Not a single day goes by that I do not see people using the actions of others as justification for their actions.

This isn’t anything new. It is ancient news and a societal habit that has been going on for a very long time.

‘An eye for an eye’ is so deeply buried in our mythology, our history and our psyche that it is almost invisible. It has become an unconscious truth that isn’t really a truth.

Many horrific events have occurred in the annals of known history that were based on justice and its crazy twin, vengeance, so there is no need to drag through the mud and recount any of them. In all cases, beings simply justified their actions based on the actions or beliefs of others.

There is some whisper of the concept of Karma in these types of actions, ‘what comes around, goes around’ is the consistently repeated short answer of what Karma is all about, but this is not Karma at all.

Karma is the energetic balance point, the zero point if you will, within the dualistic system in which we exist in this universe. A point is held,  an opposite point must be created in duality, and the zero point, or karmic balance, is in the middle.

Thus, the middle path. Buddhism speaks of this brilliantly for those who wish to delve.

So why are the concepts being mixed up and used inappropriately?

Why is the focus not on bringing balance into the world? Returning to the center? Returning to the heart?

Why are we consistently reminded of justice and vengeance? Why do we see it in history, in literature, in movies and the media?

Who does it serve for us to remain out of balance?

Wouldn’t it serve us best to remain in balance?

The truth is that justification is a deep hack that has caused a huge scar in the psyche of humanity for eons.

There. I said it.

Justification is the habitual trigger given to a being that allows them to drop their vibration and direct ‘like’ energy to another being who acted before them.

Justification is a follow the leader approval of behavior and why role modeling is so ingrained in human society.

They did it, so we can do it too. They behaved badly so we can punish them by behaving badly back. This is justice.

No. This is not justice. Justice is a statue that holds the scales while blindfolded.

She is impartial. She simply holds the space for balance, or karma, and without directed, forced energy insertion into the equation, the universe always seeks balance.

Throw justification in the garbage, and walk as fast as you can. It is a hard habit to break, even for those who have been on the spiritual path for a very long time.

The truth is that we have always known that justification was a hack. When we experienced its energy it never felt good, did it?

Have we ever received peace and healing from acting out of justification? Have we ever once felt resolved and balanced?

Speaking from personal experience alone, as all others have their own paths, the answer is a resounding NO, and on my path, if something feels bad, I choose not to do it anymore.

We have all experienced this scenario in one form or another as we walk the path. We are centered in our heart space and then something happens, or someone does something that triggers us, and immediately our energy drops to their level and we engage them.

There are so many examples of this that I could fill a book on it, but social media is currently loaded with such experiences. Someone posts their views or experience strongly, another posts in opposition and equally strong energy and it is on like Donkey Kong.

Instead of opening up a space for balance and hearing both sides of the story, instead of listening to expand perception and get a deeper understanding that there are a wide range of views on this planet and they are all valid, the original poster feels attacked and justified to attack back.

This is not balanced energy and it is not even dualistic energy.

Dualism holds two points at least on a spectrum, with the zero point of balance in the middle. It holds the playing field of existence and expands perception.

So many want to get OUT of duality, but we aren’t even truly IN duality when we are triggered to justify our actions, defend ourselves or seek retribution for the actions of another.

We are squarely on one side of the scales and we are jumping up and down on it to push it down further.

The hack contains many different energetic constructs all rolled into one big barb. Open up the package and we will find; judgment, of course, victim mentality, hierarchy, ingrained beliefs of superiority of certain social and religious constructs and a will to command the behavior and actions of all other beings.

As we walk the individual sovereign soul path, we begin to experience a broader perspective and understand that all paths are valid and that each gets to choose what energy and experience they include in their own field, on their own path, and through free-will choice.

When we move forward consciously and choose our behavior and actions from this knowing space, we understand that others can act, think and feel differently than we do, and we honor that, still holding firmly to our own path.

In other words, the thoughts, words, deeds and energy of another have no bearing on my path or what I am doing on planet at this time, and the more I anchor that knowing and stop using the actions of others to justify behavior that is not in alignment with my soul choice, the more heart-centered I become and the more effective I become in creating the world that I wish to see.

It pains me to watch those who speak of being on the path and wanting to raise the vibration of this planet and move into the new earth fall into this reactive pattern of justification.

There are an infinite number of paths to travel and most old souls have a very eclectic path indeed. They collect to their hearts that which brings them joy and leave what does not by the side of the road.

Young souls and those stepping onto the path may seek guidance from others, as there is an overwhelming amount of information available to the newly awakened. Opening the space for listening, understanding, sharing of experiences and what works for a us is so appropriate in my estimation, while dictating a strict path or direction only serves to create pain and that triggers the hack of justification all over again.

We all exist in the chaotic swirling energies of this time. Some say we signed up for this as we are masters of human form and built for the roles we are playing in this game of incarnated life.

I personally, want to be as effective as I can in my role here on planet, and I do that by staying as centered as possible while focusing on that which I wish to see and experience here on earth.

When a master observes an energy or experience that they do not choose to include in their energy field and in their perceptual world, they consciously choose to offer the vibration of that which they do wish to see.

If they observe hate, they offer love in energy and also in action. If they observe pain, they offer comfort in energy and also in action.

They offer vibration in order to anchor the constructs and bring balance, but they also offer action in order to be the change they wish to see on this earth.

When we allow the actions, energies and experiences of others to dictate our own energy levels and actions, we have firmly stepped off the path of mastery and opened ourselves up to allow the will of others to be forced on us.

When we affirm that the actions, energies and experiences of others are their sovereign choices and have no bearing on our actions, energies and experiences, we own our path and can more effectively navigate it.

As beloved children of the universe, we have been gifted with sovereign free will choice to think, be or do anything we choose as incarnated beings on this planet, and this is true for every single one of us.

When we drop the hack of justification by the side of the road and move forward, we are freer to experience that gift more fully, and meet others in a more neutral space, understanding that their actions are their own, our responses should also be our own and not based on an habitual, deeply ingrained hack that only serves to consistently drop our vibration.

This does not mean we won’t ever get mad at someone, or feel hurt or angry. These emotions are normal and healthy and are part of what makes us human. Have the feelings, vent them out into the sacred vent space. Take all the time needed to comfort ourselves, then remember that we can be a bit more conscious of how we respond to experiences, and how those responses serve us best in creating the world we wish to see.

Justice is not a universal law, but a human construct, created to force imbalance into the social system for the benefit of those in control. When we offer similar energy in reaction to the actions of others we perpetuate this imbalance. When we stay centered and offer the opposite energy, flowing more of what we wish to experience energetically, we begin to move the energy into balance and towards the zero point which ultimately brings harmony.

And doesn’t harmony and balance feel good to you? It does to me. It’s what I choose to include in my own energy field and flow out into the universe in alignment with the highest good of all.

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