compassionI was in deep contemplation the other night, unable to sleep and feeling confused about the craziness going on in the world and my own personal space. Recent ‘uploads’ of information had me reeling.

Reading wasn’t working and TV was out of the question for my highly sensitive state. So, I managed to call in my higher guides and angels to lead me to something that would assist in getting back on track.

Within moments, I was led to beautiful Scenic, Kathryn Davis’s radio program, which I hadn’t listened to for a couple of weeks.

There, at the top of the page was just what I needed. A recent program that kind of boggled my mind. There had been no mention of it and, the more I thought about it, knowing Kathryn as I do, had I not happened upon this, I may have never known about it. That’s just the kind of modesty and graciousness I’ve experienced from her. I settled in with a smile on my face and pushed ‘play’.

From the start, as I listened to Kathryn’s interview with author, lecturer and visionary, Marianne Williamson on her Heart of Mind Radio program, the fogginess began to clear. Kathryn wasted no time engaging Marianne in conversation that felt like two long-time friends sharing from the heart. I’ve listened to Marianne for many years and have always found her grounded, yet highly spiritual, approach to life unique and refreshing. Though, honestly, she had sometimes been a bit too grounded for me.

Marianne was speaking about her most recent book, Tears to Triumph, diving into the implications of an over-medicated society in a highly dysfunctional world. The show was slightly less than an hour long, but Kathryn maximized on the time, mining precious gems with in-depth and insightful questions. Marianne pointed out similarities between the ‘New Age’ paradigm of ‘think happy thoughts’ while so many suffer in the world and the use of anti-depressant medications which have become the solutions to natural human reactions to the dysfunction so prevalent today.

Hearing this show in the wee hours was right on time for me. I was in a state of utter confusion, my awareness expanding, calling me to bring out totally new skill sets from within myself. While I trust in the divine process, I could not figure out how. The energy exuding from these two highly conscious women helped to plant my feet on this new, higher ground. I could receive Marianne’s ‘groundedness’ in a way that previously eluded me.

She spoke passionately of how medicating natural behaviors during times of “blessed unrest” infantalizes the human experience and thwarts progress. “More than trivializing personal suffering … it is co-opting and medicalizing despair. Psychic pain, just as physical pain, tells us that something needs to be addressed.”

What’s the difference between one reaching out to a physician for help with the psyche and is casually given anti-depressants and the suffering friend whose told to ‘just be happy’? There’s no real love in either scenario.

Marianne’s statement, “The high spiritual mountain is not that you can think it and make it happen … Hitler did that”, struck a chord for me because of my own frustrations around avoidance of current reality within ‘conscious’ communities, choosing instead to focus on the landing of ships or inner earth worlds, but on the surface of Gaia, human suffering becomes the ‘choice of the individual’ that has nothing to do with me. Denying and often judging people as weak or ‘less evolved’ if they’re not able to navigate these turbulent waters we’re collectively moving through today, all a part of the human journey.

As I pondered this, recent troubles between members on our forum came to mind. Though I must add that, though there are frustrations –what relationship doesn’t have them?– never have I found a more diverse group of courageous folks willing to simply show up with their best Selves, day after day. I would not be growing or sharing as I am without them. They represent a microcosm of what I’m getting at here. The exercises in authenticity that each of us must bring in order to get to the heart, to heal and truly serve ourSelves and one another.

In my own experience since 2012, I had been subconsciously focused on accessing the off-planet memories that had been my solace for the first three-quarters of my life, stuff I had shut down in order to deal with the density of 3D life. As I listened to this broadcast, petrified places hidden deep in my psyche cracked open. I could see how this limited focus had kept me from BEing Here Now.

Painful memories of a life long ago, one where I had attempted suicide over and over again to end the constant grief, broke through the resistance of my ego, all the barriers I had put in place to protect myself. The avoidance of these very challenging times in my life kept me from compassion for mySelf allowing the monkey-mind ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) to run amuck and feed the lies. Does facing them make me less conscious or more?

During that time when I was going through this pain I had no problem talking about it. I knew it was a human reaction to a very sick world, my naive and boundless nature bubbling out experiences I assumed were normal. The surprising responses from others had me pack these parts of mySelf away in the dark corners of my mind, thoughts of rejection too much to bear.  To consider suicide made me the ‘weakest kind of human’, a concept that had never occurred to me before ‘friends’ let me know. After this, I twisted mySelf in knots trying to conform to what was ‘appropriate’ in society, an endeavor that almost destroyed the essence of who I Am.

These are the deep energies that have been rising up for me during Pluto’s wicked yet transformative dance, Kathryn and Marianne’s profound exchange blowing the lid off of the last dregs of resistance.

Muscle has been building through these struggles, finding me ready to lift and shift these nasty remnants out of my shadow reality. As I face them today, the charge that once threatened to end me, is barely there. It was surely much harder to avoid. Lingering fears of rejection hold greater charge, that energy now coming up for clearing.

And maybe, just maybe, through allowing myself to remember the shadowy parts of this journey–the heart-wrenching pain, the miraculous multidimensional support and the triumph of my own Spirit– I can truly hear, thus help to transmute, the pain of another suffering soul.

A clinical, ‘at arm’s length’ approach to other people’s pain runs counter to claims of a heart-based, ascending world.

My own resistance has had me participating too, unable to bear the suffering of another, even beating myself up with this un-loving mindset. It winds up making a person feel even more nuts, seeking help among peers who seem to be advising them from lofty, disconnected perches.

There’s a cognitive dissonance that garners neither love nor trust. “A dysfunctional reaction to the experience of being human”, a phrase Marianne used in the interview for the psycho-therapeutic model of over-prescribing drugs that numb rather than heal. West meets East, allopathy expanding into the wholeness of the multidimensional human experience.

That we are ascending, I have no doubt. But we currently live in an insane world. It makes sense, especially for those on the forefront, to ‘go off the rails’ from time to time. Let us move forward full force to create a safe space to do so, without judgment.

A final quote from Marianne, “Anytime we withhold love we stop a miracle”. May we continue to heal one another through miraculous, heart-filled Love, starting with Self.

Thank you, Kathryn, for being such a purposeful model for these truths, with this interview and all you BE.

And so it is.

Kathryn’s full interview with Marianne can be found here.

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