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This is the zero point.  This is what this is.  It means, in our creating, in our being, in the moment, that we are at zero variance from the impulse of our own true essence, sourced from and powered by the light of our own Soul.

Manifesting Zero Point as a Lightbody

One of the other ways of describing this is as being in ‘lightbody’, while in our human form.

Our essence is our truth and our inner light; ultimately it is the truth and the light of Soul.

When we are conscious and fully engaged with the expression of our essence, our higher consciousness forms a ‘body of light’ that embues our human vessel.  This is the higher light of our pure essence expressing through the human body; at one with our physical form.

When we live at zero point, in the moment, we ‘overlight’ ourselves with our own essence – our essence shines through the human being that we are, like a body of light emanating within our own physical form.

What Creating With Our Own Essence At Zero Point Feels Like

In the moments where we act from our essence, or simply be in our essence, at zero point, we are one with our own higher self in it’s body of light.

In the moment this can feel like open flow, with a feeling of purity that is indescribable; I’d simply call it ‘true’.

When I achieve this while working, I feel incredible love, and gratitude wash over me. The feelings in my heart are of awe, and wonder.  These are felt most in my energetic high heart, just above the human heart, and feel absolutely incredible – like a spring, flowing forth.

In these moments, the work is inspired, within me. My mind is at rest, my emotions sated through higher feelings of unconditional love for what I am doing and for who I am being, in the moment.

What happens, next, is beyond what I could have ever imagined.  It is a surprise, and it is a wondrous experience.

Embodying Zero Point

Zero point: This is the gift of being human, and receiving at the level of the essence of our own Soul.

It takes practice, and it takes allowing.  For a human being in this time and place, this way of living is now accomplishable in a way that was not possible before.

It is the new enlightenment of living in the body, while in alignment with the Source that created us; in alignment with the whispers, impulses, and essence of our own Soul.

~ Susan V Lacerra

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Originally published on GSV January 18, 2018.

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