promisesWith energy expanding and our increasing levels of self love, are promises really a valid aspect of our lives?

When I speak about promises, I am focusing on the energy of any agreement, contract or vow we have made, not just in this lifetime or dimension, but in its entirety as an energy of behavioral modification by sovereign, and sometimes not so sovereign agreement.

I believe this is one of the most hacked areas we traverse as conscious beings.

I felt it an appropriate time to revisit an older share of mine about promises, which are actually sovereign, contractual agreements, and whether they have any validity as we move into higher dimensional interaction.

Think about the construct of the promise. Someone or some thing asks you to remain in a certain behavioral boundary so that they can be happy or feel secure. As this concept is widespread in all areas of life, we have also asked others to make promises to us so we can feel happy and secure. In true hack fashion, the energy flows both ways.

The old adage that promises are meant to be broken appears to be true as well. We all keep making them and packing them away in our energy, but the number we have actually kept fit into a rather small space in our beingness.

Even the promises we make to ourselves do not feel good, and more often than not, we break them.

Why is this? I believe this has to do with the idea that we each live in a different universe and the things we hold as truth are all different.

Additionally, as the energies increase, our world is constantly changing, and thus the energy within which we made these promises has shifted.

Promises also feel inherently bad, because they indicate a lack of trust in our ability to operate in the highest integrity and unconditional love. This lack of trust feels foreign to our divine selves, because at that level we know that all unfolds perfectly before us on our sacred paths. Applying constricting requirements to this divine unfolding feels false.

We can very often see the absurdity of promises when we look back at old laws that are still on the books. In Michigan, it is still against the law for a woman to go to the hairdresser without her husband’s permission, as her hair belongs to him.

As a young adult, transitioning out of a religious upbringing, I certainly thought it was absurd to live my life according to the teachings of a book written thousands of years ago. The world has changed and so have people.

Religious leaders were then left to interpret the teachings for modern day application, and this simply left everything up to their view of life and reality. This forced even stranger levels of promise and vows upon us, if we gave our power over to these leaders and allowed them to shepherd our lives.

I remember having a heated discussion with my friend about the rules of the Catholic Lenten season. In her church, kids could have a break on Sundays from the strict guidelines of this season and eat candy after church. My mother, on the other hand, had no such reference in her upbringing and so we got no candy.

It appeared to me early on that others were applying their beliefs and using their own interpretations and then expecting me to follow the promises they set forth. We come into agreement with this construct through the acceptance hack that has been inserted into the pervading beliefs surrounding the spiritual path. We have been told again and again to accept what is, but it never ever felt good.

As a freedom seeking being, this completely frustrated me. I believe I was feeling my divine sovereignty, even at that young age, and seeing the ridiculous nature of promising to follow someone else’s dictates in the governance of my divine path.

How many promises have been made in your name without your consent? We could go on and on in this area, exploring all the moral, ethical and societal rules and regulations imposed on the citizenship of various countries.

Even if we do not agree with certain laws, we are expected to abide by them or face incarceration. While we all hope beings operate with love and personal sovereignty, laws certainly infringe on our free will divine sovereign creator beingness.

Social constructs such as friendship, family and marriage are rife with promises made and broken. While we mean well as we enter into these agreements, very few are upheld and many feel totally devastated and betrayed when they fall through.

Think about the yearly feast of New Year’s resolutions placed before us! Let’s make promises to ourselves and others that we will eventually break, and then let’s all feel badly about ourselves!

Advertisers and marketers understand this perfectly. People are instilled to make healthy choices and thus the products that support healthy choices get a boost in the first few months of the year. People join gyms and buy exercise equipment, all with high hopes of beating themselves into submission.

Then folks fall off the wagon and the products that they use to make themselves feel better, such as candy, ice cream and alcohol, get a big boost as well. The gym memberships go unused and the exercise equipment gathers dust, but the marketers are already happy.

They made their money and care not a fig that you didn’t follow through on your personal promises. That they care about our well-being in any way, is a mistaken belief on anyone’s part. All they care about it making money and everyone wins in this resolutions marketing game, except for the people it targets.

When we break promises or others break promises with us, are we really feeling let down and betrayed, or are we feeling completely opposed to promises in the first place?

Certainly, from a higher perspective, we made agreements in our soul contracts that we wanted to keep, so what is the difference?

