collective over-soul“Many who are first and second wavers in the ascension process have integrated some of the information in this message, it is therefore a means to affirm that which we know to be true.

For the newcomers in the second and third wave of ascension this message serves as a catalyst to bring forth the much needed understanding that we are one being and in that united awareness all truths are revealed.” Kathryn

Transcript of April 8, 2016 message (edited version):

This audience is more aware than most.

But for many in the world today, this is a time of great awakening and revealing of the world and its underbelly.

We are learning that there has been much going on… well, many have known, but the truth of what’s been happening is being revealed to all of us now… Of the under-handed doings of those who have been in control of our lives.

This time of revealing provides to all of us an opportunity to let go of this world.

Many have spent a great deal of focus worrying and wondering how to penetrate this facility of control. How do we take control of our lives? How do we take control of the world? How do we release the domination that has for sooo long kept everyone bound to this struggle?

The idea however, is not to compete with this effort to control and to accumulate and to rise one above the other.

This is rather an opportunity to release the hold that another may have upon you. And release the hold that we endeavor to manifest upon our individual selves, our individual lives and let go of the struggle to be like that which has controlled humanity for many, many millennia.

The time now is to go inward and discover, that within each and every being is the source capacity to be a ground within which we can rise, grow and blossom into the fullness of who we truly are.

Those who are wanting, desiring, working for a form of liberation have been struggling within the context of a world that is in opposition to that liberation. Freedom is not found in that context.

Freedom is not found in the desire to have wealth and control and influence or to be one who can accumulate and own, possess and control one’s life.

So what occurs in this struggle, the only control possible is the control of other lives, other beings, the family, the friends, and the workplace.

And as we each come upon this barrier that is arising with this great revealing, we enter into a state of, well… it could be frustration, because the efforts, the endless struggles do not bear fruit. They only bear frustrations.

So it is really…

to release the strangle hold that we think we have upon what it is we must do, what it is we must be, what it is we must have, and just allow our being to exist, not in isolation, not separation, but in the essence of truth.

We are in each and every one a universe-unto-itself.

Bring your focus into the interior of our being and let go of the struggle to control or to be part of a world that no longer serves…

We can settle in like a gentle rain flowing into the forest.

Allow your awareness to gently settle in and feel the intricacies of your inner being.

Let the world do what it may, but release yourself from this desire to rise within that which is not serving your better good.

It is not serving your true rising, which is coming into the understanding, coming into an acceptance, coming into the allowing that within each and every being there is a bubbling spring, a rising up of knowing.

A rising up that brings into your being… seeping through the energies, seeping through the body, the physicality.

Seeping through your skin into your existence, into your life.

Bubbling forth from the very core of who you are is the truth of life, the truth of being, the truth of allowing the most wondrous, the most glorious, the most joyful of existence.

As you let go of the troubles that dance before you on the screens of the world, allow your eyes to rest on the natural flowing life that arises from your living, loving, breathing planetary body, because this planetary body is your body.

You are as the ground, the earth and the soil of this world in which you live.

Allow to grow from your soil, the natural flowing of your inner creative source. Allow that source; that energy, the awareness, that loving, accepting and allowing to seep into every aspect of your being.

Like water nourishing the earth your inner power nourishes your body, your soul, your spirit, your being… your capacity to move and grow in the world as an emanation of the deepest capacity to love and express.

And as you allow your deepest being to rise within you like a seedling growing into the strength of a tall beautiful tree…

As you open the inner doors, the inner windows, the inner vision to your truth, your body transforms and heals, your life expands and grows in a capacity for expression and being within the earth, within the field of the earth.

It is yourself that creates the environment…

The physical environment, the emotional environment, the spiritual environment… the capacity to see and experience joy inside this bubble of a world in which you live…

In truth the lives that we have lived have been lives of falsehood.

There have been lives in which we have discounted and ignored and perhaps suppressed the greatest capacity within.

And we have struggled to match, to fit and to be, based on an outer judgment and a dictation that comes from the few who would have you serve their needs, the needs of their goals, the needs of their control, the needs of their wanting to feed off of your energies, your creativity and your loving capacity.

Just like plugging into a wall outlet and taking that energy into the use of your machines this dissipating energy of violence and control is actually fueled by the beauty within you. Only that beauty is taken and twisted into more of the same confusion. Into more of the same, ‘the old way.’

We have approached a time of the ‘new way’.

THE NEW, the new way is to have trust within your own being…

To settle in to this deep wisdom that flows from the first moment of thought, and the first moment of sound.

The first moment of creation flows into your being through the being of your planetary body, from its core into its surface, from your core into your surface. From the surface of your planetary being and of your physical-living-moving-body being… wisdom flows from the center to the surface, into the life… into the stream of your life.

Turn your attention to the inner awareness, allowing that stream of rising and expanding to flow from the source of your creativity, from the source of the heart… the loving and the caring.

Allow that flow to be embodied in your physical being.

The cells of your being will be awakened, will heal, and will rejoice. Your capacity to feel and express, to give and open to one another will expand and be expressed in the world.

You can see it! It’s happening. It is NOW.

So let go of the fragments, of the chaos we witness, perhaps in our homes, in our streets, on the screen, across the world. Turn your attention away from the madness you witness. It’s there; we know it’s there, we can see it, we can feel it.

But the idea is not to penetrate into it and become it, but to allow it in the absence of our attention and energy.

It will dissipate, it will disappear, it will vanish from this world and...

you will have the opportunity among your brothers and sisters of the human realm, the animal realm and the plant realm…

Every realm will be allowing the emanation of the deepest creator force into their beings, into our world.

So that it is in this way that we create the new time of being in fullness, in full capacity, in full openness of heart, in full expression of being,

And the expression is in a myriad of ways. In dancing, in singing, in writing, in loving, in enjoying each other.

This is how it is that this beautiful planetary body, human body and body of the kingdoms, the elementals, the animals, the birds, the plants all coming forth from the center of their beings recreating this beautiful opportunity to be and to live and to love in harmony with ALL as one great diverse, creative, unique expressions of the ONE SOURCE that fuels, loves and sustains.

The ONE SOURCE, in its capacity to grow, to create and to be, to give birth to the new in this great diverse creation of existence bestows upon each and every being the capacity to do this as well.

In life, in expression, and in being to create and bring forth that which never has existed.

To collectively bring forth a world in which all can live in joy, all can live in health; all can live in harmony with each other.

But first that harmony can be found within each and every one.

Turn your attention to the bubbling spring that rises from within, giving birth to countless amazing expressions, experiences and discoveries.

We, ALL in the realm of creation, in the realm of manifestation are united and working together to bring forth this expression of a new manifestation of reality. One that is free from the shackles of our past.

You, each and every single one, YOU are the KEY to open the door. You are the key to extend a hand, extend a heart, extend a loving glance to each other, in assurance that yes… this is as it shall be, this is as it is, and so indeed it is!

© Kathryn Annette Davis

Kathryn channeled this message for broadcast to a spiritually minded community still mired in the global chaos of these changing times. The broadcast includes a preamble guided by spirit and the audio presentation of the above channeling, which is followed by a powerful incantation to help anchor these truths into embodiment.

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