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One of the questions that repeatedly come up from our awakening peers is, ‘How can I discern truth from lies? Whom to trust?’

We’re constantly being flooded with information from the internet, the mainstream media, advertisements, salesmen, every-day people, and the collective.

Nowadays, there’s no end to possible input, and we need strong and reliable bullshit meters in order to avoid falling prey to all the hacked information around.

Discernment is what we all need to learn and practice, and many bloggers almost daily remind us of it.

But how to do that?

We haven’t learned discernment, we’ve been trained to believe or doubt, praise or judge, follow or reject.

How do we get to that inner place where discernment lives?

The Capacities of the Linear Mind

The linear mind is a tool to process, evaluate and store information. It’s designed to be a supportive servant, but we’ve made it the master while the being, the real master, was absent.

When it comes to taking decisions, linear mind is completely over-challenged, and not well-equipped for such a task. It can’t know truth; it knows facts, is able to link them to other facts and draw conclusions from it, all this according to our mind-set. It has knowledge, but no knowing. Without proven facts to rely on, it’s at a loss; what is left is either belief or doubt.

‘Believe’ carries a lie in itself, like in be-lie-ve, which may often lead to disappointment. Thus, the modern human tends to take a stand at the polar opposite of believe, which is doubt.

Believe and doubt are two sides of the same mental coin; without a center, without an inner master being present, the nature of polarity calls us to jump back and forth, from one polarity to the other. The believer at times doubts his believes, and the doubting Thomas at times wishes to be capable of believing.

Linear mind cannot discern. It can judge and conclude from the facts it has; without reliable facts, it turns into a monkey mind, flipping from ‘I believe this information or this source’ to ‘I doubt this, actually I doubt everything’. Which is a terrible position to take choices from.

Hence, if the mind’s not able to discern, which part in us is?

Who is Discerning?

As an empath, I’ve always been well-equipped when it comes to discernment. Since early childhood, I’ve been aware that lots of what people tell or show me wasn’t true. During my late teens, my father used to take me to business meetings because I could tell who’s crooked and who carries an honest intent.

I’ve never really been disappointed with people’s actions; the only disappointment was with myself when I’d perceived something strange and didn’t follow my truth, instead believing and hoping that things would turn out differently to what I’d intuited. I’d betrayed myself by not listening to my inner promptings, I’d distrusted my Self, and this was the biggest pain and wounding.

While there might be many ways to practice discernment, I don’t know them and would love to hear from you about them. I’m going to share my individual way with it, maybe it works similarly for you as well.

When I saw the falling towers at 9/11 for the first time, my instant reaction was, ‘No, this is an illusion, this is not true’. I couldn’t explain it, it was simply a feeling that what I see and hear is a made-up.

Now we get closer to who or what is capable of discernment. It’s feeling.

‘Nope’, says the linear mind, ‘I cannot rely on emotions’.

But I’m not talking about emotions. Emotions are a composition of body and mind, of thoughts and hormones. Thoughts trigger hormonal reactions, body sensations trigger thoughts; the conclusions we draw from that make up our emotional state.

The Capacities of the Body

It’s about feeling. Feelings are sensations we perceive in our bodies.

While the linear mind is usually focused on the past or the future, the body is always Now. The body reacts to input that touches our energy field and processes the information in energetic form.

When the input resonates with where we’re presently at, the body reacts with expansion; it relaxes, the breath deepens, we might lighten up, feel a tingling or warmth in the chest area or the guts.

When the input opposes our present reality, the body contracts, as if wanting to protect us from these energies; the breath becomes shallow and increases in frequency, the guts tighten, the mind gets over-active, confused or blanks out.

The body knows what is true. True to self, that is. It doesn’t know the truth of others, it doesn’t know anything of ‘eternal truth’. It knows whether the vibration of whatever enters our energy field is in alignment with our present state of being or out of sync.

truthIn order to deeply feel, I need to consciously breathe. Spirit travels on the breath; each in-breath contains information of the matter I focus on.

Be it a person’s energy, the news from MSM or a channeling, I can’t feel anything unless I breathe it in, follow the breath and observe what it does in my body.

It takes me a few breaths only to know what aligns with me and what does not. Truth is based on love, and my body expands with it. Illusion is fear-based, and my body contracts with it.

It often occurs that my guts instantly tighten up (like with 9/11), at times my body even jerks and shakes a bit, as if it wanted to get rid of the input.

This very clear ‘No’ statement happens for one of two reasons: either the information is untrue to my being at this moment of Now, or my defense and protection patterns react against it.

Therefore the gut-mind of the body is a wise guidebook and counselor but, similar to the brain-mind, not the one in charge of taking the best decisions, either.

The Capacities of the Heart

From my point of view, the only part of me that’s really capable of consciously responding to input is the heart.

Without a brain-mind, we’re like wild animals, instinctively reacting to input without consideration. Without a gut-mind, we’re like analytic computers, capable of processing, comparing and storing data, but unable to feel.

It’s the heart that bridges these two.

The heart knows whether the gut-mind’s ‘No’ comes up due to the input being untrue, or due to it being a threat to our conditioned perception of reality. The heart discerns the egoic patterns that, usually during childhood, were built to protect the human’s survival. The heart is also the one that heals the hurting innocence behind these patterns.

Whenever my body reacts in contraction to something I perceive, I’m called to open my heart, center in it, and breathe in the energy that’s building in the body. Inside of my heart, a magic happens that ‘s difficult to describe, it’s like a taste, a fragrance, a music, a delicious dance for me.

My heart connects the dots from the brain-mind and the gut-mind, and from here my knowing arises. I’m often not able to explain it, but it ‘s never led me wrong and I’ve learned to trust it.

Which brings us to the essential ingredient of the discernment matter…

Mind Believes and Doubts, Heart Trusts

When centered in the heart, we’re rooted in love. When being in love, we trust – love and trust go hand in hand with each other.

Trust is a capacity of the heart and, in my understanding, trust is the only ‘remedy’ when it comes to jumping off the hamster wheel of believe and doubt.

Whom to trust?

Self. Our own perceptions. Our heart’s response to whatever we feel and think.

A conscious, open heart doesn’t only receive information from mind and body. Via the High Heart, the seat of the God-spark we’ve come to embody on Gaia, it also constantly receives downloads from spirit.

Our Self knows universal and personal truth, and makes this knowing available to us through the heart.

Hence, the heart is the place to look at, listen to, feel into. Here is where we’re capable of discerning truth from illusion.

The heart is where I focus when I read channelings, watch the news or meet people, here’s where everything that enters my field of awareness is being ‘checked’ for resonance and alignment with my true nature. From my heart, I take in what fits me and dismiss what doesn’t.

When it comes to discerning truth and taking choices, I follow the lead to my heart, it’s never betrayed me.

And I wish for all humans to learn trusting their hearts and following themselves instead of others. This is when the flip-flop of the doubting/believing mind doesn’t bother us anymore because Self starts leading the way.

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