deepeningThis part of the seasonal cycle in the Northern Hemisphere is the last bit of Winter, just before Spring arrives. Each year, I notice how this is the lowest energy point for me in the yearly cycle.

I’m invited to slow down right now, to spend much more time just being and not worrying about rushing around to do, or to be in anxiety about coming up with solutions.

I feel balanced when I relax into this being without the stress of trying to press myself into some artificially induced frenzy of activity.

I know the time will come to be more active. It always does. I know this activity will excite me and I will feel the influx of energy to produce, to solve, to create again.

I’m sinking into myself and deepening, and nothing is urgent. Like the times that flood me with things to do, in its proper place, this time of not doing and just being is just as valuable and appropriate.

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