In my estimation, and certainly, I do not remember the preparations for my birth into this reality, and base my thoughts on my own intuition and materials that have confirmed my own knowing, agreements were made with the full knowledge of the participants.

We decided on the best evolutionary path for our souls, in full knowing of what our incarnated path would undertake. Not one being incarnates without this information. There are no tricks or hidden agendas. It is all laid out on the table.

Those of our soul family agree to assist us along the way, because they love us so deeply and want what we want for ourselves. They make no judgements on our path and set no expectations other than to be of service to our personally chosen divine unfolding.

When unconditional love is applied, and the honoring of divine free will choice, the universe sets the basic path. If we learn and evolve using one experience, then that type of experience need not come up again.

If, on the other hand, we apply our ability to chose to engage in an experience or not, the universe will continue to deliver opportunities for the challenges we wished to engage and evolve through. The universe is ever patient and ever supportive of our choices.

Promises such as these, from the higher realms are made in the highest integrity and with full transparency and agreement, and still souls are free to come in and completely reject the soul path they chose.

As far as the universe is concerned, that is completely supported, and the individual is always given the opportunity to fine tune the soul path and contracts in the next incarnation.

Ever patient, ever supporting of our right to choose, even the higher realms understand that promises are not set in stone and that everyone has the right to reevaluate and choose again.

Promises have been a deeply imbedded hack within our earthly lives for eons, and I believe this is something that must shift in order for us to move into the new paradigm.

A promise completely negates the flow of energy and inhibits the divine unfolding of the soul path. Individuals are asked to remain within a certain energy and set of parameters, and thus their forward evolution is stalled at that spot.

Some even believe that promises and vows have created the concept of soul fragmenting, as beings leave a part of themselves behind in that energy to honor the agreement.

There are many spiritual teachers sharing the idea of releasing all old soul contracts in order to reintegrate all aspects of the soul at this time. Feeling deeply into this concept, I completely agree that vows and contracts made in older, denser energies are begging to be released and transmuted, so that the slate of creation and the looping of energy can be cleared to prepare for moving into the new.

A promise also compromises unconditional love, as it absolutely applies conditions to the relationship and actions of others and ourselves. In the realm of unconditional love, there is only and always love, no matter what. Promises and vows do not fit into this realm, and until they are removed as a hack, it will be mightily difficult to love unconditionally.

At the center of it all, we are told there is only love. Love is the ultimate energy and we all wish to live within its gentle embrace at all times. Releasing all bonds, ties and promises which hold us back from this love is the focus of my life at this time.

Anything that interferes with my own unconditional love for self and others must be released. Anything that inhibits the divine free will path of myself or others is not in the highest integrity or in alignment with unconditional love.

Of course, not everything needs to be released in our life path, if it is supported by love. We all embrace and love many things and we choose to remain in union with those things. Instead of promising to remain within a rigid construct at all costs, we can choose again and again to love. We can, in any moment, choose to reaffirm our specific commitments on our soul path, revise, refocus or completely change our choices. We have this power and we are all invited to make these choices for ourselves.

This shift in focus allows a reaffirmation on a daily basis of our connections, while allowing ourselves to remain free at the same time, releasing that which does not serve and allowing in that which does in any given moment.

Simply allowing that the choice is there, and that we are free to make it, releases the binding nature of promises from our energy.

Again, I am reminded of my dear friend Andrea Scully, who expressed so eloquently that we must release the old story for the new one to form. I believe promises and vows were created to hold us in the old story, and as we release them with love, we are able to embrace the new.

So, at this moment in time, I release all the old promises and vows that kept me in a static place, and I embrace my divine right to choose in every moment along my path how I wish to embody love in action and honor myself and others along the way.

I also release all beings from every promise they have made to me along the way. All that old stuff has got to go.

What is also interesting is that as I have learned to love myself more and more deeply, the idea of forcing someone to keep an agreement with me out of devotion or honor makes me feel quite sick in my heart.

If someone wants to love me or honor their own promises to me, fine, but I absolutely do not want to force someone into it. Stay or go, it’s up to you and I will be fine either way, knowing I honored myself and the other as well.

This shift has created such lightness within me that I know it is absolutely the right path for me at this time, and I embrace it with all my heart.

Updated from original article: Don’t Make Me Any Promises

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