fair-4We Thrive on Contrast

Of course, we do also enjoy wonderful, beautiful lives – lives of great love, creativity, happiness and abundance.

And luke-warm, mediocre, boring lives too.
We’ve done them all.
We are all in this together.
We are all indelibly bonded by this experience.

We often meet and react with the same volunteers, mix with the same crew,again and again thru many lives, and we never lose established intimacies, never. We have been black, white, brindle, yellow, pink and red-skinned.

General Custer may have been an Indian in his previous life. Sitting Bull may have become a white lawyer next time around. Captain Cook may have been an aboriginal in previous lives, and might be one again now. Hitler may be now a Jew; Gandhi an English transvestite; McCarthy a communist leader.

The zealot who vehemently protests against Monsanto may have been Monsanto’s CEO in his previous life. An anti-black racist would have lived many of his or her lives as a black; the homophobe many lives as a gay.

These are our prerogatives, because we absolutely thrive on contrast – life after life.

We don’t know who we’ve been or who we will become.
Nor does it matter.

We are all finding our way through the maze of life and lives on Earth, and obviously over hundreds of such incarnations, we have experienced virtually every type of life, nationality, class, caste, in every skin colour, homo-, hetero- and multi-sexual, male, female, richman, poorman, beggarman, thief, victim and idol, in myriad lives from the absolute pits to the sublime.

So, what to say about racism, nationalism and classism, or sexism? We have done them all, and continue to do so.

Whilst millions of people appear desperately lost and in agony, and many thousands suicide every year, the reality is, nonetheless, that the individual with the pain and the darkness is the one and only one who can recognise the signals from source; only he or she can find his or her way back to alignment with his or her own source. This is an eventuation which, however brief or prolonged that re- connection may be, will inspire inner happiness, bliss, expanded awareness, abundance, fulfilment, enhanced vibration, and other similarly gorgeous things.

But even that re-connection is not a prerequisite condition for participation in life on Earth! There is nothing that we ‘must’ achieve.

The words “should” and “should not” are not in the universal vocabulary. Neither are “yeah but” or “if”.
It’s totally ok to die ‘lost’. Because ultimately there is no lost.
Just to participate is divine. To play a part is enough. Bas! Enough! There is no failure, nor glory.

However, to be sure, there is this: The potential, an actual birthright, for great happiness, well-being, pleasure, ease, beauty, love, creativity and abundance.

What we prefer, we get; and what we already have, well we have preferred that. We have a choice. I prefer happiness, health, beauty, love and abundance, and the ability to allow others to be whatever they must be. I want that, and crucially I expect that.

So I will have that. Absolutely. Why? Coz that’s where I focus.

Despite the character of whatever scenarios occur for us during each life on Earth, we, ie, that essence of us that experienced another human life through a just-departed body, simply and always returns to merge with our source being(s), albeit ready, willing, excited to have another crack at it when we get the inspiration, or the nod, if, that is, we choose to. It’s always our call whether to come back or not.

In our original, high-frequency, world-creating existences, we are able to manifest what we visualise by thought alone, probably even instantly. Probably we can also travel at the speed of thought. We are that advanced, we are that mature, that responsible; we are that ‘enlightened’, already.

However, and this is the brilliant thing, we do have access to those very same, exceptional creative powers in this life, within the experience of this physical human life. In fact, we are using those same powers anyway, and whether they are being recognized, then utilised, to create our own hell or heaven on Earth is once again, our call, our freedom. It’s about where we are focused and how much emotive energy we direct to that focus.

Indeed, it is extremely fortunate that our normal, previously known, instant- creation abilities are tempered somewhat during life in the physical body. It is a great relief to us, and to all those around us, that we do not instantly manifest what we imagine, given the warped and horrific nature of many of our mind-fucks.

It is ultra wise and helpful that there is a period of grace, after our thinking-cum- emotional-response spells, where we can see if we truly do want what we are imagining; it is indeed obliging that we manifest those desires and thoughts only after we have put considerable time and emotive energy into them.

However, as we mature, as we re-align with source, the speed of our manifesting increases accordingly.

Now that is exciting.

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