disclosureBreathlessly, we wait.

No, that starts wth a B, and it’s the Big D we want, not the Big B!

Disclosure, hmm, that looks better. So, Disclosure of what and by whom?

In 2017, there are 7 billion people on Gaia. (In Gaia? Yes, who knows how many IN Gaia.) Of those 7 billion, how many can read, have radio, TV access, internet access to blogs?

Even a good meal daily for all would be a definite plus. So, whilst we fortunate ones are waiting for the Big D to d- send, the rest are waiting for lunch!

Who will Disclose, and why should it be him, her or them? How much Truth will the Disclosure contain? Will secrets be kept? That last, of course, is normal for humanity.

But we know… don’t we? They are not UFO’s, but Starships; containing relatives visiting us to reconnect, teach and dispense buckets of love. Tens of thousands of people worldwide have seen them, and the fortunate have spoken to the crews of these wonderful transporters.

Aliens, ROFL! They take over Government, make terrible scary movies and eat people… On the other hand, Extra Terrestials ride bikes and want to go home, lighting the way with a finger…

Why do we have to wait for someone we know (and don’t trust) to line us up and tell us what we already… Discern? For example, love and light, Kingdoms of Angels, Galactics, Elementals, Devic and (of necessity) Human Beings. God’s in there somewhere…

Waiting for Disclosure may be a waste of time. The need to know is obvious. Do you need a microphone and a battery of security persons? Do you need permission from the leader of another country (with another agenda)?

Do we need a grouping of country leadership with their expense accounts and club memberships, telling us an edited version of ‘Truth’? Perhaps, you do!

Deep inside us, we know, and Ascension symptoms are verification of the reasons behind the chaos.

We don’t need Dislosure, we already have it!

So, where is my bicycle?

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