I am noticing that as we enter the intensely new energies of our realm that striking opportunities for creating our own reality seem to be increasing at a faster and faster pace, and we can learn from them if we only open our eyes and pay attention.

Every moment of our lives is an opportunity for growth if we see it that way. Sometimes it is obvious and other times we feel as though our lives are flowing at the whim of some outside force.

My experience today shows me directly that I have the power to influence the events of my life, and those influences are creating very rapid manifestation in the outside world.

This morning, as I do most week days, I was driving my daughter to her classes at a local college.  The trip takes about 20 minutes, and we have created a time to be together and connect while listening to fun music and observing life around us.

We were at a stop light, and I noticed 4 police cars whizzing by. My attention was piqued and I  mentioned it out loud, wondering where they were going so quickly so early on this day.

We drove along and came to an area where they were pruning the trees along the road, under the electrical lines. We both commented, as tree lovers, how awfully they were doing the pruning, with no respect for the health of the trees. In other words, this observation put me in a bit of a bad mood, and that set me up for observing other things that would continue the trend.

My daughter just got her driver’s license, and the one location that I had specifically asked her to drive safely was on the college campus.  I had observed kids whizzing in and out, oblivious to the other cars, so I wanted to make sure she understood the added vigilance she would need to keep herself and others safe in this atmosphere.

As we were pulling into the parking lot, I noticed a campus police officer ticketing cars that had expired permits. I said out loud, “Look at that jerk ticketing those cars.”  It irritated me no end, and I stated as much.

I will be clear here. I have always had an innate irritation with authority, as I am a freedom-seeking being. Others may not have this concern, but the situation certainly had me a bit triggered.

I said good bye to my daughter and hurried home to make a meeting I had scheduled.  As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I saw a car coming rather slowly along the access road, and I wanted to get in front of them. I tapped my breaks less than enthusiastically at the stop sign and continued on ahead.

After I got through the main light at the entrance, I noticed flashing lights behind me. Sigh.  I pulled over and got out my driver’s license and registration.

The police officer asked me if I knew what I had done wrong, and I said, I just came out of campus. He told me I had not come to a full stop at the stop sign and it was his job to make sure everyone stops fully at the sign. He took my information back to the squad car and asked me to sit tight.

At that point, it dawned on me that I had attracted this situation. I had magnetized an interaction with authority through my focus that morning. Observing the rushing police cars and the town road crew haphazardly pruning trees, with full local authority, I had been irritated by that authority and so, through that energetic resonance, more authority poured into my experience.

I even went one step further. I voiced my irritation with authority in calling the officer ticketing cars a jerk.

Now, I had a choice at this point. I could continue to be irritated with authority and blame the officer for catching me, when others obviously do the same thing and get away with it. I could blame forces outside myself for my experience and feel like a victim. I could, alternately, take responsibility for my own actions and understand my power to attract situations though my attitude and the invocation of my words.

I chose the latter. As I sat there in my car waiting for the officer to return, I thought about the work these folks do to keep kids safe on campus.  I thought about how I agreed with that need for safety and behavior checks that would motivate kids at the college, and their parents who sometimes drive them, to be more aware of their behavior and how it contributes to the safety of all. I was glad the officers were there to assist in that aspect of the human interaction at the college, and I was glad of this reminder about my own behavior.

When the officer came back to my car, he told me that I was only going to receive a warning and to please drive safely. I told him my daughter had just received her driver’s license and I had warned her that the most important place to be aware of her driving was on campus. I thanked him for his assistance in keeping campus safe,  I apologized for my actions, and told him I would obey the rules that are set in place to keep everyone safe.

As I motored forth from my spot on the side of the road, I was grateful for the experience. It reminded me that my actions could effect others. We never act alone in a vacuum, and our experiences reverberate outward, touching many other lives in the process. Being a good steward of our experiences and understanding those connections helps us keep the focus of our power where it belongs, right inside our own perception and heart.

It also reminded me of my power to create directly in my own world, through my thought, attitude and word. Instead of feeling like a victim, I felt powerful, because the pathway to this creation in the real world was so clearly laid out for me.

Instead of feeling upset that I created the situation, I felt happy that the greater portion of my every day experiences are positive. I was then able to run those experiences backward and see that my attitude, focus and words were generally positive and loving, and thus, so were my created experiences.

The entire situation was positive, once I understood the lesson that my focus creates my reality.  Invoking experience through my words can make things happen much more quickly in this present energy.  We all experience examples of this every single day. Some of them are striking, like the one I experienced, and others are subtle. A smile, returning a smile is a creation chain of events that you instigated by your focus and actions.

Anyone with even a basic knowledge of the Law of Intention understands this flow, but please don’t start freaking out and invoking the thought ‘police’ to try and put an iron clad control on your experiences out of fear.  We all have random negative thoughts, every single day, and few of them actually manifest because there isn’t enough energetic support.

Sometimes though, we put the extra energetic push behind them, by voicing these thoughts or statements out loud, but at a certain level of unconsciousness.  Since we aren’t completely focused on the invocation power of our words in that moment, we aren’t putting up any resistance to their creational ability in our reality.  We are actually stepping out of our own way and dropping all self-created road blocks, and thus, the created experiences quickly flow in.

The master’s lesson is to honor this creation process and integrated it into our daily life seamlessly, so we actively use it, but do not put much focus on it. Then self-directed creation of our reality becomes the norm, and the more we create, the better we get at it.

I was grateful for this opportunity to reinforce this lesson, and turn what could have been perceived as a negative experience into a positive check-in with my own creative power.

I thank the universe for the tap on the shoulder, that is vibrantly apparent in all my experiences, if I simply open my eyes and my heart to the lessons they can provide.

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