coronation opportunityCoronation – The Crowning of Humanity

(…….. I wrote this article back in April and today feels like the perfect day to repost it.
When I ask the virus what it has come for, it answers, “I have come to wake up humanity.  When the threshold is reached, my job is done and I’ll be gone.”
Merry Christmas, lovers, merry Christ Consciousness…)

Humans are waking up in droves these days, this corona crisis may well be the jump-start into the coronation of humanity.

‘Coronation’ is the word that has been percolating in my system ever since all of this came to my attention, at the end of December. Corona is a translation of ‘crown’ so the magnitude of this event is mirrored in its name and I felt it right from the start…

At the Crossroads – Confronting the Victim-Savior Archetype

Who takes the crown?

The globalist elite or We the People?

Whose coronation will it be?

Will we, as a collective, use this opportunity to take ownership of our bodies and our health, stand up for our human rights, and start thinking and acting like self-responsible adults?

Will we stop being victims and start becoming sovereigns?

Or, will we stay children who rely on leaders, gurus, and so-called rulers to save us, from the virus and whatever else dangers may come along, and in return give up responsibility and civil rights for the illusion of safety?

Will we grow up?

Will we master the media-induced panic which prevents us from logical thinking, withdraw all permission for being ruled over, and start thinking for ourselves?

Will we start governing ourselves (govern-ment = rule over the mind)?

Collective Dark Night of the Soul

For the individual, the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ often happens before we take the next step in our soul evolution.

This lock-down keeps people at home, so for many, it’s the first time they have the space to deeply encounter themselves and their lives. Stripped of most external distractions, it’s much more difficult to avoid one’s own feelings and thoughts.

I wonder how many people are busy with personal shadow-work right now, and how many souls ponder about the direction their lives take, possibly taking new decisions on how to move forward?

It’s a blessing in disguise that reminds me of Jesus’ Easter journey, his dark night of the soul: body-mind-persona gets crucified, soul confronts and transmutes the personal shadows in hell, which prepares it for the rise up to heaven.

Humanity’s dark night of the soul is a highway to awakening.

From corona to coronation.

Not only do some people take quantum leaps in their individual evolution right now, which uplifts the frequency of the entire collective. It’s also palpable that the group of people accessing information outside of the mainstream grows by the day. People get educated, connect the dots, become aware of an agenda, and point it out in their conversations and social media posts.

We now see ‘lightworkers’ and ‘truthers’ join together – the first moving from a space of spiritual awakening into geo-political awakening, the latter the other way around.

Only together will this be ‘The Great Awakening’.

The People’s Awakening.

Taking a 40,000 ft. View

The details on this p(l)andemic are massive, each day we’re flooded with new information, disinformation, misinformation.

My inbuilt BS-meter which even identified the 9/11 narrative as fake news the moment I saw the towers fall is often at a loss on the corona event. The details are overwhelming, and I’m constantly called to take a step back and move to a higher perspective.

More than ever, I find myself not taking a fixed standpoint anymore, because tomorrow new information comes out that shakes up that position. Observing my thoughts from moment to moment and how I react to new input, I notice that holding various standpoints at the same time, or no opinion at all, becomes the new normal.

However, depending on my energy of the moment, I love diving into certain details and sometimes get excited about them. Every day is such an adventure, things are moving so quickly!

Details can be entertaining, and they are needed to educate the people. Getting lost in them is confusing though and burns us out.

When things get too much (can’t enjoy drama for long, it quickly gets exhausting^^), I get back to the 40,000 ft. view on the bigger picture.  And at times, I take a break altogether, leave it all behind and just stay with myself.

All Is Well in All of Creation

One thing hasn’t changed since all of this started and that is my bliss level. Bliss seemed to be a rare state in the past, but is now only one deep breath or one loving smile away.

At the end of the ’80s, I had visions of a wave of awakening and mass enlightenment occurring in our future which set me off on the spiritual path, in order to become the change I wanted to see in this world.

There were images of a caravan of love, with a few people dancing up front – like the tip of a spear – and behind them, more and more would join the party.

Later, there were images of an ascension train, with some folks firing up the engine, and more and more people getting on board, floating along with the train that carries them through the wave.

