evilHow should we deal with evil? This is going to be a somewhat complex subject.

Why is that, you might ask. First, many people have different definitions of what is truly evil. Many people believe that there is no such thing as a pure evil, negative energy beings. We are often told that in this dimension we have duality, that is a combination of dark and light energies, and one is necessary to have the other.

This is certainly true. And I will suggest that in some of the upper realms there is also some duality, although not nearly as intense.

We are also told that souls incarnate here to experience both. This is true. We are told that we all have equally had lifetimes where we were the ones who were the bad guys, that everyone has lived lifetimes as both the person who committed the bad acts and the person who experienced them. This too is often true.

We are told that in order to have the light we must also have the dark. It is often said that this is what is called duality. Everything functions within duality and it is available so we can experience both the light and the dark energies. Therefore, there is no true evil. What we think of as evil is merely a function of duality. I will have more to say about this below.

All of this is true. So, if it is indeed true, what is the problem? Aren’t we all created out of love by our Creator? If so, how then can anyone not have the Creator’s light within them? We are told that those whom we consider to be bad or evil are just experiencing that facet of duality. Case closed.

Well, I see it much differently. I will attempt to explain how I see this duality we live in and why. First, the problem with what I have restated above is that while it is based on truth, it is only part of the real truth.

There is so much more to know. I will share what I have been told, what I have seen and experienced and what I am told is to come. Since we all have different perspectives on things, it is possible you may not agree with what I am going to share. If so, that is your truth and I respect it.

Some Necessary Background

First I need to offer some history in order to put everything into perspective.

In the beginning the entity I will refer to as the Prime Creator, whom you might call God, became aware of Itself. After a period of self-contemplation, It decided to explore and learn about itself. In this process, It created twelve (I’m told) Sub Creators, or lesser Gods, from Itself using Its own energy.

The new Sub Creators went through much the same process, each in their own unique way. Most moved on to create their universes and ultimately life. All from themselves. A few did not create, but continued contemplation. All shared their experiences with each other and with Prime Creator.

After creation of their universes, most of the Sub Creators moved on to create a wide diversity of life forms in various levels of energy and dimensions.

Most were created from variations of medium to dark energies. This is not to suggest that they were evil as such. There can be much pleasure in a dark energy experience.

Dark energy beings tend to be more focused on themselves. This was countered by creating many of them with the “beehive” mentality which enabled them to function in more of a group need environment. But, this would not be the final “solution”. The life forms created were highly diverse. Some were more physical while others were more energy based.

The Sub Creator who ultimately created our universe waited and observed how the others created their life forms. It finally did Its own creations primarily using the light from which it was created.

There was a major difference in the souls It made. And in the subsequent humans which were created. The other Sub Creators were not able to duplicate Its creations of pure light beings for reasons that remain unknown. This is why we, as humans and as light beings, are unique and are the subject of so much interest.

Are Humans Different?

While it is true that the evolution of humans did involve DNA which has been worked with and modified by ETs, our DNA remains unique and is not fully understood. It is uniquely integrated with our light energy souls. One could say that we are the model for that which is to come when new universes are created.

Humans are completely different because we are a unique mixture of DNA, karmic debt, current and past life experiences, emotions, and we have complete free will. Our brains are also unique in their construct.

Our universe is also a place where interference in free will is prohibited. It is truly a place where duality exists, meaning that more different life experiences are possible here.

Over time many ET life forms have come here to observe and learn, and in many cases they have come here to incarnate and to experience living in this unique environment.

Not all ETs are able to easily deal with life in the heavy energy of this third dimension. Some learn to adapt while others cause problems for themselves and for others. Some have simply been overwhelmed and can not function well.

Many entities also exist in the other dimensions surrounding our planet where they are energy beings who can still observe life here and in many cases, interact with and affect people here. Although we cannot normally see them we can certainly feel their presence in many cases. It is when such entities come from a negative energy source that we begin to have problems.

Over time, we have had a policy of allowing ETs to come to Earth and to occupy bodies. It is necessary to keep in mind that those ETs who came here retain much of the energy imprints from where they came. That is how they were created to be. It affects how they live, think and function as humans.

I suggest that this is something which has been little discussed or understood. Understanding this is vital to coming to an understanding of the issues this planet is facing.

There are, and there have been, many ETs who have incarnated here for a very long time. Over time, they have become quite able to functions as humans.

What is important to remember is that these beings all still retain, at their core being, that energy they were created with. This has a lot to do with how they live and function.

And it is important to keep in mind that they are not all the same. Just as those energy based entities who have come here, but who do not occupy third density bodies can vary greatly.

How ETs have Affected us

While many of these beings came here to observe and to learn, many of them have stayed because they like living here.

I am now talking about beings who, at their core, are not what we would call light beings. These beings, many of whom were born with the “beehive mentality” and the accompanying energy, have learned how to live here and how to work effectively with others of their kind. It is possible to see examples of this all around us.

For many thousands of years it is these entities that have controlled how the Earth has evolved. They learned early to (1) work together and help each other, and (2) how to occupy highly placed positions of control and influence so they could have a direct effect on events.

