draw in essenceEssence and Baggage

The ancients say that you can only get through the needle’s eye to heaven without baggage. They say that you need to be naked in essence, in order to receive enlightenment. They say you require to strip everything in the ascension process.

Seems like this is no path for sissies.

Many of us have spent what seems like eternity on clearing issues and working up ‘stuff’, on a personal, collective and planetary level. The moment we’re done with one topic, the next one pops up; and issues we’ve thought to long be solved suddenly re-appear in a different form and we view them from a different angle.

Sounds familiar?

Dreaming an essential Change

Last spring, I had a significant dream that brought an essential change to my life. It was symbolic for my life’s journey; symbolic for the journey of many a light-players and love-holders, and I sense that sharing it now may serve you, too.

Upfront, I want to emphasize one thing: ever since that dream, I’ve been traveling with light baggage. No more burdens to carry, no more crosses, no more guilt, and regret, and grief, and grudge.

Light. Almost naked.

In order for you to be capable of catching the dream’s message, I need to first tell you about my development towards it.

In 2013 and 2014, during afternoon naps following my meditation time, in my dreams, I usually journeyed through the astral.

I repeatedly dreamed one dream, it must have occurred more than 30 times; the places and people changed, but the topic was always the same.

I visit a friend or a family member. I always arrive with a small suitcase or bag, and I always have my own guest room to sleep and keep my stuff.

I usually stay for a few days, not at all thinking about returning home. Then, suddenly, it hits me: Time to get packed, I need to hurry to get the train home.

I go to the guest room, in order to pack up my stuff. And there I am, in the middle of chaos, lots and lots and lots of things I’ve magically accumulated during this short visit and cluttered all over the place.

Oh my God! How can I sort out all this stuff, check for what I really need, and get rid of what’s of no value for me?

I’m a lucid dreamer, I know when I’m dreaming, and I instantly got the message of this being a symbol for the human life journey, thus I asked my dream-Self, ‘How come you’ve been on the path for so long and cleared stuff for ages, and still collect baggage in such a short time and have nothing sorted out?’

I can tell you, the more often this dream repeated (and by the way, I’d never made it to the train station), the more desperate I got with my Self. I felt like a dummy that doesn’t get it, that I still can’t let go of the past, and all of its experiences, and all of its learnings.

Then, one day, the dream shifted.

Again I’m at a friend’s house, and again it’s time to get ready for departure back home. I already (sigh) expect a cluttered space with no chance to ever sort things out.

Another (unknown) friend accompanies me to my room. I kind of frighteningly open the door, and I’m stunned: the room is neat and clean.


My friend shows me a closet. He opens the doors and I look into a storage room. There are shelves, holding parcels and packages, all sizes and colors, but all with a note on their content, and all nicely sorted.

The friend says, ‘We’ve sorted this for you and will store it here. You can choose what you rewuire now, and are welcome back any time you may need any of these things.’

Wow! What a gift!

I instantly realize that this is an expression of Divine Grace. I understand that it’s never been my job to sort out these things in the first place.

My job was to collect them, experience them, and hold their learning until it’s time for them to be reaped and uploaded into whatsoever – the Akash, the collective consciousness, the galactic consciousness, back to Source.

I stand in front of this storage space with a heart full of gratitude, and I open my arms widely and welcome this magnificent gift.

essenceAnd something magical happens.

The essence of all the parcels and packages streams into my heart and my energy field; it feels as if the learning from all this baggage has been compressed to an invisible diamond, and I receive this diamond in my heart.

I feel full.


My friend asks, ‘What do you want to take home with you?’

I respond, ‘Nothing. Everything is right here in Me. I’m naked and going to travel light from Now on.’

He smiles and says, ‘Any way, whenever you want to access some of it,  just come here and pick it.’

And we leave the room and spend the remaining hours until departure time drinking tea and playfully chatting away.

Can you imagine that I woke up in a blissful state? I guess you can, heheh.

And would you be surprised to hear that this dream never returned? I bet you wouldn’t.

Ever since, I’ve been traveling lightly. My inner landscape has completely changed. All this constant negative self-talk has disappeared, and with it most of the fear-based background chatter from the collective. Old triggers, especially around guilt, have mostly vanished, and whenever remaining triggers get pushed, I’m able to answer in self-responsible love-consciousness instead of rejecting them out of fear of guilt.

Clear Slate

When I look at my slate, it’s clear. Here and there some dust collects, but my love for Self quickly clears it off.

Did you think that you would fulfill karma, pay debts, receive rewards, and at some point of soul development will have done the job and be freed?

Nope, not in my experience. The karmic slate cannot be cleared by our own efforts, it collects baggage faster than it gets rid of it.

From my point of view, we can clear and work and purify, but it the end it’s Divinity that chooses to, in one single moment, lift everything off from us.

Twenty years ago, I received a symbolic vision of the human’s life journey. I was traveling up a mountain with a huge back pack. Whenever the journey became too exhausting, I opened the pack, drew out something and worked on it. Then, I shouldered the back pack again, with it a little bit easier and lighter, moved on.

I did this various times, endless times, until I suddenly realized: It’s futile to unpack each single thing. I need to let go off the whole back pack, all at once. I did this, and the rest of the journey was easy and playful.

What I had encountered in an expanded consciousness state and mentally understood already back then, started embodying the moment I stood in front of that store room.

Harvest Time

Did you hear about the ‘time of harvest’?

We’re right in it.

Everyone experiences it in their own way and time, but in essence this is what I feel is happening at the moment.

When we’re ready to let go of what brought us in front of the heavenly needle’s eye (the narrow passage into the new); ready to receive the essence and let go of the baggage, Divine Grace will take it from us, in perfect alignment with our divine plan and greatest good.

I’m going forth happily, as far as I could see and feel, looking into my friend’s eyes when I told him that I wanted to stay ‘naked’ but for the clothes on my body.

The journey’s fun when traveling light.

All I need is the realization that the path is not about gaining more of What We Are, but about loosing all that we are Not; and the willingness to let it go when the time for harvest has come.

Be prepared, Divine Grace may come for you today^^…

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