non-consentWithout our consent, nobody can do a thing to us because we live on a Free Will Choice planet.

No matter whether we give our consent consciously, subconsciously, or from our Higher Selves; silently or with a voice; in this life time or in other times; our permission is required, in order for things to manifest in our lives.

We create our reality through our thoughts and emotions, words and actions, even through our non-actions.

Where we don’t create ourselves – a simple intent is the beginning of a creation -, others can easily harvest our creator force for their agenda.

All the atrocities in our world could only come into manifestation because we, through our mental and emotional engagement, consented to it.

It’s a hard nut.
A call for self-responsibility, also on a collective level.
Forget about guilt, that’s a program, designed to stop us from taking responsibility.

No Excuse

“But I didn’t know!”, is a cry I hear in the background.

Well, ‘the powers that shouldn’t be’ do indeed broadcast their plans to us. It’s in the movies, the music, the symbols, the news; the message is everywhere, for those with eyes to look, ears to listen, hearts to feel.

According to the Law of Free Will Choice, they have to inform and give us a choice. They are not obliged to tell us clearly and in entirety, coded messages are enough.  They don’t need to tell us the consequences, that’s up to our own discernment.

But Universal Law demands that the choice is with us so they need to present what they want us to choose for.

When we become aware of what’s not in alignment with Universal Laws and Divine Principles, and don’t declare our non-consent, our inaction is taken as silent consent. You don’t object it so you agree.  Permission granted.

When we engage in an emotional way, triggered by past pains from a personal or collective history, or future fears and wishes, we insert our creator force into their agenda.

It doesn’t matter whether we fear their plan or support it; the focus of our attention is drawn towards their plan, and when we engage with it in an emotional way, our frequencies add to the presented construct.

Have you ever gotten absorbed by a movie about some end time scenario and feared that something like this could happen in your world? Felt the horror percolate in your emotional system, coupled with thoughts about yourself and your beloveds?


Here we go… co-creation … The more people do that, the higher the potential for it to manifest in our shared reality.

There is absolutely no problem with feeling these thoughts and thinking these emotions (this is a slip I didn’t intend to write but it’s perfect, somehow^^) when engaging with a mental-emotional construct we encounter.

On the contrary; running with the story from a loving heart – where Love is no emotion but a state of consciousness – and neutral awareness inserts transmutational powers into it.

Think of all the misery and shadows we see in the world when we switch on the daily news!

In the past, it would regularly give me bad feelings and send me into low-frequency states of pity, grudge, blame, anger, helplessness, hopelessness.

The world’s misery was delivered into my living room and I had no way of changing anything about it. Engaging with what I was presented with added to the misery because I couldn’t stay neutral and heart-oriented, but added my fear-based thoughts and emotions.

I Do NOT Consent

Nowadays, the news offer me opportunities to declare my non-consent.

No matter how consciously we process what we take in, and no matter how much we’ve emotionally engaged with something we actually don’t want to see in the world, the moment we state “I Do NOT Consent”, our input gets nullified. The open portals through which we gave our power away close. Permission withdrawn. Consent denied.

I started making it a habit to, whenever I stumble upon something I do not agree with, declare “I Do NOT Consent”.

The universe listens, even if I only think it.

The more of us people do that in the face of war, hunger, suppression, intoxication, the faster it will disappear from our shared reality.

‘The powers that shouldn’t be’ cannot create themselves, they need us to bring their ideas into fruition. If we don’t join their game, they can do nothing.

This is how we end the old paradigm.

And from Here and Now, we can focus on the reality we want to see instead.

By the way, all of this also works on the individual level. Here is where everything starts.

When I don’t like what happens in my life, I need to withdraw my permission, close the holes through which I leak energy, take a new decision, and focus my attention on what I really desire for my life.

But those of you who read this know that already, don’t you?

Ok, nuff’ said.

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