cloudWhen I looked out over the verandah rail, there was a Dog, sitting next to a Horse, a Dragon was close by and a flapjack was waiting for syrup!

Welcome to my aerial zoo in the sky. An abundance of creatures both real and dream-time, joined with me for breakfast. All made of fluffy white cloud stuff this morning.

Clouds shapes can show the fulfilment of our hopes and dreams, and they hide many secrets. Castles in the air, submarines and sailing ships. Faces, doughnuts, and occasionally a cloaked, but lumpy, starship.

Imagination is a wonderful gift, it’s on a par with learning to read, both can take you anywhere any when and any how. Meditate and what happens? As an apprentice, your imagination kicks in and, like cloud watching, wonderful things swim into view.

Alternativly, the inside of the eyelids grow sparkles, floaty bits, colour patches and shock horror, nothing else happens, except for the infernal chatter disrupting concentration, like rainclouds cover the Sun (or Moon).

So much for formal meditation. One’s whole life can be an act of meditation, if you remember to say please and thank you! Every word of gratitude is truly a mini meditation.

As I noted earlier, Imagination is the key, you know what you want to happen, Peace, abundant food, shelter, clothing, lots of love and bills, what bills? World domination by the Light, genuine smiles plastered on every face, free hugs. Now that’s a meditation! So do it, you will not fail the test, there isn’t one!

Back to the clouds, old movies with the sky in the background often have clouds that hide Galatics, so look over his or her shoulder in the screen shots. Trust me, would I lie to you?

Cloud watching is calming, and you may find a smile creep up on you as watch Gaia’s shape-changers, and as a tool towards effective meditation, they are very useful friends to have.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View


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