Last October, after a week-long seminar in Aquatic Bodywork, which brought my body and energy nicely into ‘the flow’, I spent a night on a sleeper train on my way back home.

After I had surrendered my anger and helplessness of being locked into a cabin with 5 other people, one of them a nasty bitch, without fresh air to breathe and space to move (and certainly no chance for taking a nap), I spent the rest of the night in the most blissful meditative state I’d ever experienced.

In the relaxed upright position I had taken, I enjoyed the movements of my body that was swinging with the train’s movements, without any resistance, and I heard the train’s sounds in the overtone frequencies, which appeared as angel choruses singing to me.

They sang to me of the ‘Silent Night’ and ‘The Second Coming of Christ’.

They sang to me of the many humans who would individually embody Christ consciousness, not in the far away future, but very soon to come.

They gave me a taste of what would become the new normal. And I bathed in it for five hours, totally in sync with the cosmic flow, it was like a constant sparkle of joyful bright tickeling bliss particles.

What could have been a horried night on a train became a portal of opportunity.

Since the WHO declared the global pandemic, my bliss level has been off the charts. My experience from half a year back has become my new default, just on a less excited (read: new and dramatic) level, more like a constant flow.

I feel it down to my bones that what I have been waiting for for decades has begun.

This is what gives me total faith that we are right on track with the Divine Plan for humanity.

In the end, all will be good; if it isn’t good, it’s not the end.

Freedom and Responsibility

coronation 3Things look draconian right now, but this exactly is the key to unlock people’s yearning for freedom and may prompt us to step up to the plate.

Freedom always goes along with self-responsibility – the more sovereign we become, the lesser responsibility we project onto others.

The more we rule our own lives, best in alignment with natural law, the lesser we need rulers who tell us how to live.

Civil Rights in Times of Epidemics

The founding fathers of most nations knew about epidemics which have been happening throughout all of history.

Why is it that no western constitution mentions epidemics as an exception that justifies the suspension of civil rights?

Could it be that they were well aware that such emergency situations are good opportunities for political power grabs?

Look around and notice how the ‘rulers’ in your environment handle the situation. Which new rules or laws are sensible? For how long are they valid? How many of the new rules infringe on your civil rights without protecting or endangering others?

This crisis will reveal who the ‘good guys’ and who the ‘bad guys’ are.

We can observe those who protect the citizens and defend the constitution as well as those who use the chaos to push their own agenda.


I, for one, have no hatred for the power grabbers; watching their games for decades gave me ample opportunity to move through the emotional stages of (geo-political) awakening.

On the contrary, I bless them with loving gratitude for the learning opportunities and wish them farewell on their way out.

Out they will go, there is no doubt in me.

The timing depends on when humanity is going to own its sh*t.

The more we take responsibility for our words and actions, as well as for our thoughts and emotions, the lesser we project our power onto others so they may use it to rule over us.

When we become masters-within, sovereign beings who own their energy, including all shadows, we don’t owe it to others, who suck it up in exchange for the implementation of their agenda.

Once we stand up as sovereigns, in integration of our ‘light’ and our ‘dark’ aspects, the projection screen of ‘the dark lords’ won’t be needed anymore and they will fade out of our reality.

It may take a year or a generation or a few of them to manifest on our planet. In the Higher Realms, it’s already set and done, the closure of the game has been announced and we are in the process of opening a new playing field on a new level.

If we use this opportunity to end the victim-savior game, that is.  Enough of playing around, time to move from victim-consciousness to creator-consciousness.

coronation 2Mastery-Within

We need to stop be-lie-ving that we are helpless little human victims who need others to save us, it’s time to remember that we are magnificent divine souls incarnated as humans, with god-given rights and free will choice.

We don’t need these masters-over-others anymore when we become masters-within.

When we take responsibility for and ownership of our lives, our bodies, our health, and everything else, the ‘dark players’ can go home.  No more Big Daddy/Brother needed.

Then, the coronation of humanity will be completing…

Thank you for your service, light and dark players, we’ve rocked it!

For now, all of us are curiously watching how the chips are going to fall and how humanity is going to move forward… Nobody knows the details, but more and more of us are beginning to enjoy the ride…

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