parasiteVarious sources are currently reporting on and talking about the old paradigm control structures breaking apart, and related distortions being removed from our collective consciousness fields. For validation, we can watch the mad scramble to control narratives and push agendas going on.

With these statements, I completely agree. No actual need to get all fancy with the vocabulary. That which needs to die is dying before our very eyes. This can be ugly and emotionally triggering, but the truth is that this too is an integral part of the cycles of LIFE.

As I perceive this crumbling action going on, I can frame it as: what is parasitic and without the essential viability to live (without being parasitic) is not viable in its essence, and therefore not in alignment with the powerful Divine Archetypes playing out at this time, (in other words, with the timing and the Will of Divinity).

What is happening right now can also be said to be a phenomenon of the awakening process. As we flow our awareness into those things that are (at the core/essence) necrotic and anti-life, all of us awakening to it quickens this crumbling process, infusing it with living vital energies that counteract/antidote the poisonous nature of it, also upping the speed and momentum of its crumbling demise.

It is a GOOD thing. It may not look good and it may not feel good, but it is good. It’s the divine light of awareness that transmutes, and is both potent and profound in its stunning affects on our shared realities.

The cry of the parasites (embodied by various entities with their loud speakers blaring and pushing fake narratives/agendas) are pushing harder and harder to convince everyone that their coming demise is our demise. It isn’t.

Like all parasites, this is the drill, to pretend to BE the host. The more resistance to this that appears, the more pressure is applied. It’s the survival impulse of a parasite, and difficult to unsee, once you see it.

It’s not complicated, it is dead simple. Where awareness flows, energy goes. That’s the rule, and by intention we can own this.

The devil may indeed be in the details, but so what? You can see the f*ckery in the language bait and switches and the narratives designed to distribute a ‘map’ that is not in alignment with truth, or with anything other than the continuation of artificial realities construction attempts. Without our awarenesses attached to these weak narratives, without our willingness to buy into/purchase these ‘maps’, they can wave them around and scream all they like, and again, so what?

To what ‘authority’ am I to look to/rely on/trust? And who will discern this for me? Fie! What a f*cking bunch of nonsense! I am the consciousness that defines values and meanings! Not a parasite, no matter how loud or how long it squeals.

So, here we may see it, if we will.

Attach to the crumbling necrotic realities and go along with the pressures and agendas that are designed to have us thinking and feeling like this is about us and who we are; this is the essence of the push. That’s the push, plain and simple. No need to get fancy and dress it all up, like lipstick on a pig, with an avalanche of petty details. This is the drill, you know, the maze factor designed to get us lost in the shuffle instead of keeping our focus on the actual territory.

If it’s your mission to track down and exterminate this or that petty detail in this nightmare ‘fun house of f*ckery’, fine. If not, then it need not be so fascinating that it sucks the real value (ie, your conscious attention) to it.

The maze (for many) of petty details is a smoke screen and a detour, a distraction to disempower and misdirect. Once seen, some things can’t be unseen, but get lost in that shuffle at your own peril. It’s designed to ensnare and smother you, or even worse, to take you off the playing field entirely. That nothing less in intended is becoming exceedingly clear, to all but the most stubborn resistors to bare faced realities.

More potent and powerful now to intentionally direct one’s attention to what is in the closest alignment to what we truly value, and to apply our creative divinity to assigning meanings in our own personal realities. With the most potent, the most loving, the most passionate charges on them we can muster up.

Let the parasites moan and squeal. Let them call out we are all doomed and resistance is futile! The divinity within us allows us the choice here to wake up and grow up. The harsh and primal truth of this grow up invitation is all about the personal. Personal matters filter into the collective pool of experience, of course, but the choices points are only viable in the personal. This is where the magic happens. It’s the only place where anything CAN happen and stick.

Which is also why the awakening phenomena is the most potent thing crumbling the push for artificial realities right now.

Rule of the day: don’t eat the shit sandwich. Repeat as often as necessary. Let’s own up and prepare our own banquets, blessing them with our greatest love and intentions. Feast on these blessings instead.

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