divinityI realized a long time back now that it doesn’t matter who or what the details are. The beat goes on and it goes on in Divine Timing with the interplay of Divinity at the wheel.

All the players are Divinity. I know, it is so much fun to think otherwise and to fear, fear, fear, fear, fear. None of that is true though. It just isn’t.

The only truth is that we wake up and it all works out. How the petty details unfurl, no one knows. The results of this unfurling are known. We win.

This has been known for a long, long time! My future self is here and he/she says it wasn’t ever a problem. What it was, however, was a gorgeous reshuffle where the rollercoaster dipped and swirled. I dip, you dip, we dip. Some scream, some don’t.

All arrive at the end of the ride, one way or the other. How disheveled anyone is in the process depends on how attached to the status quo and how much one likes to scream and suck the seat cover up the wazoo. Yep. Please, folks, just admit we love this or we’d stop doing it.

It’s taken me a long time to integrate what the pagans taught me about rituals. The highest level of initiation they offered taught that all those rituals they insisted I hand write into a monstrous volume and learn by heart (so as to not need the volume, LOL) are no longer needed once the integration of the process occurs.

That’s right! We don’t need social institutions that divide us. These are rituals, and as much as we may find them comforting or even beautiful, we don’t need them at all. They are like training wheels on a bicycle. Growing up means they have to go now. Or, just keep pretending like the extremities don’t meet in the middle and express the same exact thing.

The linear model of a line with polar opposites isn’t truth, it isn’t even possible except in the mind. It’s a mental map which doesn’t reflect the actual terrain, darlings. The evidence is there for anyone who will take off the blinders and get comfortable with the view of the broader reality we swim in.

Either be self-governing or not, as you please. The power of being a creator god being allows for whatever levels of foolishness anyone may wish to express. None of it changes the nature of the bountiful and endlessly abundant Universe, or it’s endless cycles of creation and destruction and back again.

And, please remember, chaos always precedes a higher order coming into manifestation. Let the chaos begin. Or, rather proceed.

We can be agents of the chaos, or choose to be agents of the higher order to come. Otherwise known as choosing either fear or love. To scream or not to scream, that is the question!

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