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One of my passions is to bridge understanding, and I find the concept of dimensions really helps both myself, my friends and my clients to do this.

Understanding when we are talking about differing dimensional states of being, empowers us to take control of our experience and deepen our own understanding of our lives.

And, this is the optimal state of being, in my view – where we are self-empowered, through our mental and emotional understanding.

Duality Compared with Non-Duality

Duality and non-duality are characteristics of dimensional states of being.  Understanding a little more about these two concepts, allows us to make personal choices to influence the direction of our lives, consciously.  The effect on our outcomes and goals for ourselves, can be huge.  This is personal empowerment at it’s best!!

Here is an example – This week, I was listening to a discussion between two friends.  Each was expressing their point of view, but having a difference of experience and opinion.

Gratefully, these friends both accept and respect, and appreciate and honor, diversity of approaches and opinions.  So, the conversation was friendly, with each person expressing their experiences and views, which seemed to differ, perhaps even quite a bit.

We Communicate From Our Dimensional State of Being

Yet, I could see the similarities in their experiences and opinions clearly – and I felt these friends were talking about the same subject in a similar way.  It’s just that these friends were each talking about their experiences from differing dimensional states.

And, I felt that I could add to the discussion by sharing my observations of their communication.  I’d love to share them here with you, also.  (And, thankfully I have people in my life who are open to listening to me talk about physics and energy… a lot, lol.  I feel such deep gratitude for this.)

As I listened to the conversation, from my perspective, my two friends were actually discussing the same topic, but from two different perspectives.  The new approach I’d like to add here is this:  they were discussion the topics from two differing dimensions, or dimensional viewpoints.

Neither person could see the other person’s perspective, clearly, because from within the context of the discussion, it wasn’t obvious what was going on.  Yet I could literally feel the differing dimensional states that each friend was referencing.

Understanding How Dimensions Relate to Our Daily Life

I’d like to expand the concept of dimensions, right here and now.  We often appreciate what science has to offer to us, but science can seem remotely disconnected from our daily lives.

I’d like to offer that science and the physics principles of dimensions are integral to daily life, and that the concepts are not difficult to understand.

In fact, I feel that as we learn how physics concepts apply to our daily life, we will gain amazing and full ability to live the live we want to live; to do the work we want to do in this world.

And, we will have the backing of incredible power and energy, fueled from within our own being, because we will do this in alignment with natural law and understanding how natural law influences our personal life, our creative ability, our environment, and even our interpersonal communications.

Our Dimensional Frame of Reference:  Duality Versus Non-Duality

The discussion was about feeling bliss; where one friend was saying they had used chasing bliss as an escape, and my other friend was saying that they are feeling an expanded feeling of bliss on a daily basis.

Each person was presenting their experience of why “chasing bliss” or “being blissful” was a great or not great experience.

What I could see is that one friend was speaking about an experience in duality – this is a third and fourth dimensional state:  chasing bliss.  These are third dimensional (the physical) and fourth dimensional (the non-physical) states of being.

My other friend was speaking about an experience in non-duality – this is a fifth dimensional state: being blissful (a physical and non-physical experience of wholeness).

Our Dimensional Frame of Reference: Mixing 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensional Views

Experiencing Life in a State of Duality (a 3rd and 4th Dimensional, Polarized State of Being)

When we pursue a type of “euphoria”, in a dual environment, this requires that we take a stand in a polarity (wonderful feelings), because we are in conscious or unconscious opposition to the opposite polarity (a denser or darker feeling or state).

In this case, the feelings and thoughts are related to the illusory environment of duality, and are not an elevated or exalted state.  This is the state of separation, as well – because we are trying so hard to hold one side, only, of a two-sided experience.

In a dualized environment, i.e., the old third and fourth dimensions, our only options are polarized states.  We have a choice of one or the other – black or white, good or bad, happy or sad, and so on.

This is what my first friend was saying she had experienced, from her past.

Experiencing Life in a State of Non-Duality (a 5th Dimensional State of Being)

Personal Energy Management, Susan Lacerra, Dimensions, 5D, Fifth DimensionalWhen we drop our choice to stand in polarity, and simply observe the dual choices before us (one of two choices – happy/sad, good/bad, etc.), and, rather than taking a polarized position, we choose the stillness, or the center point, this is when we feel that amazing connection with our inner divinity or Soul – God – Creator – Source.

The human being’s centerpoint, or still point, emanates from our heart.

We move to the center of our being in an integrated state – accepting, loving and integrated with both our own darkness, and our own light.  This means accepting, loving and integrating the two sides of our experiences (good/bad, happy/said, light/shadow, and so on).

When we do this from the center of our being, we feel loving regard for all choices, and then, we choose to remain centered, in our heart space.

From the center point, these feelings are a very high frequency, and they feel amazing, because we are in an elevated state of being – a fifth dimensional state or higher, which is a non-dual environment.  This is an environment where we live in wholeness – but that wholeness comes from within ourselves.

This is what my second friend was describing as his experience in the current moment.

What is confusing is that we cannot visually see, nor can we technically measure, what dimensional state we are in or that we are talking about.  But, having the information, we can choose to take a pause before speaking, or acting, and decide:  what dimensional frame of reference am I choosing, in the moment?

Doing this, consciously, has changed my life.

Elevating Our Choices – Elevating the State of Our Lives

Moving to making conscious and aware choices from our centerpoint, or still point, is an elevation of the human being, and it is an elevation of human thought and emotion.

We move into our high heart, and our higher mind.

From my perspective, looking at this topic interdimensionally, clears the air.

What I mean is that our thoughts, and our emotions, our perceptions, and our state of being, shift from a lower dimensional state, to a higher one.

Once we drop the addictive pull of choosing one side of polarity in a dualized experience, we begin to feel really, really good.  Really amazing.

The high heart opens.  The higher mind clears.

Thus, I find that explaining dimensional frames of reference, simply, allows us to broaden the discussion, and see that we are really talking about the same areas, but from differing frames of reference, dimensionally – from the perspective of differing dimensional states of being.

In making a conscious choice about what dimensional state I am choosing, in the moment, I also empower myself to take charge of my life.

And living this, has been the best gift I have ever given myself.

~ Susan V Lacerra

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