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My view is that we co-create all the time. When I go to the grocery store, I co-create with every entity I interact with in that set up, that scene. When I talk to a friend, we are co-creating a mutual experience in that now.

Of course, two people in the same co-creation will see and interpret the co-creation differently, and in my opinion that is the purpose.


Sometimes a co-creation makes me feel things like anger, irritation, etc. Feelings of less acceptance and love than usually, feelings that are easily seen and expressed. It can be given to me or given from me. In both cases, I am fully aware of what is going on emotionally, either I understand the reason for it or not.


Sometimes a co-creation makes me feel things like happiness, love, etc. Also these feelings are easily seen and expressed, and also these feelings can be given to me or given from me. I am fully aware of what is going on emotionally, even if I also regarding these feelings not always understanding the reasons behind them.


Then there are the less obvious variations. Those times when I am not sure if what I send out or receive is hostile or friendly. When one part of me feels awkward or confused during the co-creation.


When I suddenly become aware of that I am sending out a mixed energy in a co-creation, I am most often able to find the reason to why it did happen, if I allow myself to be honest on a heart level.

When I become aware of that someone else is sending out mixed energy towards me in a co-creation, it is not always easy to see the reason behind it, but if I accept that every interaction is indeed a co-creation, it becomes more easy to understand that something in me helps to trigger this mixed energy to be sent out.


I have, during the last couple of months, been observing many of these mixed energy co-creations. Sometimes I have been the sender, sometimes the receiver and sometimes both.

At first, I felt confused because I could not understand why this happened. I thought I was past that kind of experience. But finally I understood that this was me showing myself that I have come so far that I actually can immediately, without delay, see when it occurs.


So, what was needed of me was to stop expressing myself in ways that could be misunderstood. If the receiver in the co-creation felt they got a message filled with mixed energy, I was clearly not expressing what I felt in a clear way.

This does not include, in any way, that I should not express my own truth, but that I should aim for expressing myself in a cleaner way. Perhaps even express my feelings of mixed energy, so the receiver is aware of it on all levels and not only on a heart level.


What has been a learning-curve for me was to understand that receiving a mixed energy message gives me a great opportunity to work with my own balance of energy. I am also in these situations (when I receive a message I feel is carrying a mixed energy) more and more, learning to feel into the reasons behind those messages.

Sometimes I understand these more ‘hidden’ reasons directly, when I receive the energy, and sometimes I understands it first a bit later, when I have had the opportunity to really feel into what was shared with me.


My own vibration decides what I experience. This is a truth I have known for a long time, and lately it has been so clearly shown to me, so even when I, in the first moment, get upset over something, I can only (a few minutes later) laugh about the whole situation.

I have no need to blame anyone (including myself) or feel bad about any co-creation. Sometimes I forget this, even if I know it and complain about the outcome. But thankfully, I have enlightened friends that reminds me of my own power when I have to be reminded.


Learning to feel into messages on a deeper more heart-based level also gives me the opportunity to choose my own truth once again. The time when someone could make an impact in my mind by feeding me with more or less clear messages to trigger emotions in me are since long gone, and also that have I seen proof of during the last months.

I have for a long time been standing on my own ground, even if my heart’s desire is to co-create, and thus I appreciate and bless every opportunity of this that I give to myself. I have no need to prove anything to anyone else, but I enjoy when I clearly can see my own progress of uncovering the true me.

Shared with permission from a Gaia Scene community forum personal blog

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