abundanceI want to take a few minutes to riff some more about the flow of Divine Abundance. I’ve been known to do this before, and I will be doing so again and again, whenever and however I may find the opportunities to do so.

In my view, this subject is so vital and important, there is no ‘too much’ in terms of repeating (or even of being ridiculously redundant), in speaking out about what I know to be true.

As co-creators in this dance of Divinity-in-form, the more aware and conscious we become about the Divine Principle of Abundance, the more we may both model this Principle in living form, and glean the gorgeous rewards of doing so at the same time.

In the current climate of internet yakitty-yak, with all the talk about the revaluation of currencies, global ‘reset’, and all the hoopla that goes with it, this discussion is as timely as they come. While I agree that the distribution of resources on this fine planet we inhabit is insanely out of whack, I also know for myself that there are finer and more deeply personal reasons why we all carry the keys to this kingdom within us.

Conditioning Distorts Perception and Experience

What I observe is that there are all levels and styles of conditioning we share in about how to interact with the natural and inherently wildly abundant flow of energies in this Universe. These conditionings display among us in highly and specifically distorted ways.

The style of these distortions vary. I came from the lower middle-class crew, but my personal friendships from childhood with wealthy children showed me they carry a heavy distortion as well. It just looks different from that view.

I have to say, it was much easier to be a poor kid, than to deal with the extremely rigid control trips I saw go on with the moneyed folks about their children. The pressure to fall into line with what you do with your life, who you love, and how you guard yourself with those ‘without’ is so pervasive (and from my view, frankly unconscionable) as to boggle my child’s mind, at the time. I learned early on not to envy such social positions.

At the same time, having intimate friendships in my life with people who inherited sizable fortunes has shown me that this childhood training they got prepared them for some serious and long-term pain and disappointment. Oh, yes, I get it.

Time and again, I’ve seen how such people will be surrounded by those who care less for them as the loving beings that they are (or want to be), and more as a way to get to their money and/or their clout, or social standing and influence. Being wounded repeatedly in this area will have a tendency to build a thick hide for sure. It’s like a curse that won’t ever disappear completely, and is a continuous pain for those that bear up under this challenge of birth or circumstance.

It Isn’t Us Against Them

But that’s not the story I come to tell today. I just want to point out that this isn’t a story of ‘us against them’. It’s a story of distortion of the very principles of the Living Universe, which are, in essence, Abundant, and how we ALL hold some portion of this distortion, no matter where we may be positioned on the social or economic ladder.

I hope by pointing these things out for consideration, we understand that we all carry some wounding aspects about how we relate to the flow of abundance. No one is excluded.

For the poor, we learn to focus on a threat of lack of sustenance, a threat of the lack of being fed or sheltered, and also for a lack of opportunities. The stress is on survival and resources, and the focus is on lack on a survival level. It is a position of fear that attacks the core of the body energetically and suppresses the ability to ground the body into physical reality in energetic ways because of this.

For the rich, the threat is to be stuck with a lack of authentic love and friendship (yes, even from family), of lack of being valued as a being, of being unworthy of being valued as yourself without having a chunk carved off your hide in the form of money, property, or what influence you might have socially in exchange for whatever semblance of love and acceptance you might get from it. This plays out in the body as well, and attacks the heart area specifically, causing disconnection with others and distortions in realms of connection and intimacy.

Either way you go, it is these sort of terrible distortions that drive the ‘us against them’ story of our relationship with abundance in polarity. It is time we learn to see them for what they are, and to honor that no one here is getting out of these distorted storylines what we need to be whole and hale and seated in truth.

Abundance is a Divine Principle

When I consider the possibility of redistribution of wealth and abundance on this planet, what I see is the probability of the wealth going back to the very same places they are now, in the same unbalanced ways, unless we each find a way to deal with our personal piece of this distortion pie that we carry inside us.

Abundance is a Divine Principle, one that exists beyond our personally distorted views of it. How we interact with this principle is the portion of what we will experience in each moment.

