vantage point of the leap into human life, there is no consideration, nor concern about how long this voluntary mission might take, as, to be sure, there is no time. A thousand lives is a weekend, a moment.

4) We were aware; we knew that we would always be connected to our source, no matter how dark it gets here, and that we would always be receiving the emotional signals to help us to re-align with source. And it didn’t matter how long we took to reconnect, or even if we died thick as a brick!

5) We knew that each and every human life contained an exceptional, unrivalled opportunity for expansion for both the individual volunteer and the entirety of existence.

6) And, extraordinarily enough, the more powerful, intense, severe the human experience is, the greater the potential of manifesting its opposite magnificence and expansiveness.

Extremes build greatness, greater vibrations. Yo!

I sense that there is, at the least, a seventh excuse for participation in this human life experiment, probably many more, and that number seven is this – it must be absolutely thrilling to jump in here.

One gigantic, unrivalled-throughout-the-universe, magnificent yahooooo.

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