fair life What We See is a Reflection of What We Are

[“The essence of that which is like unto itself is drawn.” – Abraham/Hicks]

What we get in life is not a lottery.
If we feel we are victims, we have made it so. We are creating it all.
What a f-f-f-f-f-f-freedom!
Good gawd!
Gracias, existence.

All life on Earth is perfectly managed by a simple, infinitely just law, whereby everything, and only 100% i.e., everything that we have – everything that we love and enjoy, or conversely, everything that we lack, fear or lament – has been totally arranged, and vibrationally attracted to us, by ourselves, and by no-one else, regardless of how circumstances, events may ‘appear’ to contradict this.

What we focus upon, and then put strong enough feelings into, for a long enough time, the universe gives us.

If we fear, or even just think about death or envy or poverty or illness or lovelessness strongly and consistently enough, it is given to us in even greater abundance. That seems fair enough.

The nocebo effect.

We have actually asked for it, whether that asking be by conscious or unconscious means, with each and every outcome being entirely determined by where we focus our thoughts, our visions, our expressions, our dreams, our words – all tools of our creativity, all tools of the same creativity we have enjoyed in our higher-frequency lives.

If we focus upon lack, stress, poverty, illness and suffering, we get more of the same, even if that thinking is trying to say no to those things. Fortunately, the universe does not make distinctions between one saying no to illness or one simply suffering illness, because even saying no to illness is still holding our focus upon the unwanted, upon the lack, upon the victim, upon the image of illness.

So, knowing that what we manifest in life is all about our focus plus the amount of emotional energy with which we support that scenario, then the affirmative, optimistic, loving, allowing, beauty-honed spotlight must bring about similarly beneficent results. Yes.

Far, far better it is, no matter how difficult it may be at first attempts, that we focus, with energy and trust, upon ease, freedom, joy, laughter, success, creativity, health, wealth, self-esteem and abundance, or whatever our own unique vision of our own personal nirvana and wellbeing might be, because, as was said before, we get more of the same.

The placebo effect.

This is the wise use of our creative tools and our feelings. Bring it on!
And hey, it is I, and not existence or God, who brings it on! There could be no fairer nor liberating law than this. Nobody else is ever doing anything to us.

It is the ultimate freedom, once we get it.

If we are miserable and want happiness, we can turn it around, not by focusing upon the unwanted misery, but rather honing in upon the desired outcome, upon the ideal joyful situation.

Just invent it, create the ecstatic ideal in the thoughts, and hold it, at least for 17 seconds, 68 seconds even better, revel in it, and fundamentally, expect it.

We have that inherent authority.

We attract, hence have asked for, ‘bad’ experiences, but we have, in those same moments, the potential to move to their opposites – to the splendid relief of release, so that we never need go that way again.

What we focus upon, we get.
What we want to create, we absolutely can.
We do, anyway.

And it is only the degree of separation from our individual source, wherein lies our full creative potential and powers, that determines not only the nature of our thinking, but also the happiness, misery or otherwise, of each and every outcome.

Every reaction we have to another human being, such as when another presses buttons of severe disturbance within our self; each and every one of those reactions is about our self, and never about the other, no matter how severe or apparently blatant the other’s actions may seem, and no matter how much we want to, and more often than not do, make the problem about the other. We have attracted him or her or it by virtue of our vibrational antennas.

It never is about the other.

We have attracted, requested, often by default, precisely that; precisely everything that has ever come to us, no matter how absurd or undeserved some of the things that come to us may appear to be.

Each and every such reaction, if we dare to completely, intelligently, yes joyfully, take responsibility on board for attracting it, contains within it the potential gift of transforming that pain or anger or lack into its opposite brilliance; a task which takes just a little awareness, plus a little focused art – some clever application of our creative powers, plus deeper and deeper connecting with our personal sources.

To reiterate here: When we are living and projecting from our source, from our centre, we cannot see evil, either in another being or in another’s behaviour. If we see evil, it is simply a reflection of our own unconscious fears and conditioning. If we take it further and actually fight against evil, we are increasing the inner resistance factor and creating more of precisely that which we are fighting against, as is true in any fight. Resistance is the cause of all disease, both inwardly and externally.

No matter how it may appear on the surface, there is no such thing as an unequal relationship, no such thing that one is treated more unfairly than another, no truth in the statement “that’s not fair”, or “I didn’t deserve that”, no matter how it looks from the outside. There’s a great old adage that “it takes two to tango” – this is spot on. Consider also, as we judge another, “it takes one to know one” – precisely.

When we welcome everything and everybody that comes to us as something, or somebody we have actually asked for, and indeed needed, to help make us more whole, we move much closer to re-alignment with source, to resonance with our own personal vortex.

If we have trouble in a personal or business relationship, we have asked for precisely that, in order to be able to manifest the complementary qualities of freedom, clarity, success and maturity.

We cannot run away from anything. But we can take full responsibility for our choices. This may lead to happily and consciously leaving a relationship that no longer works. But if we leave a relationship blaming the other, it will always find us – not like some karmic hitman sent by a god of retribution, thankyou very much. No no, it’s far healthier and friendlier than that.

We actually want each and every experience, we crave them, we desire the encounters, events and dramas that hold the potential to deliver greater clarity, and that includes everything that, and every person who, comes into our lives.

No matter what the scenario, no matter how it seems, there’s nobody and nothing to blame, not even, and especially not, ourselves!

What could be fairer than that?
A fair person in this fair life will never take sides.
All is fair.

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