To be fair, many of these beings do not consider themselves to be evil. They can honestly believe that they know what is best for humanity. One problem, however, is that such beings have always been largely devoid of empathy. They function in what we call a service to self energy. That is how these beings were created to be!

We are able to see how they have managed things on a planetary scale. They have increased their power by effectively managing the flow of money, which is power, the world economy and public opinion.

These beings no doubt have highly placed people in key positions in the media, in business and in politics at all levels. And remember, these key people at the very highest levels know each other and do work together most of the time, barring disagreements which can come up.

They have learned how to gain great power, how to exercise it effectively to obtain their goals and how to remain largely unknown and function in the background.

Dealing with Darkness on a Personal Level


The other half of this equation is living with people who cause harm and pain on a personal level. Not all dark energy beings achieve lofty positions of power.

Many newcomers to Earth live amongst us and often affect our lives in negative ways. They also carry the energies of their origin with them and it largely dictates how they are as humans.

This is definitely not to suggest that all such beings/humans are evil. But they are not “of the light” although many have varying degrees of light energy within them.

I have come to understand that sociopathic individuals have a major impact on many of us. Some sociopaths are created by their environment during their developmental years. Others are clearly born that way, which raises the question – why?

The answer is because they are often humans which have source souls that are not born of the light. Remember, we know that many ETs are not of the light. We know that they have also come here to experience life in the third dimension. We know that they incarnate. It is totally unreasonable to imagine that in so doing they would leave behind all of their fundamental energetic characteristics.

A sociopathic individual can no more become a different person than they can fly. To put it another way, it is not possible to treat and cure a sociopathic person. It has never been done.

What can be done in some instances is to convince the sociopathic person that it is in their best interest to change some of their behavior. This will only happen if and when they decide that to do so is in their own best interest.

So, it is reasonable to say that some of the ETs who have incarnated here are those who blend in and do fairly well as humans. They came to have a human experience and they will.

Other ETs will be determined to live their lives here as they see fit. This group makes up many of the problematic people we must live with daily.

Given that many of them will be labeled as what we would call sociopathic, it is necessary to understand their characteristics. I cannot go into them in detail here, but these people are compelled to be manipulative.

They enjoy having power over other people and situations. They are driven to be survivors. Their first thought will always be to do what serves them best. That is simply how they are made. They are often people who are driven to succeed.

As stated above, this does not mean that these people are all evil. Some will be and others will not be.

So, how shall we deal with those people who come into our lives and cause disruption?

The first thing is to set boundaries which address what we will allow and will not allow, then to live by them. Next we need to learn to evaluate what a person does, not just what he says.

When that person attempts to manipulate or control us in an unacceptable way, we need to deal with it. Exactly how, will of course depend on the circumstances. But, our boundaries must be respected. We can tell the person what is and is not acceptable and hope that they will accept that. If not, then we need to exit.

When such a person causes us harm, getting angry or wishing something bad to happen to the person serves no one. It has been said that we should send these people love and then they might change. If you can do this, then by all means do so.

For most of us the best thing we can do is to work at being neutral. If necessary, put up your protection. Work on creating the outcome you desire. Stay focused on that so that it might manifest. It is not our job to punish anyone or to get even. When harmed, all we can and should do is to work on making our lives the best they can be.

How will evil People be Dealt with?

In the end, everyone will be accountable for how they have lived their lives. This is not to suggest that punishments will be meted out. The final solution, if you can call it that, will be somewhat complex, just as many things are in the higher realms.

The ETs who came here understood the rules of this universe. Even though they lacked empathy, they understood that this planet was to be populated primarily by light beings. The individuals we are concerned with chose to not live by our values.

There are many dark energy beings that put on a good show. They often do not reveal themselves as they really are. When the coming change occurs, at some point each person here will be known for what they are. It can no longer be hidden.

For someone to say that they are sorry for how they have lived will not change the essence of their energetic imprint. The energy that we carry represents who we are. It only changes when we change how we think, how we live, how we treat others, if we care.

For dark energy beings to go through such a change they must do some (or a lot) serious introspection. This is mostly a do it yourself project. Many negative energy individuals (whether they are ETs or not) will be taken to a place which is suitable to their energy.

Although the worst ones will lose their Earthly identities, they will retain their essence of who they are. Living together, they will have to learn how to care and to treat everyone with mutual love and respect. This will not happen immediately. There will be counselors available who are able to help those who wish it.

This “place” will not be a particularly pleasant place to be, but neither will it be anything like hell. Only when these individuals have advanced sufficiently will they leave, or advance to a better environment. I have seen this place and its leaders. It is a rather dark place to be. The bottom line is that we all will wind up where our energy matches the environment. The other souls who occupy the same space will have similar energy signatures.

In Conclusion

None of us can change any dark being. All we can do is to protect ourselves from them when we identify them. They will do what they do and it is not our responsibility to reform anyone. Our main responsibility is to our self in such situations and that means that we should work on being neutral and using our protection tools.

Trying to send them love, if it is not in our nature to do so, can only create guilt at having failed to do what we have been told by others that is what is needed. If a person can do so, good. If not, then become neutral.

There will be many entities who, being unable to change, will be returning to their home universes, where their energy is appropriate. Our planet will grow and its people will evolve and gain new experiences.

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