discernmentThings are moving very quickly, channels are working overtime to bring the messages of light, love, hope and financial abundance to the Ground Troops of Gaia.

Sometimes, with the best will in the world, a channel may get the message wrong. Misunderstanding the download, (or worse) unknowingly hacked by a dark or mischievous entity, or perhaps someone deliberately copying and changing words and import.

This is where the door is open for the recipient of the channeled information (people like you and I), to use their discernment in large slices.

Is it true? What do I feel about this message? Does it repel me? Does it attract me? Am I comfortable with the words used to proclaim the end, the beginning, the justice, the Galactic Aid workers?

Sometimes the track record of a channel can promote a negative judgement in the minds of we, the auditors, ‘Oh I read him/her 10 years ago, and what they said didn’t happen so they can’t be very good’, and so on.

However, the other end of that seesaw may have promoted blind loyalty to the detriment of the developing Soul. Not that it will stop developing, but ducking down long side alleys ain’t good.

So, a healthy dose of discernment and open-minded review, followed by discretionary probing into the import of the message; even to using mainstream media as a reference point, this is the drill. You know, the Great Wall of China is painted blue, nothing in the media, try Google maps or NASA.

Many have reported on the Republic Of America. It has happened, it will happen next week, weekend, or month. Tales like pie crust, made to be broken by truth.

NESARA and Reval (of currencies) are more items drawing commentary from myriad sources.

So, all I can say is open your toolbox and extract your trusted Guides, Galactics, Angelics, Elementals and your own gut-feel, Use your higher self to run everything past your Bone of Discernment. Use discretion in all its forms and trust your own results.

Does the message ring true to you, or does it seem like demented rambling? Use discernment!

In love light and laughter,

Dawn (AKA Sunrise)

Written for Gaia Scenics View

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