This truth is inherent in our experiences in each now moment, and the effects of our creations with such energies are now circling back to us so fast and furious that it’s prime timing to bring our fullest awareness to how this works. No one will have to wait long to see the evidence, if they are paying attention at all, so let’s talk about how we might do that.

Fast Track Out of Distortion

What I’ve found is there is a fast track out of whatever style of distortion one may have concerning the flow of abundance we all swim in. The Abundance flow itself is always present, and the ability to appreciate this truth is the key to this puzzle.

There are simple rules to help when one is at the brink of stepping into such high levels of personal awareness.

Two Simple Rules to Return to the Heart of Abundance

1. Learning to keep the focus on the now, and in gratitude for whatever there IS.

If we fail on this simple first step, whatever there IS may be missed out on entirely. The next now moment is right behind the one we’re in, so one may always chose again. It is our focus and our love for what IS that keeps us in the most undistorted territory there is to be accessed in any given moment.

2. Learning to become present to the feelings that point the way to the lies which are the foundations of such distortions to begin with.

Shifting perspectives and shedding lies may only happen when we can clearly perceive what they are. Shifting out of distorted belief systems will change the experience we’re having. When we shift, so does everything interacting with us. Relationships change, with people, with circumstances, and all this following the shift in our relationships with ourselves and in our own perspectives.

Tracking Down Distortions Through Feelings

Most of us carry such lies (distortions) in our family structures, in our social conditioning and even in our DNA. The levels of deep connections and rigid devotion to these distorted notions about our relations to Divine Abundance are carried in the subconscious ranges of our minds, and therefore, also in our bodies and our feelings.

Since what we believe is so highly creative, life experiences will surely echo whatever these beliefs are, as we naturally filter out whatever comes forth that is present to deny that which we believe we know to be true.

The challenge is to become aware of what we believe, and to see clearly how we are the creators from such foundations, and how we, ourselves, generate the energy to hold such realities in place and form. Time to own this and be conscious and aware of it.

Feelings can (and will) point the way to access these hidden agendas in the depths of ourselves. We hold the keys to the individual adjustments needed, if we’re willing to be mindful, willing to ferret out the programming/conditioning we carry and willing to focus our compassion and wisdom on this personal process of awakening in self-responsible and loving ways.

Taking Responsibility

No one is ‘keeping us down’, folks. Though there may be (and certainly are) agendas to promote these perceptual distortions, it’s simply impossible for these agendas to have any force with anyone in the real world without our agreement at some level.

There are many storylines in our global history about how we’ve been duped and highjacked, but this is the childhood (childish) version of the truth. It’s time we wake up to the need to move into our adolescence and adulthood in how we manage our own interactions with our own surroundings, with Abundance, with the Universal energies we swim in, as is our rightful heritage as human beings walking in mastery.

The subtleties of what I’m talking about here, on a personal level, are very broad in our diversity, but the principles here are exactly the same, no matter where in this Divine play one is positioned.

Individually, we hold our own piece of this cosmic puzzle-in-motion. This puzzle-in-motion is flowing into the new waves in this unfoldment of Creation’s saga, and out of the old inherited and artificially conditioned rules of engagement of our past.

Beginning within ourselves, and then bringing it in closer still, into the very chamber of our own hearts, is the way to move out of distorted territory and into closer alignment with Universal Truths. In this way, we move together as a collective, driven by individual transformations. The energies now present are more supportive of these perceptional shifts than ever before in our planetary remembrance. May we find the courage and wisdom to take advantage of the opportunities presented at this time.

I will be writing more about our relationships with Abundance as we go forth together into broadened awareness of these ideas and experiences. In this sacred time of coming into our own, as completely aware and present human masters, I will continue to encourage myself and others to participate in these changes.

As we begin with shifting our perspectives, the magic of the Benevolent Universal flow of Abundance will surely follow, and, in direct relation to how we take ownership in this sacred planetary task and our personal part in it.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View


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