creating in the new eraMany of you have been very good at creating those things you decided to bring in to your lives. Focused thought about what you want to create can literally create miracles. Studies have shown that our attitudes and thoughts can have an amazing impact on overcoming diseases, such as cancer. We must be very clear about what it is that we want to have manifested. This is important because what we ask for is what we will get. If you are unsure or if you do not ask very clearly, then you will very likely get something that is not what you wanted. It is very important to keep this in mind. It is important to be very literal.

Some people think “the universe knows what I want. It will provide that for me.” Do not rely on that. Additionally, the universe often can not respond until and unless we ask. We need to use specific words when asking for something. If you can add a clear visualization, so much the better.

One thing I have learned is that we have less control over is when something might manifest. That is because it may often be necessary for a number of events to take place before our manifestation can take place. Many events on our world have their own times to occur and some of these times may not be changed.

As we enter the new era before us, this will become more true than ever. The new energy coming in will make creating much more easy, but it will also place more responsibility on us to be responsible in what we ask for. This is true for our personal lives as well as for meditating on changing worldly events. No longer is it enough to simply pray for world peace, although that is a good thing to do. Now we should try to make our prayers/requests as specific as possible. And it is still true that the more people who pray for something, the greater the pressure on the universe to make it happen.

Let’s look at an example. If someone feels called to meditate on a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem, it would be better for that person to become as knowledgeable about the issues and people involved in order to better help create a solution that meets everyone’s needs more fully. Creating from a position of ignorance may certainly work, but may cause new unanticipated problems. We must learn to become more responsible creators.

Is there one best way to create something?

No, it’s more a case of what works best for you. However, there are some things to keep in mind when creating. I suggest that you start by making a list of those things or situations you wish to create or change. Next, rearrange your entries in order of importance. Then look at how you worded each entry. Is it in any way ambiguous? Can you be more specific? Make any needed changes in your words.

It is possible to accomplish magnificent things through prayer, meditation or simply through focused attention. Do these things and you will surely see the results.

It is now time to begin teaching our family members how this process works so that they can become co creators with you. This should also include teaching your children how to create. Children often need this skill more than adults since they often face so many difficulties when maturing. Just be sure that you teach them how important it is to create responsibly and what the ramifications can be if they act irresponsibly.

How come we sometimes create, but nothing happens?

It’s hard to provide one simple answer, but several reasons might be affecting the outcome. The first and most likely is that you have not allowed enough time for the desired outcome to manifest. I have written about how I created the perfect new job and how the president of the company couldn’t hire me until the beginning of the company’s new fiscal year which began in June and there was no money in the budget to hire me until then. Although I wanted the job to start sooner, there was no way I could change the fact that the fiscal year started in June. Sometimes there may be time limitations to deal with and we may not know about them,

Another reason could be that the thing we think we want is in conflict with our life choices for this lifetime. That is not to say we can’t manifest what we wanted to, but it might be a lot harder to accomplish. It might also not be possible, depending on whether our request goes against what our spirit will allow.

Here is an example. Let’s say that I desire a relationship with someone who has been very abusive to me in the past. I decide to meditate on creating a harmonious relationship with that person. However, I can’t control another person’s actions. Let’s assume that this other person is a very dark entity who doesn’t really care about my needs or my welfare. Let’s further assume that the two of us have already had several lifetimes together before.

My spirit, which is able to see the larger picture, knows that having this relationship would be harmful to my spiritual growth and seriously interfere with my (our) growth plans for this lifetime. Spirit also knows that it was my agreement coming into this lifetime to avoid having any further relationships with this other person. In this example, spirit will do what it can to impede creating this relationship. If I forced the issue and married this dark individual I would very likely suffer greatly at the hands of the other person.

So, it would still by my choice and I could force the issue and create this relationship, but it would be an unwise move. Remember, just because we want something, doesn’t make it the right choice Usually in a situation like this, if we really think about it, we will understand that pushing the relationship is a bad decision.

Do we create everything which happens to us?

There have been many people in the New Age movement who have been teaching an untruth. They say that anything we give any attention to will be manifested. For example, someone who says “I’m afraid of getting cancer” is actually creating a condition for cancer to manifest. These people teach that there are no accidents, that everything happens on purpose. This is not entirely correct.

Yes, if you spent hours every day worrying about cancer, that could predispose you to getting cancer. However, plenty of people with good attitudes also get cancer. It is also a function of heredity, how you treat your body, exposure to toxins and how healthy you eat.

Other people may also affect our lives. Not only by what they do to us, but by their directed thoughts and intentions. Do not get drawn into the trap of saying “it’s my own fault, I brought this into my life” because it may not be the case. Unless you can see a pattern of behavior or some other indicators, don’t go there. To do so can be overwhelming and can literally ruin your life.

In conclusion

When creating, being focused and specific is crucial. You may have to wait for something to manifest in its own time. Forcing an issue may have very unpleasant results.

Remember the old saying: be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. This is now more true than ever before.

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