complexityHave you noticed the use of the word ‘complex’ is increasing and (in my view) unnecessarily? It seems to me as if the person or organization at the other end of the conversation don’t wanna do it, change it, or even acknowledge it.

‘That’s a good question but you have to understand the complexity…’

…de dum de dum de dum… no explanation, ‘complex’ kills it stone dead.

Yes, dear ones, they do think we are idiots? It works, too! How many interviewers will persist in trying to get a definitive answer or explanation when it leeches into the sound bite time? None, in my experience!

Our knowledge base is depleted, and most of the time we didn’t notice. As the mosquitoes of the lightworker world, we have an annoying habit of verbally stinging sensitive spots, and I am glad we don’t reproduce in puddles of dirty water…

Truth… what on earth would you want that on TV for? No, well, I’m here to tell you, hiding a lot of truth under a Complex lounge suite is really easy. When questioned, here’s how:

Look concerned.
Start phrase: ‘Yes that is a great (good) question…’
(Killer word used here), ‘YOU do understand the complexity of the problem (question)?’

Interviewer nods sagely, kicks the question under the chair and tries another topic.

Chaos and killer words go hand-in-glove, I mean, fear and ignorance are good stocking stuffers, when the goodies (hum) are all wrapped and disguised as desirable objects, like all-day suckers for grown-ups.

A couple of years ago, I started to get irritated with the killer brush-off and watched, listened and generally observed the growth of this tactic.

If you listen carefully, the interview script and response is the same-same-same…

‘Welcome to Channel XYZ or Station 39 .5.  

‘Thank you, happy to be here.

‘Tell me why are all the shorelines full of rubbish?

‘(Insert Killer words…)

‘Well, we have run out of time, thank you for coming in today…

‘You are welcome, it has been a great pleasure.’

At this point, notice the eye-teeth on both parties are showing, and they clearly cannot stand each other.

OK, little Light Mozzie. Truth? Yes! Complex, why? Go sting!

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View


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