hearts, human empowerment, heart, heart connection, will, awaken, soul, step forwardOn we go,

and it seems like –

all the power is outside of us.

And we are hoping,

and we are praying.

And the outcome is assured.

And the outcome is uncertain.

And I was thinking over the last few days one thought:

‘Don’t break our hearts, again.’


And the Event is coming,

and abundance is gonna flow,

and so and so is doing this and that

behind the scenes.


The awakening is happening.

The awakening is here.

Consciousness is lifting.

Consciousness is becoming clear.


Yet the lies, and the obfuscations, and the misdirection, and the misdeeds;

yet the perpetrators of all of these,

try to hide.

They try to stay hidden

in their hidey holes,

hoping to survive.

Until it is safe again.

So that they can wreak destruction,

and try to kill our Souls.


That’s just me,

callin’ it like it is.


And then I was thinking –

Don’t break our hearts, Q.

Don’t break our hearts, Angels.

Don’t break our hearts, President Trump.

Don’t break our hearts, God.

Don’t break our hearts, again.


I saw the divine masculine, retire.

I saw the divine feminine, retreat.

Yet I know this is an illusion, because

they showed up once.

They will show up again.


In our hearts,

the divine masculine has reawakened, and

the divine feminine is stepping forth.

Yet we don’t want to break our hearts, again.


So we suffer, hurting,

in that familiar place of pain

that feels like safety…



And I want to shout,

“D*mmit get up and do something!”


And I want to shout,

“F*#$ the illusion!”


And I want to shout,

“Stand up for yourself, man!”


And I want to say,

“Get to it now while we have some momentum

and the wave is building

and it needs

every one of us

who can to ride this wave of change,

and who can keep going.”


And then I realized,

that I didn’t want my heart broken, again.

And that this statement was fear-based thinking.


What am I willing to give up to stay in painful safety?

Because resisting the call of my heart

in this moment

seems to hurt more than it breaking.


There is nothing more I would like to do but get up and walk forth.

Isn’t there?


Yet I feel confused and emotional,

and my mind

in the moment

says: ‘What are you doing?’


How can I say this?

I have discovered that my heart is eternal,

as the representative of my Soul.

It doesn’t have to break, at all.

It can open to include everything,

every occurrence,

in love and acceptance.


It is really my mind

that has the structure

that doesn’t want change

that wants things ordered

a certain way.

Just because,

it thinks that is what is best for me.


And then I thought about

how much of my heart break

has been about events occurring

that I refused to accept

because they occurred

outside of mental constructs I held dear.


And my heart was hurting.

Because it wanted to love.

Because it wanted to accept the situation, but I couldn’t.

Because my mind felt so uncomfortable that it told me

that following my heart was the



thing possible.


And my heart pulsed out to me with longing saying

“Come, I love you.”


“Come to me and be

in a place where there is no broken.

Where I hold you in love.

Where we can be together.”

My heart and I

as one

making me a more powerful and more complete person

than I ever thought possible.


I realized, that I had retired my will to step forth.

I realized that I had retreated, in listening to my mind, and in fear.


I didn’t want

to allow myself

to break my heart,



However, I have come to know

that my heart is loving,

my heart is flowing,

my heart is eternal;

an eternal link to my own Soul

that loves me



I want to live my life out of love.

There is nothing to fear.

I want to life my life joyfully,

Take that step forward.

and open-hearted.




When I look inside at the light that is flowing within me,

when I look inside at the strength of my heart beating, and

I realize that I have recovered my ability to truly love.



Freed from the matrix

of mental and emotional collusion,

open to my heart’s whisperings,

and my heart’s desires,

I know it is an illusion

that I could break my heart at all.

~ Susan V Lacerra


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